My First Interview…Let’s Rant #25 — A MGTOW Interview

I just finished a recording where I cover some of the topics that I thought needed some additional coverage in an audio post and that I either felt I didn’t address properly or I missed/didn’t think to mention during this interview

I had to do some meditation on this interview after the fact, and once I post up My Thoughts on The Ranthony Interview, you’ll notice that I mention asking. That asking is me asking a question putting it out to the universe and getting the answer that I got. When I do this, or when anyone does this I always keep in mind that the answer I get is the answer I get. I’ll admit that in many cases the answer I get back via this meditation process isn’t always pleasant. In many cases, it’s like having to take yet another Red Pill. The information gained from such a process has always been enlightening about the issue or me in some form or another.

This is what I came up with



Straight up Angry MGTOW’s content never really appealed to me. That’s not to mean that I disliked or hated the guy, what I mean is that for me personally his content just wasn’t where I’m at in my life. Not only that his presentation and voice made it really hard for me to sit and watch his videos for more than a few minutes.

And then there’s his actual content

Seriously? Blaire White and ShoeOnHead Feminists? That must either be intentional click bait, or Angry MGTOW isn’t in touch with reality. What I also noticed is that anyone, and I do mean anyone that needed proof that all MGTOW were unhinged, Angry MGTOW was the go-to guy. Occasionally you’d see someone try and twist Sandman’s content around, usually that required cherry picking to make it happen.

I was asked what I was going to do about Angry MGTOW. And what was I going to do about Angry MGTOW? After my meditation, I came up with the answer of, Nothing!

Now that may sound unsatisfactory to the critics of MGTOW, allow me to explain. First of all, I’m responsible for myself and my own actions. I don’t subscribe to him, watch him or endorse him in any way. He occasionally, and do mean occasionally comes up with a compelling point, you have to sift through a lot of content to find it. I Haven’t got the time or inclination to do that. So in my case, my conscience is quite clear

Second MGTOW isn’t an organization like The Borg


MGTOW is a collection of men going along on an individual path. Yes, there are factions inside MGTOW, and some are insane some are quite sane. Beyond the principal of anti gynocentrism and a marriage strike there are few things that all MGTOW will agree on. Therefore it’s impractical and almost impossible for me or any other MGTOW on YouTube to do anything beyond saying that they limit their association with Angry MGTOW. Here’s the ultimate crux of the problem even if Angry MGTOW were to go away (Die, Stop making videos, Quit, Disappear, etc. )  There would simply be another guy like Angry MGTOW that would step into his place. So whether you like him or not he’s here! And there is a faction inside MGTOW that his rhetoric appeals to. I personally don’t associate with him, and that’s really all anyone can do.

What can be done? The MGTOW that have been through the Red Pill Rage and come out the other side. There’s a need for us to be there to help the increasing number of men that are taking the Red Pill themselves and help them through the Purple Pill phase as best we can. Some will get stuck in the Red Pill Rage, and there’s very little I or anyone else can do if a man decides to stay there. Setting this up and encouraging this will require fortitude, there are entirely too many men out there that feel that any kind of emotional expression will make him a crybaby and will treat any other man around them that does so in a harsh manner. None the less I think this needs to be done.

The Comparison to Feminism

Answering this one was pretty easy for me.

It got pointed out to me that the structure of MGTOW is very similar to the structure of Feminism. In structure MGTOW, and Feminism looks the same. The answer here is in actions, A herd of Antelope and a herd of Elephants are both herds. These mammals though are two separate species they may both socialize in herds, but they act differently. This is where the argument that MGTOW is like Feminism falls apart. Yes, a herd is a herd, but herds of different animals act and behave differently despite the fact they both herd together. MGTOW actions have in very few even come close to the actions of what Feminists have done. The extreme factions are always mentioned, the extreme though isn’t the norm, unlike Feminism the extreme factions are not the ones dictating the herd.

I will admit that this comparison has caused me to re-evaluate feminism. It’s become even more clear to me now that Feminism not only won’t clean up its house, but they can’t. For them to do so would require a conscious, consistent long-term effort. It would also require the majority of feminism to actively support or jump on board with such an effort for it to work. Given the current situation that feminism is in at the moment, such an effort is very unlikely. What’s more like, and when I mean more I mean 99% likely to happen. Is that feminism will have to self-destruct and then need to rebuild itself from the ashes. By that time the whole concept of the role of women in society and what’s going on with them will probably be very different from what it is now.

This also serves as a warning to MGTOW and also to the MRM! We as a group cannot allow ourselves to fall into the same trap that feminism is now in. It’s critical that manosphere be about healing and rebuilding of men and not about revenge. It’s also clear from this interview that like Feminism both MGTOW and The MRM will likely also reach a period of redundancy in the west, assuming, of course, humanity doesn’t destroy itself.

Wasps and Bees also have a similar structure, and everyone agrees they’re not the same species, same situation here.

Blue Pill Alphas

If you go into the comments section of the Ranthony video, you’ll find a prime example of blue pill alpha. These are men that are doing well according to the selections that they’re aware. These men would be considered winners by societies standards today. They’ve played the game, played it well and in some rare cases are even thriving.

I reblogged this from The Rational Male, and it explains these guys better than I can here. Suffice to say though in the case of the guy I was dealing with he had a major dependence on external versus internal validation.

