This Week on The Red Pill Nation #1


New idea here

I have several different social media sites the most prominent of course being the one on Facebook

What I’m going to do here is sum up everything (At least for now) that happens on the Facebook group here in a weekly blog. I may add Twitter, Minds, and Gab later for now though based on the amount of hair-pulling I had to go through just to get the Facebook content on here I’ll be confining this to the Red Pill Nation on Facebook as you can see the group is pretty active

Please note that this will cover everything from September 21st until September 30th

Start with the article posted most of which usually get posted by a guy named John

Boy, 5, with autism ‘put on record as sex offender’ after hugging classmate

This one I covered in The Red Pill Nation Hangout. In order for an Autistic boy to have been put on the record as a sex offender would’ve required a systematic breakdown of several layers of school administration. Fortunately, once news of this story broke the problem was fixed and the teacher was disciplined

This though goes back to a bigger issue. We would never allow pedophiles near children, yet we allow openly misandric women and the people that support them unfettered access to boys. This is a ticking time bomb for school boards everywhere

Nathan A

Why is a good man so hard to find? Blame the war on boys and men

You know what on the off chance that any woman ever read this article. OF COURSE, it’s getting difficult. You really think MGTOW (Both official and unofficial) just came out of nowhere? No, it didn’t, to put it quite mildly the juice aint worth the squeeze. Any male that takes The Red Pill is going to figure this out pretty quick and when they do their priorities will shift. That or they’ll only go there after they’ve taken some very extensive precautions.

Blaming men for this won’t solve the problem here. Time to take a hard look in the mirror and understand that even if you haven’t actually participated in the male exodus. You’ve likely been looking the other way on Misandry and 3rd and 4th wave feminism and what it’s wrought. This is one of them and it’s likely the start of a growing behemouth


This next one is something out of Clown world

Mum claims adopted daughter, 10, is 22-year-old sociopath who tried to kill her

I don’t really have all that much to say on this one! Except that two of these next articles are clear and potential examples of women getting away with behavior that would’ve had men getting put away for a long time!

Blairgowrie woman who left baby brain-damaged avoids jail sentence

Yes, if this had been a guy with the same issues this woman had they absolutely would’ve tossed him in jail. 300 hours of community service really isn’t a suitable punishment for causing brain damage to a child who quite likely over her lifetime will consume far more than 300 hours of other people’s time to take care of


‘I was scared,’ judge testifies in trial of man accused of criticizing her on Facebook

I really don’t know what to say. So I’ll let John the man that posted this article do the talking here

”…Marriage has existed for the benefit of men; and has been a legally sanctioned method of control over women… We must work to destroy it.

The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men…

All of history must be re-written in terms of the oppression of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft….”

The Document: Declaration of Feminism.

How dare any a man criticize a western woman/Feminist into today’s blatant Man-Hating western society.

Yeah right, what a pitiful “I am the real victim”” excuse to use

…No …!! Wrong …!!! You as an entitlement narcissistic western woman was pissed off that a Father dear to publicly criticized your appalling Female gender-biased decision that caused the death of his son, by hands of the son’s mother…

And you as new Empowered and Liberated ”YOU GO GURL” decided that this Father while grieving the loss of his son had to be thrown into prison to teach him a lesson not to criticize a western woman/Feminist and that this grieving Father had to learn to… “Be a real man, man up and suck it up”


And now for the photos of the week

Next, we have an interesting picture posted up by AsifAsif Khan

Unapologetic and strangely truthful is what this says to me

This one by Nathan was just painful, YES absolutely take this guys man card away. He didn’t just give money to his ex, it looks like he may have given her 1/2 his paycheck. You cannot get more cucked than that


Of course, there were other pictures this week

Video content this week

Red Pill Men’s Health was very busy this period! I have to point out that while I am subbed to this guy and his content is pretty solid. His style and approach usually mean I only occasionally watch his content. That doesn’t mean his content should be passed on. I personally would love to give this much attention to my YouTube channel. Here’s all his content for this period have a look

Here are links to some of his other content

I’m going to go on the record here and say that this guy is going to go places on YouTube. This, of course, has two results. He will become prominent likely faster than I will (not that it’s a competition) The other issue is that the people that we’re going up against will also start paying attention. I do hope that he’s ready for this. For though I don’t always agree with everything he says (And him me). Especially when it comes to Atheism. It would be tragic is online hate forces him to leave. Just keep on trucking Greg!

