10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship 4. She blames you or tries to pin the blame on you for small things

10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship
4. She blames you or tries to pin the blame on you for small things
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdgTyxj_Zl05000__lightyears_away_by_ed_creations_d8gvhv0-fullviewI originally found this article at A Voice for Men (India). Unfortunately, the article can not be found and the website if by some chance you do happen to find it please send it my way.
This though is my dissertation of this article

Review of My Guesses for 2019


Well, folks!

2019 is now officially history. And naturally, it’s time for me to do a written review of my guesses in 2019! Again let me state that no Metaphysical means are being used with this. My technique was

Look at the facts

Analyze it with what I know

And then take a reasonable guess as to what the most probable outcome was going to be, based on facts that I was aware of.

Of course, you’re going to get things wrong and completely miss some things or even forget to cover something because, well reasons. Despite this, I’ve been hovering around the 75% mark! In ancient times that would get me killed but well these are guesses, not predictions although I have to say though, my guessing is pretty good

So let’s see how I did this year

1. The Year of Blood

Now this one turned out to be more accurate the leader of AFG Frank Magnitz survived an assassination attempt on his life, less than 48 hours I published this article. I really did think it was game on


There were events that took place after this but by no means did anything get as violent as thought it might. There was an overall scaling up of the rhetoric but it didn’t boil over. So while I wasn’t wrong, I certainly didn’t slam this one out of the park

Tentative Yes but only 1/2 a point for this

2. Gains Made by Silicon Valley Lost

It started out kind of slowly on the pushback against the Oligarchs (Including the Payment providers) but it did start. Project Veritas had an absolutely incredible year. Exposing both Google and Pinterest.

Project Veritas Features – Pinterest Insider Speaks Out: “The tech companies can’t fight us all”

It should be duly noted that YouTube censored Project Veritas expose on Google for all the good it did then, namely none at all

Joe Rogan had to bring back Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) for soft balling him in his first interview. Jack Dorsey came, with a Lawyer and the second time it appeared that Jack got the message. Twitter has backed off somewhat, but not completely on its censorship tactics

But wait for it folks it got even better. President-elect himself Donald Trump called for a summit of social media providers. The mainstream media absolutely sperged out over this. Silicon Valley’s time is a ticking

The result is that in certain places they’ve doubled down especially in regards to the recent debacle where you can’t post up Eric Ciaramella’s name on either Facebook or YouTube without getting a guideline strike.

The result is definitely a solid yes here. I really don’t want to be Facebook or Google after the 2020 election if Trump wins! Running total so far is 1.5/2

3. Media Lies and Silicon Valley Shuts You Down Just Because

Rachel Maddow is currently having her feet put to the fire over the Russiagate scandal and that’s just for starters.

Definitely a solid DING here…Running total so far 2.5/3

4. Trouble in Hollywood


End of the year financials came out. Hollywood and its releases LOST money on a per movie basis for the Fourth Year in a row! In any other industry that would be considered a full-blown depression. The scandals within the industry and the attempts made by Hollywood proxies to try and run cover for them (Especially Disney) only made them look worse. It’s not 1989 it’s 2019 and Hollywood no longer has the monopoly on information coming out of it. Something they’ve yet to learn

Solid ding here…3.5/4

5. Feminism Keeps Bleeding Support

It wasn’t as bad as 2018 or 2016 but the combination of The Gillette Super Bowl Commercial, The near-collapse of the Women’s March, The APA Report recommending Masculinity as Toxic and then Feminist Organizations blind enthusiasm to push this narrative despite all evidence and objections, caused them to likely lose even more credibility.  The Manosphere, on the other hand, grew at a massive and almost explosive rate.

You could only call it a good year for Feminism if you compare it to 2018


6. Trouble for Regressive Institutions Period

Feminism – Took hits, nothing like Kavanaugh in 2018 but still bad enough

Academia – Again not as bad as the previous year in terms of serious hits. There were little hits taken everywhere

Hollywood – DAMN it was bad here need I say more

Media – Even worse than what Hollywood had to take in 2019 if such a thing is even possible, ESPECIALLY CNN!