I’d have to say at this point in time, these men are as big a threat, if not bigger than anything Feminism can throw at MGTOW at the moment. I did another blog recently about how Feminism is clearly starting to hit the ditch. They simply don’t have the resources either financially or culturally at this time to go into a full-on assault against MGTOW. Blue Pill Males and in particular Blue Pill Alphas do though. There is a basis for them doing so too. Imagine you’ve spent most of your life playing the game, fighting to get to the top of the heap, only to discover that not only was it not the top, but there were MGTOW able to ascend those heights that someone like Mr. Blue Pill Male could only dream of WITHOUT the brutal struggle. That’s not to say that the voyage for MGTOW is easy, the end of the process though delivers freedom that no Blue Piller, Not even a President, Prime Minister or King can have. This invalidates their whole struggle, this also explains why MGTOW have a tendency to want to hide their faces. Our process and struggle is very frightening to a blue pill alpha. Someone like the one I dealt with has to insult someone like me because it’s only in invalidating my effort that he can maintain his effort.

This anger and fear will grow as MGTOW continues to get larger and the effects start to have a real effect on the system as a whole. Specifically, in inoculating men against Gynocentrism these men will be compelled to do more than laughing at us and insulting us, THAT will be when the real fight begins. These men have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, MGTOW are once they’ve completed the Red Pill Rage above and beyond that model.

This is where staying under the radar helps. At some point, there will be a face or two put on MGTOW until then though remaining a faceless mist is the best approach to people like this. That doesn’t mean I’m going to lie down and allow some ignorant fuck to step on my toes. I’ve worked hard to get past my personal red pill rage but also to self-actualize and self-validate.

Until then no Blue Pill asshole will tell me what I do with my life.

So in review, I’d say this interview was passable, Sandman does a much better job selling MGTOW than I can. I wasn’t seeking to convert anyone that’s not my style, my style is telling people what MGTOW has done for me. That’s really all that I can do



The Well Isn’t Bottomless After All!

We’ve seen it for the four or five decades now. Feminists and SJW’s could say what they wanted when they wanted and how much they wanted. The left won the culture won, and since 1992 have won the popular vote in almost every major US election except 2004 and in most other western countries, this has also been the case.

I first started seeing ugly examples of Political Correctness in the Mid 80’s. At the time though Reagan was running the show in the US, Brian Mulroney was PM in Canada where I live, and Margaret Thatcher was PM in Great Britain. Plus there was the tacit support that was being given for what was happening in South Africa at the time.

What I need to keep in mind here is that I was only a few months removed from what may have been a fatal drug addiction and I was still in my late teens and early twenties back then. Didn’t know much (Still only know what I know) but I had much more pressing issues in my life at the time, like learning how to live for instance. The PC stuff that was going on around me appeared to be and to a certain extent was a pushback against a then dominant conservative narrative. The events in the 60’s weren’t just an obscure event that happened 50 years earlier. Most adults back then had at least some memory of what had happened, both good and bad.

This was also the first time I ran into Misandry. It was with a group of women in a 12 step group I belonged to. These women were damaged, and in pain, I mean real pain too not just the kind of faux bullshit triggering you see these days. These women found each other and bonded, and they made it VERY CLEAR that they had no intention of being friendly to any of the men in the meeting. Of course, not every woman was like this and I got to witness some of these women get past their pain and become beautiful people. Nobody in the group ever called them on their Misandry, not the men, not other women that weren’t in their circle, nobody did it was assumed they’d get over it. Some of them did too, a lot of them though clearly didn’t!

I had my own issues to deal with I assumed that these women would eventually grow out of the state that they were in and the ship would right itself. After all, nobody in their right mind would let such crazy people run their movement right?

I also began to encounter Men’s Issues in of all places Penthouse Magazine. I can’t remember the name of the man accused but a college age male at Brown University had drunken sex with another student. That woman was later on convinced that she had been raped and brought charges against the man, this was 1987!

Ironic in light of this article that came out recently on Heat Street

Brown University

And then there was what happened to Jimmy the Greek as well, comments taken completely out of context caused him to lose his job

I’m not going to turn this into a history lesson in my progression into a Shitlord here. What we have and still have is the ability of the regressives with help from the media to push whatever narrative they wanted at any time. So for the better part of five decades, a woman or SJW could destroy a person just on their say so.

Then the Internet came along



The old standbys that Feminists had been using and the old cultural and biological mores that had from the very beginning of time had been preventing men from different social and cultural circles from talking to each began to break down. Liberals and Conservatives, Atheists and Christians men and women began speaking to each other online. It wasn’t always friendly, and in some cases, it was downright hostile. But in the case of Feminism and later on SJW’s notes began to compared and SURPRISE it turned out that these otherwise separate groups had much in common with each other than they had expected!

To give you an idea of what men had to work against Turd Flinging Monkey did an Enemies of Man series that I’d encourage anyone, not just MGTOW to go and watch

Along the way a unique movie called “The Matrix” came out, it was popular beyond all expectations, specifically, though the film introduced a metaphor that now resounds in the manosphere, this metaphor or symbol is called “The Red Pill.”

There had been of course other ways to describe a transformation from one being awake from being unaware and allowing your mind to only run on autopilot. There wasn’t an actual tangible symbol for such a state until this movie came out. Yes Total Recall also had Red Pill moment in it as well, but the symbology was different

Needless to say, the awakening had begun.

Events continued to unfold Loreena Bobbit, Duke Lacrosse both happened. Feminists and more specifically Radical Feminists continued to use the same tactics as the Manosphere slowly evolved. It was the same old song and dance for them though. Say what you want, do what you want because there are no consequences. The media controlled the dialogue, and the internet was a niche that nobody took seriously.  Feminists could afford to be dismissive of men and everything in manosphere. After all, they were just a bunch of whiny losers, right? Then the calendar switched to 2013!