There is some content that I might comment on later. Not right at this moment though as there’s a fair amount of catch up that needs to be done.

Then there’s content from someone that I really deeply respect Thinking Ape

This video said something that I think we have been noticing if you’ve had your finger on the pulse like I have. MRA’s have had an effect in this area and the message of the manosphere has been sinking in, despite unending propaganda by the establishment media and SJW’s

The Irony of this one just sings to me. Sargon of Akkad interviews this guy.

Daniel also posted up a couple of videos

Then we get to the Video on the GOMA Talk.

If you’d been following the Facebook event posts for this video. The number of feminists and male feminists that attempted to justify this event was appalling! All sorts of shaming language, denial, twisting of facts, ad hominem. Literally everything other than actually admitting that holding an event like this and the anger it generated was there for a reason.

You will note that during this entire video at no time do they pan to the audience. I’m tempted to do a takedown of this on The MGTOW Master Series

Lastly on the video section a couple of other vids for you to look at. Enjoy the moments of Zen here.


That’s it for the content at The Red Pill Nation over the last 10 days of September, and see you all next week!

Wait for it! Another Male Feminist is telling us how bad we all are!

Been a while since I wrote a blog on this site!

But when I took a look at this male feminist BS ‘article’ I felt a very strong need to respond. This article is so bad that I took the time to archive it because I didn’t want the writer of this piece gaining any more positive hits for it if you have to read it

I did a YouTube response to this ‘article’ I use that term very lightly. I did a response to this article at YouTube which is below

I did find a brilliant response to this article at the Jordan B Peterson Liberal discussion group on Facebook. Which at least for now hasn’t been taken down by Big Brother yet


Gus Barkley wrote a brilliant response that sums it up better than I could. In fact, it’s so brilliant I’m republishing it here so we can all enjoy it. Not just the people at the Jordan B Peterson group. Gus if you read this, yes this is absolutely incredible! I don’t know if this is something you do all the time or if this is just a one-off. Good job so here in Gus’s own words is his response to this terrible article

7 Reasons Why Patriarchy Is Bad (and Feminism is Good) for Men

Just going to skip ahead to where Gus’s response. There are a couple of intro paragraphs that I have a response to in my YouTube response.


As we’ve talked about in other articles on TBINAA, there are certain aspects to the norms of masculinity that make men feel uncomfortable exploring certain parts of their own lives, minds, and personalities. A big aspect of upholding the norms of masculinity is that men often don’t put too much effort into questioning or reflecting on such norms, let alone how their own actions affect others. Rather than admitting faults or embracing vulnerability, men are told to “man up” or “stop being a p*ssy” in order to protect their precious masculinity, even if it means upholding harmful, destructive, and hate-filled norms that negatively affect those around them and, inevitably, themselves.

Feminism turns that idea of avoiding reflectiveness on its head. What many feminist leaders advocate for is that all people, especially men, be more reflective and introspective, and to be more comfortable with being called out for things that others may have an issue with. A big part of feminism is understanding how one’s actions and beliefs affect others, which patriarchal masculinity systematically avoids by upholding a more individualistic/man-vs-the world mentality. This aspect of feminism, especially as it has evolved in recent years, can help men understand that keeping up a persona of ultra-masculinity or machismo is something that not only make others uncomfortable, it can directly hurt those they love or care about the most.

Gus’s response:

It is false to equate telling someone to “man up,” or “stop being such a pussy,” with suggesting that the man in question not be introspective. Rather, it is asking him to overcome what is for some people an inclination to give in to unreasonable fear or pain, and to accept responsibility for doing what needs to be done. For example, imagine a father of a small child who panics when his child is injured and sits there sobbing instead of taking the child for the help he needs. “Man up,” you might say. “Don’t be such a pussy. Do what needs to be done and get some help for your child.” This has nothing to do with being introspective or not. 