There had of course been a shot fired across the bow before Donglegate, but this was dismissed, even by me as “a bunch of uptight idiots.” What I’m referring to is Sharon Osborne’s comment on the view that though had happened a couple of years before Donglegate.


Suddenly for the first time real consequences for a feminist that had gone too far, clear there had been real-world implications for this kind of behavior. Since this event, it’s been very easy to deal with Feminism in its current form. They simply keep doing the things they’ve always done in the past like there’s no consequence because the support both financial and cultural had always been there.

Move ahead just a mere four years after Donglegate. Feminism is now getting absolutely mauled, some feminists have figured this out. Refer to this video and link below posted by John the Other

The link above is a fascinating read, not only for its conclusions but also for the level of denial and outright falsehoods that are in it.

Again though this was all well and good the Manosphere had the facts and truth on its side. Which was clearly counterbalanced by the fact that Feminists dominated the mainstream media. This gave them the ability to keep the truth out and also enable them to keep peddling lies like the wage gap and rape culture with little or no opposition. What little did come was viscously attacked. But they something else happened, and that something was Donald Trump becoming president


I’m not saying that like it’s a good thing. Personally, I would’ve voted third party myself. It’s not that he won, it’s more like he won DESPITE not having any support from any of the mainstream media outside of FOX. He won for a variety of reasons Hillary Clinton was a very poor choice by the Democrats for instance. But it was the coverage and attention that social media was giving these issues in the face of the fact that the mainstream media was in the words of Noam Chomsky blatantly trying to manufacture consent.Manufacturing Consent

Now social media is a problem! Now, all of a sudden simply having a few regressives in critical editing posts doesn’t guarantee an outcome. But most importantly to Feminists everywhere, now it dawns on a lot of them that they no longer have exclusive control of the dialogue. Going on TV and spouting off lies and half truths that can’t withstand thirty seconds of fact checking online produce diminishing returns. Ironically the more they do it, the more attention they bring to the lying they’re doing. But if they shut up and don’t say anything then the assertions being made about them, much like the very ones they used to make (except ours are the truth) go unchallenged. And if that isn’t all, there’s also the problem that now old school media is now got its own long-ignored issues to deal with. There’s a new kid on the block that new kid is the Alternate Media.Why-Alternative-Media-is-the-New-MSM

This has put this current manifestation of Feminism in a very tight spot. The attack the mainstream media are having on the alternative media are only causing the Streisand effect.

The media right now as expected is more concerned with taking down Donald Trump no matter what it costs. They’re doing almost everything they can at the moment to regain the narrative that they’ve now lost. Unless Feminists are headed in this same direction (They are) they’re going to get left by the wayside. All of this attention focused on the elected President though has started to have a detrimental effect elsewhere. You see that once bottomless well of money and attention isn’t bottomless after all.

The Manosphere simply by standing there and allowing the screeching harpies to screech and the pointing it out to everyone have brought feminist support crashing. The constant out of touch and in some case blatantly sexist articles being run by feminists isn’t getting ignored anymore. It’s finally starting to show now for the first time that I can recall, and Feminist organization is running out of money!

If that’s not all Fairfax Media, the company that employs Clementine Ford is also slowly dying

The well is indeed running dry! And not just financially either, just when the Rad-Fems badly needed an influx of financial and cultural capital Donald Trump gets elected, and their strongest and most potent tool in their arsenal is quickly becoming obsolete. Tie that in with the constant lying and harassment of critics and you have a situation that starting to look desperate. Ironically enough to as successful as the million woman march was it consumed a significant amount of both financial capital and goodwill to happen.


All those people, all those speeches, all the rhetoric and it had zero effect on their opponents

You add all this together and combine it with the fact that despite all the noise made at this March, nothing has been delivered so far. While Everyday Feminism could just be a momentary blip there’s no denying that the well is starting to run dry.

And they did it to themselves! I could say more but the evidence pretty much speaks for itself and there are other blog posts.


My Review of Ghostbusters!

I’ve been down this road before. A year ago Aaron Clarey called for a boycott of Mad Max Fury Road based on the trailers.

Why You Should Not Go See “Mad Max: Feminist Road”

Now, as a guy that works in the industry, I knew better than to judge a movie by the trailer and I decided to see for myself. I waited until AFTER the weekend release for Mad Max Fury Road because I didn’t want to give support to the opening weekend. I ended up getting the flu that very weekend which ironically enough kick started me on the most difficult period of my life. That’s another story though and at the time I had no idea what was coming for me. You can see what I wrote and concluded about those movies in the links below

Why You Should Not Go See “Mad Max: Feminist Road”


There were clearly some people that didn’t agree with me and that’s perfectly OK. The thing was though at the time it was MRA’s that were allegedly calling for this boycott no such boycott was declared. Except by RooshV and The Return of Kings Crowd and anyone that’s bothered to fact check knows that while Return of Kings has views that straddle those of MRA’s it is in fact not an MRA site at all.

Ghostbusters though was another story entirely. Right from the start this movie rolled out a ‘progressive movie’ with an all-female cast, a progressive director (Paul Feig) and the studio and producers Amy Pascale in particular played up about how progressive this movie was going to be. Because there weren’t enough females in Hollywood due to Patriarchy. So right from the start, they demanded that you like this movie just because. Then the trailers came out, Do we even need to review that? Yeah lets just have a look just to remind us of how bad it got

Ghostbusters Trailer

Yeah, you gotta like that dislike to like ratio.