One of the most negative aspects of the patriarchal norms of masculinity is the tendency for men to constantly be in competition with each other. Almost every aspect of many men’s lives is shrouded by the need to see themselves as better than other men, or other people in general. This includes physically, such as working out for the specific intent of having bigger muscles, better abs, or more strength than other men, or intellectually, where men will feel the need to “mansplain” a topic to women, even if the women they’re talking to are more knowledgeable on the topic than they are. So much of the actions men take and the way men think are related to the desire to be better than others.

It’s a much different story in the world of feminism. Despite the many stereotypes of women being overly competitive with each other, feminism has been developed around the notion of community and solidarity being pertinent aspects of achieving self-love and self-care. It is much more important for feminists to create a strong community of like-minded and caring individuals than it is to automatically push away or compete with others. Feminists are much more interested in creating a space that feels safe and comfortable for as many people as possible. This can be beneficial for many men who have trouble simply accepting others in their lives without feeling the need to be better than them—they can find a way to truly separate themselves from the competition that surrounds them every day.

Gus’s response:

There is always going to be competition among people and there will always be cooperation. The issue is the right balance. Some men are too competitive, and so are some women, and so they see every interaction as a zero-sum game when most interactions are not. Some are not competitive enough and so they achieve much less than what they are capable of. Take team sports: The two teams compete to bring out the best in each other, but within the team, there needs to be cooperation for the team to succeed. But even within the team the players compete with each other for starting roles and playing time. This competition drives them to excel. This is a good thing. Sorry if I mansplained that to you. 

3.Status Quo:

It’s human nature for people to not like change. We like to be comfortable in whatever situation we find ourselves in, and we don’t like it when something comes along and puts us out of that comfort zone. We will find a way to stay comfortable, often at any and all costs. Unfortunately, this is exactly what patriarchy does for men. It enables men to remain comfortable in their privileges, in their dominance, in their reverence, while never having to question the issues women and nonbinary people have to deal with in relation to their comfort. For men, it’s easier to find partners who will do all of the things that men “aren’t supposed to do.” Although times have changed, many men still feel as though they are meant to be the main moneymakers in their household, while their partners should be the ones staying home, making them dinner, doing their laundry, taking care of their children, etc.

Feminism seeks to get rid of those archaic notions of what it means to be a “real man” or a “real woman.” Feminists would rather dismantle those norms and create a society that doesn’t let gender or whatever body parts you have dictate how people should or shouldn’t act.

What men don’t realize is that allowing themselves to fall into the trap of patriarchal masculinity is not only hurting the people they wish to be involved with in life, it’s hurting themselves by feeling as though they can’t truly explore themselves and understand that there’s more to life than keeping up with the status quo of gender.

What many feminists would rather see is men working alongside them to break down those barriers and norms and embrace a life of self-actualization that is free of baseless categorizations and judgments.


Gus’s response:

Status Quo:
“Feminists would rather dismantle those norms and create a society that doesn’t let gender or whatever body parts you have dictate how people should or shouldn’t act.” Let’s start with why those norms exist. Women must bear the children. Women on average are so much better at nurturing young children than are men. Left to their own choices, women are much more likely to want to work with small children as daycare workers or elementary school teachers. This is true in every society throughout all of history, and is still true today in modern sex-egalitarian societies such as Scandinavia. Women typically don’t desire dangerous or physically taxing occupations. Women prefer to work part-time much more than do men. The list of sex differences across all cultures and epochs is fairly consistent. 


Similar to the notion of keeping up the status quo, men often don’t realize how our society is built to put them ahead of women and nonbinary people. The patriarchy has supported this notion that men are inherently better than others, simply by virtue of being a man. Even if you identify as a man, if you don’t play along with the norms of masculinity, you’re treated as an “other” as well. More importantly, though, we see where men are put on a pedestal while others fall by the wayside. Typically, men are paid more, men are offered jobs more often, men pay less for products, men aren’t subjected to constant catcalling or sexual violence, men don’t have to face their insecurities, and men are happy about that. Unfortunately, women and nonbinary folks usually don’t have those same options, and they’re forced to be uncomfortable, feel unsafe, or face violence on a daily basis.

The solution that feminism has developed for this is leveling the playing field. That doesn’t mean men should have to deal with the same disadvantages as other people, rather men should both understand what others go through on a daily basis and also work toward eradicating those issues on their end, since much of it is perpetuated by men in the first place. Feminists strive first and foremost for equality, as well as healthy interpersonal relations. While striving for equality and giving up power and hierarchy sounds scary for a lot men, it actually presents an opportunity for men to put their effort into creating a society where women and nonbinary people don’t automatically fear men, especially cis men.

Gus’s response:

“Men don’t have to face their feelings.” Says who? Perhaps men face their feelings but, being governed less by those feelings than women, are able to act without always giving in to those feelings. For example, a man may be desperately afraid but still go into battle or chase down a dangerous criminal. Overcoming “feelings” is not the same thing as refusing to face those feelings. Perhaps men are not as vulnerable to sexual violence, but they are much more likely to be the victims of other sorts of violence. Men are much more likely to be murdered, beaten, etc. It’s crazy to say that men are put on pedestals. Men are criticized all day and every day in our current social environment. This article, for example. 


Although the patriarchy benefits all men in one way or another, it doesn’t support all men in the same ways. This is one of the illusions the patriarchy tries to pull though: you’re a man, you’re better than women, and definitely better than nonbinary people. But what if you’re a black man as opposed to a white man? Or a poor man as opposed to a rich man? A trans man, a disabled man, an immigrant man, or an uneducated man as opposed to a cis man, an able-bodied man, a male citizen, or an educated man? What the patriarchy wants men to believe is that these other factors of race, ability, class, etc., don’t matter, that all men are equal, while it also supports the systems that oppress people who aren’t white, or rich, or able-bodied, or cisgender, or any combination of traits that are considered the “norm.”

Feminism, especially more recently, is focused on looking at everyone’s experiences through a lens of intersectionality. This means that as opposed to just looking at someone as a man, they recognize that man as also being black, disabled, and poor, for example. Intersectional feminism allows for a multi-faceted analysis of the various experiences, histories, and biases that affect a person. While the focus of feminism is primarily on gender, feminism with an emphasis on intersectionality can help men, women, and nonbinary folks alike understand where they are most negatively affected, how they experience various forms of oppression, and what they can do to eradicate those oppressive systems.

Gus’s response:

“Intersectionality” supposedly requires us to look at a person and to identify all of his identities that lead to his oppression. But this is evaluating a person based on his group characteristics, and not by his personal circumstances, which is the dictionary definition of prejudice. Not all women, all black people, or all gay people are oppressed, and not all straight white men lead a life of privilege. Some of the latter are poor, mentally challenged, in chronic pain, and lonely. Intersectionality is just a half-assed attempt to recognize that people are different, but it stops at group differences instead of individual differences. 

6.Rape Culture:

There is no logical or reasonable way to deny that we live in a society that perpetuates rape and rape culture. Our society has been historically set up in a way that makes rape, sexual violence, or romantic manipulation not only possible, but rather a normal, expected occurrence for many people. For men, it is seen as a necessity to seduce women (or other potential sexual partners) to the point that they’re encouraged to force other people into sex, with little to no regard for consent. When men are questioned about it, it often gets played of as “boys will be boys,” or “uncontrollable sexual urges,” or “nothing that serious.” For the victim, however, they are often treated horribly, with outsiders calling them “sluts,” saying “they deserved it” or they were “asking for it” for one reason or another, and inevitably removing responsibility from the man who committed the act in the first place. And it goes beyond direct physical encounters too of course, with how women are objectified in every form of media, or how children and teenagers are sexualized to the point that they’re kicked out of class for clothing that’s deemed “too sexy,” so on and so forth.