So rather than realizing that HEY maybe we should change our approach. The idiots over the studio decided to double then TRIPLE down and start insulting anyone that panned the trailers. Even going so far as to accuse anyone who didn’t like the movie of being a misogynist! Let’s not even get into the selective censoring that Sony did at their YouTube site to make it appear that way. Naturally, of course, this was caught called, and now Sony had real egg on it’s face.

Then director Paul Feig tried to White Knight people by attempting to guilt them into seeing the movie.

That do much better than the studio had done. By the beginning of July, it was clear that Sony had pretty much given up on trying to hype the film

And that was that Ghostbusters was in all likelihood going to tank, and there was nothing they could do about it? It didn’t stop Jezebel from trying to make it look like it would do well.

But as per usual all you had to do was pull away the top layer and the whole thing began to stink up the joint

Empty Theaters

In the face of this, I was tempted to do what I had done with Mad Max Fury Road and wait out the weekend before seeing it. Personally, I didn’t like being told by a bunch self-righteous Cultural Marxists that I should like or enjoy this movie just because well woman. Ego aside though I just had a feeling that this time UNLIKE Mad Max Fury Road, I couldn’t afford to sit the weekend out. So I told my ego to take a fucking hike declared that I was going and promptly got unfriended by someone. Even though I had a perfectly valid explanation


So on Saturday night I decided that I would take one for the team and head on over to West Edmonton Mall. I marched up the Kiosk pulled out my cards and paid for the 3D experience to boot! Immediately I could tell there was a problem. I had already seen the pic about the empty theaters, but I had no idea it would be this bad. The theater wasn’t even 20% full! I made sure I double checked this with the ticket vendor as I walked in. 41 seats sold in a theater designed for 220. I didn’t bother to scan the audience to see who was there because that sort of thing usually doesn’t matter to me. I settled in, put on my glasses and watched the show.

Now here’s the part where you’re expecting me to tell you how bad the show was right? Well, you’d be wrong on that part! The movie was in fact, decent, by no means was it a classic and I’m sure as hell not seeing it again on the big screen. I would buy it for my own personal DVD collection though at a later date. But don’t read too much into that I also have real classics like “Kung Pow” in my movie collection.

No! The movie was decent I’m not sure if was 3D decent but it had moments and it was even quite funny at times. I thought Kate McKinnon was especially funny, I should point out though that I have a predilection for that kind of character that she was playing in the first place,the other actors were also OK too.

Now though there were also a lot of things I didn’t like. Starting with the way Chris Hemsworth’s character is treated. The gushing by the women when he comes would if the gender roles were reversed had caused some feminists to go into spasmodic fits of offense. In fact as far as I can tell there isn’t a single decent male character in this entire movie. The CGI was also overdone.

As I left I did some quick asking around of other people leaving the theater. They also thought it was alright and a couple people thought it was better than Ghostbusters 2! I’m not sure if I’d agree with that assessment myself but I can say this.

The Studio, Director AND if you want to believe this done by Midnights Edge Producer Amy Pascal and her team are the ones you should hold accountable for this disaster.

Had the stunned idiots at Sony just made this movie and then quietly marketed it as another movie, instead of trying to march this out as an “Oh look how damn progressive we are” movie. And then went so far as to try and shame and force people into liking it. This movie might’ve had a fighting chance to at least break even domestically. As it is though they didn’t do that, instead they did what Feminists and SJW’s have been doing time and again, they doubled down and just kept doubling down. Now though as of the time of this writing the numbers for the weekend will be released in less than 4 hours.

We all know what’s going to happen next. In fact, some people have already tried to do this. They’ll blame those evil nasty patriarchal shitlords for killing the movie. Never mind that this didn’t work or even happen on Mad Max Fury Road. No, they’ll blame anyone other than themselves for their failure. And let’s be blunt here it was THEIR HANDLING of this movie that caused it to tank. You insult your audience that’s exactly what will happen. But here’s the irony of them doing this, though.

They will hand the Greater Men’s Movement it’s single biggest win of the year BY DEFAULT! This coupled with the fact that ICMI 16 in London went off with barely a hitch has in has undone much if not all the damage that the secret feminist offensive did in the early months of 2016. They shot themselves in the foot again and will blame us for it. And you know what? We’ll take it, you’re welcome.

If any of the actors involved in this project ever read this let me say to you. I’m sorry, I know you put some effort into your characters and you did have a decent movie. The progressives killed this movie, not us. Please understand this anger wasn’t directed at you the talent. It was directed at a bunch of people who think that they can force me and other people to like something when we all know that it has to stand on it’s own merits in a free and open marketplace. The people who did this though The Studio, Director and from what I understand Producer Amy Pascal they’re the ones you need to save your anger for.

So thank you again Feminists and Progressives for walking over and handing us the single biggest win of the year. I’m sure you’ll do it again too because idiots like you never listen or learn from what I’ve seen. I mean seriously all we had to do was stand and point and you did all the work for us. Next time just shut the fuck up and make a movie.

Cannot wait to see the numbers Monday morning! (It’s 5:30 am where I am now)


I just went over and looked at the numbers for Ghostbusters over the weekend. It grossed $46,018,755 over the weekend coming in second behind The Secret Life of Pets.