Much of the recent focus of feminism is completely ridding our society of rape and rape culture. Feminism is focused on changing the conversation of “no means no” to “yes means yes,” providing services for women and other folks who have been affected by rape or sexual violence, and by looking at the very systems that exist to perpetuate the notion that rape is an expected and nearly acceptable occurrence. Feminism is out to protect everyone from the terrifying outcomes of rape and rape culture by making sure it can not only be talked about more openly, but it can also be more openly villainized and dismantled. Ultimately, that means breaking the patterns that lead men to think that manipulating, hurting, or raping women and other folks is okay and having men look at their actions and understand why a lot of people just don’t trust men in many situations.

Gus’s response:

Rape Culture:
Women are “sexualized” by the culture, but they are also kicked out of class for wearing clothing that is “too sexy.” Can’t you see the contradiction? Women want to be sexually alluring. They spend enormous amounts of time and money to make themselves alluring. This does not mean that they are inviting rape. But they are inviting male attention. The percentage of men who would commit rape is very small. Most are committed by the same few men. It is defamatory to suggest that rape is an epidemic among ordinary men. This is why we get the unbelievable statistics of 1 in 4 women on college campuses being raped. If this were true no reasonable woman would go to college. And if she did, she certainly wouldn’t go to drunken fraternity parties where she is most likely to be taken advantage of. 

7. Toxicity:

What all of this comes down to is the simple fact that the masculinity that patriarchy has bred and enabled is extremely toxic. It makes everything worse not only for those who are subjected to all of its negativity, hatred, subordination, and oppression, but it also makes things worse the men who benefit from it because they don’t have to question it.

Men are hurt by their own dedication to toxic, patriarchal masculinity by allowing themselves to hurt others.

While some men have definitely distanced themselves from the toxicity, most men are just fine staying in the positions and they’ll defend it no matter what, because they’re comfortable and safe. And just distancing themselves from toxic masculinity isn’t enough; men have to work to actually change their behaviors, and call out other men who are acting in toxic and horrible ways, who are acting in ways characterized by body terrorism.
This is one of the goals of feminism: to enable men to be less toxic and be more caring and supportive, to be willing to share and create safe spaces. But feminism is also important for men to achieve a level of radical self-love that patriarchy doesn’t allow in any way.

Men have to be more willing to understand themselves, their feelings, their insecurities, their needs, while also actively rejecting the notion that being violent or abusive or overbearing or condescending is normal. Men have to understand that you can’t separate gender from race, sexuality, ability, class, etc. Men have to be more feminist-minded when it comes to treating others with respect, with calling out toxicity, with fighting for social justice and equality, and with being good to themselves as well as those around them. It is pertinent to the betterment of our society that we can question ourselves, masculinity, and patriarchy.

Gus’s response:

Masculinity is bad. Men are bad. If you don’t agree you are supporting the patriarchy. Who knew?

Having had to endure reading this ‘article’ there’s really no other thing for me to conclude that this is a propaganda piece that was written by a male feminist. What you’re seeing here is an attempt by feminists to try and get ahead of the Men’s Rights Movement when it comes to Men’s issues. I’ve been seeing and reading articles like this in increasing numbers. Much like how the Regressive left is using increasingly desperate tactics to censor their opposition on social media. What you’re seeing from Feminism specifically is that they’re using their willing male allies attempting to establish the rapidly incoming narrative from the manosphere. They know that their attempts at intimidation and censorship are starting to fail.

If you think I’m just reaching here I was able to find this little piece on Phillipe Leonard Fradet

Phillipe Leonard Fradet

I’m going to just say it though, nobody and I do mean nobody outside the SJW/Feminist echo chamber is going to buy this.

Although Philippe do tell, what’s it like being so hard up for female approval that you would throw other men under the bus to get it? Masculinity is not a disease that needs to be cured.

A Blue Pill Male Gets It Right and Gets It Very Wrong.

People let me introduce you to someone!