That fact though doesn’t change the fact that the total budget for this movie was $144,000,000 given the large drop off in attendance that usually happens between week 1 and week 2 it’s fairly safe to assume the domestic box office will not save this movie from being a catastrophic loss. The International Market may allow Ghostbusters to come in with a slight loss and it’s always possible that word of mouth may cause one of those rare occasions where the 2nd week is better than the first week. This movie though as decent as it is Ghostbusters doesn’t have the kind of impact that would cause this it’s just not outstanding enough to make that kind of impact.

So Initial feelings were right! We won without really even having to fire a shot, they beat themselves just like they’ve been doing for a few years now.






New Strategy? or Just Coincidence

I’ll admit Gamergate isn’t my main focus. Once upon a time I did play games a lot back in the days of the internet cafe I practically lived in them. I’m old enough to remember when the original Warcraft got demonstrated at what was the precursor to the now very famous (and also now infamous) Calgary Expo. I was excited and looked forward to playing it. There were also a few things I remember about those bygone conventions. There was cosplay, but it usually wasn’t more than a few people, and it wasn’t anywhere as huge as it was now. There were not a lot of women at these events. This wasn’t because women were being excluded, it was because back then women didn’t come these events because the guys there and the events going on there were not high status, or moneymaking.

This gets to my current bug up my ass. The Anti Gamergate side has been very quiet this year. As well they should be, after all their hero Anita Sarkeesian got her ass owned the first time she dared step out into the public. I wrote up a blog about that as a matter of fact

Ever since then things just went downhill for them. Brianna Wu went and imploded twice once at a convention and then at some random guy on a plane. This killed whatever legitimacy that she had, not to say she had all that much in the first place. The AGG then slowly but surely started to self-destruct. Culminating in Expogate and the GG in DC meetup that got interrupted by no less than a bomb threat. Yeah, they went pretty quiet after that? Not to mention that pretty much all the video game journalist sites capitulated and changed their standards.

The thing is though what I’ve learned from engaging in more than my fair share of online fights in the past few months is this. Unlike in a real fight where you can tell when a person has been knocked out by the fact they’re lying on the ground. Online in many cases the idiot will simply keep on babbling even after they’ve clearly lost. Showing them that they’ve lost will simply make them mad and they’ll just keep talking more. In fact in my Keyboard Warrior series I do mention a couple of times that it’s in your best interest in some cases to just walk away.

That’s what’s some amusing about this most recent run. Once again a curiously timed and ‘coincidental’ releasing of these stories and they all said the same thing.

Never mind the fact that it was almost promptly shot down and, for the most part, has vanished less than a week after it started. It was still quite amusing that someone this punch drunk could attempt to project something this poorly thought out as these links will clearly show

That wasn’t all that was attempted by the AGG side. There was also a couple of interesting articles that get me back to the original point I was trying to make about women, status and their active participation in gaming now

Both of these articles are I believe aimed mostly at women. Given the preponderance of the usual group of White Knights posting up in the comments. Including yours truly on one where even though I stumbled a couple of times on facts I was STILL able to get on top of this one guy. Although that engagement may still be going on depending on my mood.

What both of these articles are saying is pretty much the same thing

“You know you can just ignore these guys criticisms, they’re all low status, dumb males.”

The thing you have to remember is that with a few exceptions women want higher status men. A man that is perceived to be lower status talking to her is in fact in some cases stalking or harassing her. Such a male even daring to speak to her, much less call her out on her bullshit is clearly harassing her and has to be blocked or at best ignored. Creating justification for doing this is as I’ve learned from personal experience something that women excel at. If you’ve had a falling out with a woman, the amount of mental and emotional gymnastics they’ll sometimes pull to justify some actions is mind blowing. And they will do this even in cases where their actions are immoral or hurtful and smile while they’re doing. Remember Billy Joel’s song “She’s always a woman to me?” The lyrics are truer than you might expect.

Status, is what these last articles are trying to tell women, is the reason you need to be ignoring these filthy, ignorant gamergate people. Yes, you can just dismiss what they’re saying because they’re not your equals.

I get called on this all the time as a matter of fact. Radfems and feminazis will almost always take a shot at my status real or perceived at some point and then attempt to leave with some face intact. Of course, I never allow them to do that when I can. But it always gets attempted at one time or another during an engagement with one of them. Just letting you know that you can and better expect this.

There’s just one flaw with this narrative, and it’s a huge one. If all of us icky low status, dumb as bricks, ignorant gamers are doing this. Then why are they even involved in the industry in the first place? It’s not like there were women trying to kick down the doors to get into gaming back in 1990’s and  2000’s. In fact, it wasn’t until the early/mid-2000’s when movies based off comic books started getting cranked out by the Hollywood studio system that gaming and geekdom started becoming trendy. I can attest from direct personal experience that women like these below almost never showed their faces at comic or gaming conventions before that unless they were paid.

17a26f44998f0d455c56f52e2e9bb85c Sexy-Girl-Cosplay-Costume-Ideas6 Sexy-Girl-Cosplay-Costume-Ideas9 Sexy-Girl-Cosplay-Costume-Ideas13 Wolverine

In fact, you never saw people like Lianna K or Jessica Nigri appear before then. And why was that you ask. Because we were geeks there was no money or status to be gained from showing up at cons so they didn’t. And I’m feeling very safe in saying that the moment Hollywood stops making movies based of Comic Books, most of them will evaporate like Arizona Frost.

Which makes these articles all the more hypocritical, after all if we’re supposedly low status then these women wouldn’t even be showing up in the first place!

There’re rafts of literature and information most of it PUA material, that talk about how important it is to at the very least portray higher status even of you don’t have it. Now do you think that every person that teaches PUA techniques is just saying this because it’s they like talking out of their ass?

So now Gamergaters, you are most definitely not lower status otherwise they wouldn’t be showing up to get the other thing that females seem to crave, a lot of attention! They would be looking somewhere else, which makes the points of these articles look even more ridiculous.

Now, this looks like a new narrative it’s coming entirely too late from a group that’s beaten. But well I guess we can all have a laugh at this. Just remember though they’re not done, you’re dealing with fanatics here and as long as big sister is being fed, this won’t stop happening. Which justifies Gamergates continued existence, and the status that comes with it, I say enjoy it but well I’m also MGTOW so frankly.

I don’t give a fuck what these women think of me, that doesn’t mean others don’t.

Keyboard Warrior (Part Six)

This is turning into a small booklet or pamphlet the way I’m going. This blog we’ll be discussing my all time ‘favorite’ opponent, The White Knight.

I will freely admit that I have an Antipathy towards this group. Being a Liberal myself seeing these idiots, especially the supposed, ‘logical and rational atheists’. Just completely throw facts and critical thinking out the window when it comes to Men’s Issues and even more so when it comes to Feminism and Social Justice Warriors just disgusts me. Not that I exactly like or approve of the projection that comes from of my newfound allies attempting to blame every single problem out there on people like me either.


I have a rule or two when it comes to White Knights and Feminazis. I never allow people like this to leave with their dignity intact or face saved. I realize that some people don’t share this opinion, and that’s alright. For me as much as humanly possible I make it as ugly and unpleasant for White Knights as I can. If they’re going to go in and defend some woman that in truth hates him just because he’s male, well then I make sure he pays the price for doing that. I want to put a White Knight in a no-win position, I admit I can and do as a regular practice make an attempt to go for the jugular when they make a mistake. And let me frank with you dear reader they make mistakes frequently and often, which is to be expected, given how they were too stupid to exercise an iota of thought before jumping in. I’ve already covered the motivation of the White Knight, and I sent them a message in a previous blog.

I do personally believe that the motivations for White Knights are a little more complicated than just wanting some woman to sleep with him. It is, however, a motivator for a lot o them as I’ve experienced both online and in person more than a few times.

17638_968593143185825_6679000952200514946_n (1)

I show White Knights no mercy, you may want to show them some, and that’s your call. I aim to put them in a catch 22 situation. They get their asses handed to them by me, AND I also make an effort to rub it in via reminding them why they’re doing it. I see no shame is disrespecting a guy that sells out his integrity and honor to defend a dumb fuck. After all she came out of the echo chamber and got her ass handed to her as well. I especially like letting know that they’re not getting laid, and they’re getting the shit kicked out of them for nothing. Again I always play to the crowd here as well. There are always other people reading the comments or thread and yes some of them will think twice about blindly rushing in if they see another White Knight getting blown out of the water.

But enough about my personal opinions lets discuss the subgroups of White Knights. There are two of them, and they occupy different sides of the intellectual spectrum. I call them The Bullies and The Intellectuals.

The Bullies – Another word that comes to mind with this group is the screamers. The way of operating is quite simple, they just scream, yell, insult, dox, threaten, intimidate. They engage in any activity that they think will scare you into either leaving or backing down. Of all the people you’ll have to face down this group is the most dangerous. It’s my opinion it’ll be a guy from this group that will likely trigger the stage four event or trigger event

When you’re dealing the feminist type of White Knight the bully is also the most likely kind of feminist male that you’ll encounter. Dealing with these idiots is very easy I usually just brush them off with accusations of ad hominem and then lay into them about stating facts.

I also have to point out that this is also the person that you’re most likely to have to block or report. There’ve been a handful of occasions where they’ve tried to take the fight away from the forum. I’ve also had one guy back in 2013 who decided that it would be a good idea to not only message me but to start following me onto other threads and groups to keep yelling at me. It’s people like this that are the reason you never post personal information about yourself on social media unless necessary.

Let’s be honest though 99% of these idiots are not very smart. Like I said before it’ll probably be one of these idiots that place the straw that breaks the camels back when it comes to 3rd wave feminism.

The “Intellectuals”- I put ditto marks around the word Intellectuals for a reason. What separates this group from the bullies isn’t as much as you might expect. That separation is this these guys in their heads believe that they’re smarter than you are. What they are is smarter than the bullies, and well we’ve already established that they’re not much smarter than a retard. Some but not all the people in this group either have or are in the process of getting some university degree. Occasionally you will even come across a university or college professor in this category.

The method of operation is usually to insult your intellect. They do this usually done by speaking to you in a condescending manner and/or regurgitating debunked facts. If you’ve been smart enough to keep your facts and resources close at hand can usually be debunked in a post or two. What does also happen with this particular White Knight is that they will occasionally just keep talking. Unlike a regular street fight where the person that has lost this type of person will sometimes not know they’ve lost, or worse will simply keep talking in the hope that the crowd won’t notice. And yes unlike almost everyone else you’ll go up against this type of person is occasionally aware that he’s playing to an audience. You may have to remind them that they’ve lost, and even then they’ll deny it and showing them evidence to the contrary will only make them yell. There’s also a tendency for this person to try to get the last word again let them know that getting the last word doesn’t mean they win by default.

As with the other type of White Knight leave them no room to save face if you can.