His name is Avtomat and he’s another one of those experts on MGTOW and The Red Pill and isn’t afraid to give an opinion, yet again without asking anyone in either of these communities any questions.

This is the link in question

Why Men Shouldn’t Listen To MGTOW and Red Pill Blindly

Right off the top, I can tell he derived most if not all the content for his opinions from the subreddit sites of these names. Nothing I haven’t seen before there’s one difference between this guy and some other Blue Pill Assholes I’ve seen on here! He actually gets some of it right! Unfortunately, his points get lost because of a few things.

  1. He resorts to insults- Yeah that’s the ticket right there asshole! Yes, sir how will I dissuade people from MGTOW and The Red Pill? Hmmm…THAT’S IT! I’ll insult them right out the gate. Yes sir that’ll make them read on without any bias, yup sure will.  If you had bothered to do even a little asking around you’d know that this approach only hardens opinions rather than making them amiable to what you’re trying to say. I can almost guarantee you that you’ve probably ADDED people to MGTOW by doing this.
  2. He’s another one of those people that assumes that the Red Pill SubReddit is the end all be all for Red Pill! Or even worse he assumes that a guy like Roosh V is Red Pill when Roosh V clearly and emphatically stated that he wasn’t a few years ago.
  3. God Damn does this guy project! I’m actually glad, no sorry let me take that back. Euphorically Happy that I no longer have to subject myself to the opinions or standards of a person like this.

Now let me emphasize here as bad as this guy sounds he can and does get a lot of the issues right. And then he proceeds to disregard all of that and resort to insults. This reminds me David Futrelle a man(gina) of the highest order, whose star quite thankfully is starting to wane. Having gone through his postings this is a man who clearly knows what the issues are, yet clearly and willfully ignores them.


But you know what? As big a stunned ignorant asshole as this guy is he does get some things right.

There are truths in the red pill, and there are truths in MGTOW. But there are a hell of a lot of flat out lies and general BS that you need to wade through as well. Don’t take all this at face value.

Let’s go through a truthful list:

  • Third wave feminism is complete garbage
  • Feminists should be avoided like the plague
  • Biologically, women seek certain men (High “status” or other attributes like money)
  • Marriage is a fantastic deal for women and a shit deal for men
  • You do have to “be a man” to get and keep a woman longterm
  • Women are more openly promiscuous now, you aren’t going to get your unicorn.

MGTOW and Red Pill dudes espouse this stuff like candy.

Which is great, because it is all truthful. Hypergamy, masculine game, red pill marriage tactics all actually work. They are the way men are supposed to be – and the type women like to respond too.

Yes, he does actually get this right, and he’s still an asshole though. Why just read on.

But there is no massive secret plot to turn you into a baby beta cuckold. Some women may try to do that, but you can do this magical thing called “say no”. And magically, you avoided it. Plus, you won’t run into many of those kind of women in the real world anyway.

True enough you don’t. But well if you’d taken the time to actually pull your head out of your ass and did some proper research, you’d have found out that women are symptom of the situation and not the actual problem

The same goes for man-hating women. There are a lot less of them than you realize. They are just vocal on the internet. There are billions of people on this planet, a 1000-person retweet about hating men is nothing. And even then, it could just be a temporary emotional appeal. We all have those: men and women.

Apparently, though that didn’t stop you from projecting this onto all of them though did it?

Additionally, your girlfriend is not going to jump ship on you immediately when a dude rolls up in an Audi and you’re driving a 1997 truck. There are much more complicated things involved here, and a big factor in it is YOU – who YOU pick as your partner.

Yeah, but it happens often enough that only a stunned stupid idiot wouldn’t be taking that in as a possibility. And whether you like it or not it’s this Male disposability is a rather serious issue that men everywhere are dealing with.

But hey I’ll just take your advice and LIFT my way out of the problem.  I want my yoke back and I want it back right fucking now dammit!

NOW! Let’s go to where this stunned idiot got it wrong. Well now all we have to do is read down


  • Red Pill want to bang a lot of chicks, or hold a stable marriage through red pill tactics

  • MGTOW want women to be “better”, but realize they are not and just give up.

Both center around the desire for women.

And pretty much all men, even outside these groups, want a certain type of woman:

  • Low bodycount
  • Attractive
  • In shape
  • Submissive
  • Not overtly career oriented
  • Similar in personality

This is a pretty big laundry list. Also, probably a unicorn. But take a second and think – What do these men offer in return?

Sigh* You know it must literally HURT to be this damn stupid!

Here’s the definition for Red Pill note here moron women are not mentioned in this definition

As for MGTOW well, the idea is to establish self-ownership and that definitely involves freeing yourself from the need to seek approval from women NOT lamenting about them. But well like a lot of idiots I’ve run into lately you can’t pull your head out of your ass long enough to tell the difference between MGTOW and Incel.  You seriously think that I give a flying fuck what I offer in return to a woman? Are you literally that stupid? You didn’t even bother to look beyond the Red Pill SubReddit, did you?

A MGTOW especially one that’s through The Red Pill Rage is beyond that. The Rage process involves a lot of venting and I personally don’t give a rats ass about the opinion of an egotistical blowhard about that venting.


Well, many men nowadays are getting in great physical shape, working their ass off on career to offer a high salary for the woman to have the option (read: not requirement) to stay at home, and struggling to become a leader.

In short, many men are on a great path. MGTOW and red pill theory seek to f*** all that up. MGTOW tells men to ditch all the things that make them better, and to instead go their own way. Red pill theory tells men to avoid doing anything that isn’t going to help them get laid.

Why can’t you do things you want to do and better yourself? Take women out of the picture. This should be for you, and you alone. If it ends up helping with women, great. If it ends up doing the opposite, who cares? Do you. Have fun. Improve yourself. Focus on #1.

But are the guys that preach these movements also on that same path?

Here’s a hint. Go to YouTube and look up videos of popular MGTOW/Red Pillers.

Almost all of them are old, out of shape, and look like they just got back from working the night shift at Walmart.

Hell, most of the videos are shot in shoddy apartments that look disgusting.

Holy crap you DO think that this is all about getting laid, don’t you? It’s not but well you’re likely too busy following your dick around like a Blue Pill Cuck to figure that out.

Are these the men you aspire to follow?

I’ll listen to many of them before I ever consider what you have to say. Definitely won’t be following you that’s for sure.

It presents no question in my mind why these men preach these things – sometimes they work. These guys need them to work to get any women or to convince themselves they don’t care because they offer nothing else. Their lives are not what they want them to be

Seriously, what is it with you and getting laid? Oh yeah, that’s right you’re a cuck! WAY past needing a woman’s approval now and I like my life. I get to call out idiots like you on a regular basis now

You shouldn’t avoid women, or relationships, because some douche who lives in a run down apartment in Detroit said it’s a bad idea online.

You should BE SMART. Do avoid psychopathic chicks. Do avoid feminists. Do avoid anything that could put you in a #MeToo tweet. But don’t become a massive sheep and lose out on a fun part of life from these movements. And don’t spend all your time chasing tail. It’s not that important. Really.

And while we’re at it, learn the difference between negging, playful teasing, and being a dick. It’s fine to give a girl shit sometimes, but there’s no reason to be downright hurtful unless she has done something to you first… then by all mean’s lay the bitch out.

Well if that ‘douche’ has accurate advice like “A woman can destroy your life on a say so” and I have to choose between him and a guy like you who says “You still have one leg go on back into the minefield” Guess who I’m going with. Gonna go with the guy who knows where the mines are. And I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now FUCK YOUR PROJECTING!

Here’s some honest, down to earth, no BS advice for young guys confused on this stuff:

  • Make friends. Male and female. Don’t avoid women unless there’s a potential for a #MeToo problem (IE: Female coworkers – avoid avoid avoid).

  • Don’t be a beta bitch

Hey does continuously calling you a stunned stupid fucktard qualify as beta? Cause if it does I really hope you like getting your ass handed to you by one>

  • Don’t be a dick

Except for you, you can be an epic asshole and insult people all you want. Of course, though I’m doing that to you here. You want like act like a dick then be prepared to treated like one DEAL WITH IT!