There’s no way I can cover every possible type of strategy and personality of White Knights though. Bullies are much more likely to resort to ad hominem and “Intellectuals” are more likely to be condescending, but I’ve encountered White Knights of all stripes. That’s part of the reason there’s going to be more parts discussing tactics both for and against in other parts. I do stand by what I said though about how dangerous some of these people can be. Unlike a brute or thug who will simply take what they want and then leave. The White Knight is motivated by a desire or belief that they’re doing right. And well to quote Goddard’s Law here

The Nazis in Germany and many others throughout history also believed that they were doing good as well.


Believe it or not we’re not done yet! There are others that you can and will have to contend with in your fight and some case these others can be as infuriating, myopic and ignorant as some of the people you’re fighting against.

In my case, this ‘other’ group has usually come from people that have a view of the world that doesn’t agree with mine be it Social, Political or Religious. I make no bones about the fact that I’m left of center politically and socially (With a rather strong libertarian bend though).  I also entered the Greater Men’s Movement via having to fight the fanatical rantings of the Atheism+ crowd. So as odd as it may sound I already had experience dealing with fanatics online albeit from the right. Which I will point out are with only a couple of small exceptions the same tactics used by the leftward leaning fanatics.

I avoid getting into protracted debates with people on the Men’s Movement side that have dogmatic conservative or fundamentalist tendencies. That isn’t to say I won’t engage with them, I see that as being counterproductive and I do try and recommend that everyone else try to take these disagreements offline and to private messages. I call this The code of the road and I covered the details in a previous blog entry but I’ll explain it here again. When you’re in a fight online (Which I view from a combat footing) You need to rely on the people beside you. Quite frankly unless that person has done something that’s completely against my personal principles I will take a stand beside them. Once the fight is over and we’re back at ‘camp’ so to speak if I think it’s important enough to bring up again I will. But as best as I can I never air this out publicly, trust me I’ve had to go to task with a couple of racists or people that can’t see past religious, social or political dogma and look at the bigger picture. There have also been a few that have tried to do the same with me. Not advisable to be doing that with someone who’s writing a how-to manual on keyboard activism.

Internet Troll

Another group you’ll come across are just plain trolls. They come on boards and enter opinions and take shots at people just because they can. Encountering someone like this the first time can be very jarring, just keep in mind that from what I’ve been able to judge, these people are here just to get you angry and/or hurt your feelings. I’ll admit the first troll really got to me, luckily it was way back in 2008 and not connected to anything I’m doing now. There is no need to feed them or wallow in their pool.

Last group and this has so far only come up a couple of times and that’s friends, family, and associates. So far no family has said anything to me given how their actions are a huge part of why I am this way, they may not be saying anything either. Not unless they want to hear the ugly truth about their own actions anyway.

Friends are another situation I’ve lost friends over my social stand on Men’s Issues. I will likely lose a few more, I do try to avoid getting personal and 95% of the time I avoid getting insulting with them. That doesn’t mean I’m going to back away and neither should you! You ESPECIALLY never back away from this if it’s some woman you want to get into bed. You fought hard to get away from selling out don’t start taking blue pills over a woman.

Associates are a little more tricky. In some cases employment, money streams or work contacts may be at stake. As best as possible don’t let associates (Especially co-workers) know unless you’re sure of them. They will usually find out sooner or later anyway and if you have a good working relationship with them they’ll judge you by that before they object to your social activism. As with everything though there will be exceptions.

Keyboard Warrior (Part Five)

We’re going over the types of opponents you’ll go up against. In the last post, we covered Feminists and the subgroups of them. We’re starting here with a very rare and particular kind of opponent The Crusader.


The Crusader – This type is very rare but if you’re on here, long enough you will run into one of them sooner or later. Anti Gamergate has more of them than Feminism does, but what they all have in common is that they’ve figured out a way to monetize this situation to their benefit. Examples of this type of person are; David Futrelle, Sael Palini (ManCheez), Jimmy Kimmel, Jackson Katz, Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, Brianna Wu and a few others.

You usually won’t encounter these types outside of their territory. And with just a couple of exceptions they will usually not engage in direct debate especially in an arena where they don’t control all or as many of the factors as possible. Their livelihood depends on keeping this false narrative going, or engaging is Cultural Marxist social engineering.


Some of these people (Jonathan McIntosh) are simply just out and out propagandists that will block you at the drop of a hat if you even so much as call them out on anything. If you can and do have a shot at them use it wisely because you probably will only get that one chance. More often than not you will have to wait for someone like this to make a mistake and then pounce. Which is what happened in January when Nightline allowed comments and ratings on the Anita Sarkeesian Interview.

Current running totals of dislikes to likes on this video is damn near 33 to 1 it’s also not a coincidence that after this video was slammed down that Anita and Jonathan retreated and really haven’t been all that prominent since.

Brianna Wu also had a meltdown moment a couple of months later that she got nailed for and I really haven’t seen much of her since either. These people are usually big targets and unless you have lots of money and/or time to take them down you’re better off attacking their ideas, statements and lieutenants.

In the case of some internet crusaders though, you can and will if patient enough get your chance at them. David Futrelle for instance, is notorious for logging on under and alias and unlike most people will go on the attack. When this happens I suggest that you deal with them in the same way you deal with a Feminazi. Namely play to the crowd, make your point, make it stick let David know he’s had his ass handed to him then leave. David will keep talking and talking if you don’t do this, you’d best keep in mind too that David will lie about not being David, once you’ve encountered him though his style in unmistakable. Sael Palani I’ve never directly engaged yet! From what I’ve seen though she will also keep talking even after she’s been debunked and she will be debunked repeatedly.

On a personal note here I suspect that they do this because they believe that they’re somehow doing damage to the MRM just by posting. While what’s actually happening is that their deluded immature behaviour is speeding up the downfall of the current feminist movement not helping it.