  • You can’t make a hoe a housewife (Don’t try to turn club chicks or other slutty women into faithful girlfriends. If you want them for awhile, by all means date them – but keep your emotional distance. They will not be faithful). And for the love of god, don’t marry them.

  • Lift. It’s good for your health too. Plus, it’s discipline. Plus, you’ll feel more masculine. This really has nothing to do with women, but it’ll end up helping literally everything else in your life.

  • Treat the girls you sleep with like humans, not sex dolls. Just like you don’t want to be fucked over, you shouldn’t fuck over others in return.

  • Being “alpha” works, even if it’s just pretend.

  • For dating, know what your values are. Find a woman with similar ones. If your values don’t match, you won’t match.

  • Don’t make a checklist. This is a human. You have failures. So will she. No one is a math formula. Be open to some deviations from your “vision” of what you want. But don’t let that vision go too far off. It’s about finding a medium.

  • There are so many things in life better than sex. Do not focus so much time and energy on that one aspect. So many men do it strictly for self-validation. Find your own inner security and validate yourself that way. Anything else is insecurity.

If you do these things, you’ll be much better suited than if you followed one of the “movements” to a T.

You’ll have more friends, women will actually like you because you’re not just a loser PUA douche in his 30’s, and you’ll also be better suited in life (health, wealth, etc).

And most importantly: you won’t miss out on life by just treating women like sex dolls or by avoiding them all together.

Again moron MGTOW are not really all that interested in getting with women. Did you do any research at all before you wrote this?

There is no need to mentally manipulate women. You don’t need too, real talk. Nor do you need to have the mindset of a fat 54 year old douchebag that works at Walmart and is disgruntled because he can’t get laid by a 20 year old supermodel.

Life is short. We are men. Men take risks. Just take risks with a calculating mindset.

There are certain key things that are good about these movements. They are teaching men what women actually want (read: not what they say they want) and are incentivizing men to be more active and physical in their lives.

But on the flipside, there are downsides to these movements. They are making some young men swear off women all together, losing out on life experiences and growth potential. Or they are turning them into PUA guys whose only hobby is chasing p***y like a complete lifeless loser.

In Summary

Women aren’t your enemy. They want and need you, even if they don’t realize it yet.

It saddens me tremendously to see so many young men being fully convinced on this BS and losing out on life experiences because some fat lame online told them that it’s what they should do.

Don’t let 45 year old virgins on YouTube and false-flag “PUAs” on the internet mess up your mindset.

Be your own man, have fun, get better, and take a few calculated risks. Explore life. I hate the term “YOLO” but it is true, you only get one. Experience it

Wait YOU’RE RIGHT! Yep BEING a Blue Pill NPC Cuck is the life for me, shure as hell is.

Gonna go put my yoke on RIGHT NOW!

And you know all those pesky problems that MGTOW keep talking about

False Accusations, Divorce Rape, Unbalanced Child Custody and Alimony, The Duluth Model, etc.

Thanks to YOU I understand now that all I have to do is LIFT my way out of the problem. Yeah I’ll just ignore all those points I keep hearing in the Manosphere that have proven to be true time and again and start following you! YES you the egotistical, blue pill, NPC stunned stupid blowhard because fuck facts.

How could I have been so wrong FEELING THE BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait that burn you’re feeling right now? It’s a thought, that thought is maybe I should’ve asked few questions before I went and posted up retarded bullshit like this.

Again you want to post an asshole article then expect to be treated accordingly!

Red Pill Nation Hangout #61

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3. Alita movie controversy/Captain Marvel S**tstorm
4. Female MGTOW channels
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6. NCFM wins Government Lawsuit Women Lose Draft Exemption

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Jussie Smollett freed on US$100K bond after charge laid in ‘hoax’ attack
Jussie Smollett freed on US$100K bond after charge laid in ‘hoax’ attack

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