You will rarely be able to take someone like this down, they will usually beat themselves. When they do go down though, they go down hard and loud.

The next group I’ll cover are Manginas

The Mangina – I have another word for a group like this and you’ve probably heard it before they’re otherwise known as sheeple.

Mangina Sheeple

For the most part people from this camp can be pretty much dismissed. As the picture above on the left shows these guys usually have no balls, or even backbone for that matter. This type can usually be encountered on a Facebook thread quietly giving a thumbs up to the person you’re actually engaged with. If they do post up it will usually be just one comment then either nothing then they’ll immediately block you. Or try to claim you’re harassing them simply by challenging what they posted. They will never and I do mean ever enter a sustained fight with you unless they perceive the odds are greatly in their favor. In that case, what will happen is that you will get stampeded. These people are the reason why I made the recommendation earlier that you avoid hostile territory. I was only once a victim of a sheeple stampede and it happened very early on. I learned my lesson there and I moved on.

There have been very rare occasions when I’ve had to engage with a Mangina it’s been when they’ve been caught cheerleading a little too obviously for the person I’m dealing with. Usually by constantly giving them a thumbs up on Facebook or posting a short comment immediately after the person I’ve been dealing with has in support of that person but never addressing the issue being discussed. 99% of the time calling that person out will make them disappear there was one occasion when one of left a sarcastic, snarky comment then blocked me but that’s rare.

As an individual, this person is a coward and spineless simp not really worthy of respect or much attention and I treat them as such online. In groups, however, they can be overwhelming. Fortunately for the greater men’s movement someone hasn’t emerged from the mass that knows how to direct and channel this group. Because if there had been such a person emerge we would likely be in for a serious fight. The longer it goes on like this the better it gets for us.

Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part Three)

I’m going to start this part out by answering a very legitimate question that got fired at me a couple of times when I posted up part one.

The question and in one case rather insulting remark made was what does it accomplish winning these flame wars online. Well for a reference I’ve posted a scene from Kingdom of Heaven where Balian meets Salahuddin to square affairs during the siege of Jerusalem. Balian asks one question of Salahuddin what does the capture of Jerusalem mean? Salahuddin answer is simple yet very complex it’s “Nothing….And Everything” You have to 0:40 in this video and play it from there to see it though

So what does winning flame wars on the internet on Men’s Issues mean? Nothing and Everything and you’d be right with both answers.

It means nothing you just wasted anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days engaging with some idiot whose opinion isn’t likely to have changed. Yes, you get the satisfaction of winning but well there are lots of other things you could be doing with your time. Especially if the weather is nice outside or you have a life outside of the internet like I do. Yeah, buddy congratulations you won a flame war! Does anybody give a shit besides you? Probably not, yet at the same time?

It means everything! Remember that unofficial 90-9-1 rule I mentioned earlier. Let’s just break that up into some real numbers for you.

Suppose 100 people posted up at a blog, news article or thread somewhere? Now suppose those 100 people there say a factor times ten more people. That means that your audience has reached 1000 people that saw and read that post you made. Those people saw you win by the way, and you know what those people also have friends. I’ll be conservative here and say that maybe two other people were told about what happened at this site. That’s an additional 2000 people that were indirectly influenced by what you posted up. That either saw or heard about you winning, maybe not you specifically, but they went back and said that these Feminists taken down at this page.

That’s 3000 people who directly or indirectly saw or heard about the win you and others made at this site. Some of those people are Feminists or White Knights that may think twice or just not post up because they don’t want to look bad.

So yes it means everything and you think these engagements are not having an impact? Then why are Feminists so keen to get the definition of online harassment changed via congress right now?

Why has Facebook been so keen on limiting the impact of MRA/MGTOW posts by changing the guidelines in a way that intentionally step around censorship but still qualify as such?

It’s because feminists, white knights and crusaders are just getting creamed the moment they leave the echo chamber. And in an act of desperation certain people are attempting very desperately to give them that protection. Look no further than this picture and article.

Capture Feminist Writers

Need I say more?

What is the why in your keyboard activism? This is an important, and in some cases very personal question that you probably need to have. As I’ve just seen, there are some people out there that don’t see this as actually having any impact. The fact of the matter as I’ve just shown is that this activism is having a very large impact. Yes, one person going to a blog, news site or social media outlet on a person to person basis isn’t going to have a large impact usually. In fact, one of the reasons I started this blog, was because I figured out that while I was a damn good keyboard warrior (I guess my win rate was in the mid/high 90% range) The impact on the large scale wasn’t much.

That said though, if you look at it as just one person then the impact even for a person in the trenches for a while is pretty small. If you take these skills and transfer them. Let other people know how to effectively engage online, and you get say 100 people doing this well you suddenly have a larger impact and not just times 100 but more likely times a few thousand. One person is just one person, but lots of people can add up.

I cannot tell you whether your reasons for doing this are right or wrong. Nor can I answer any criticisms that come your way because you decided to take a stand online rather than in person. Not everyone wants to take stands in person on the ground, or even take it to the next level like me and start their blog. Your why though will be called, and you will have to justify why you do what you do. All I can say is that I sleep better and feel better knowing that I do it myself. Knowing that in some small way there are Feminists and White Knights out there that know thanks to me that they can’t leave their echo chamber and post up ignorant tripe unchallenged.

Yes, these actions of mine and lots of other MRA/MGTOW/Red Pill/Masculist posters are having an impact. No matter what you may be getting told to the contrary.