Social Justice Organizations – They didn’t fare too badly but no gains either

Silicon Valley – started feeling the heat, except for Google none of the Oligarchs took a big hit. But there’s no way they can call it a banner year for them. They started fraying at the edges. Regressives getting called out at the e-sports awards was a highlight

Democrats/Liberal/Leftist Parties Not bad in Canada Trudeau managed to hang on (Barely) But not such good news everywhere else, especially in Great Britain and Australia. The Democrats are experiencing a long slow death at the moment.

Environmentalists – The last bastion on the left fell and with a resounding crash. They did well in their first forays. They’ll start finding out what happens when they start minding everyone else’s business next year.

The regressive left has tapped it’s last bastion of easy support now too!

Kind of hard not to gloat here…Ding…5.5/6

7. Merkl, May, Macron, Trudeau one or all of them GONE

Only Teresa May is actually gone! Trudeau was able to hang on, but only in a minority role where he’ll get ousted the moment he makes another mistake. Merkl is still there but just a shadow of her former self. Macron is still around as well but is also reduced in status.

While not as many left as I thought, all of the remaining leaders are either greatly reduced or hanging on by a thread

Disappointing but not a total loss tentative ding and half a point…6/7

8. Key Elections Elsewhere

Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand

Except for New Zealand, all of them swung away from PC Political Globalism, as far as I can tell


9. The California Dream is Dead!

When the left in California starts getting really defensive about its status, something that I’m seeing a lot! You know that things are getting bad! Is the dream dead? Maybe? At best it’s on life support

Ding! But more to be determined 7.5/9

10. Justin Trudeau Cracks Down on Alternative Media

BEFORE the election was over the establishment started going after The Rebel!

Nuff said ding!…8.5/10

11. Star Wars and Captain Marvel Tank.

In the case of BOTH of these movies, there was more than a little suspicious activity going on. Captain Marvel made a profit but not without more than a little bit of suspicious buying of seats. There appears to be more interest in Star Wars but the same pattern emerged.

As it stands though Captain Marvel did well, EXCEPT on their DVD sales which if you had to go by their figures would’ve indicated a 9 figure financial loss. Star Wars is literally limping it’s way to a profit. It underperformed but was by far a better movie than The Last Jedi

Tentative Bonk here, enough shenanigans happened to make people go Hmmm! 8.5/11

12. Award Ceremony Cringe

Alright, this is my guess here! The studios have been looking at their plummeting ratings and have, at least in some places figured out that all the SJW cringe wasn’t helping them at all. This was literally a no miss guess and it still happened. Not as much as had been in previous years though.

Ding not a slam dunk anymore though 9.5/12

13. Veiled and Open Threats against Centrists and Classical Liberals (Leftfugees)

This one was oddly quiet, It did happen, but not on the level or scale anywhere close to what I thought it would. Note here though 2020 is an election year

Wrong on this one just plain wrong Bonk…9.5/13

14. RINO’s Field a Candidate to Challenge Trump in 2020

Another miss for me Donald Trump has managed to clear most of the RINO’s out of the Republican party, at least at the Federal Level


Bonk 9.5/14

15. Democrat Contenders Emerge as well

They did! But nobody except possibly Tulsi Gabbard has any flicker of a chance of beating Donald Trump and she won’t get the bid for 2020.


Ding here in spades 10.5/15

16. The Deplorables Really Start to Organize

See the part about the Social Media Summit. There may well be others coming up to. The Red Man group also started to move. Blexit, TPUSA, Brexit, the PPC everywhere it started to happen. Many of these groups, especially in the Manosphere are very close to political legitimacy before 2024

Ding 11.5/16

17. Some Deplorables Have Arrived

Refer to answer for #16 Nuff said, DING 12.5/17

18. MGTOW Has Also Arrived

Only people in very deep denial cannot miss the fact that MGTOW has on Reddit at least doubled in size almost every year since 2013 and that’s as far back as I can remember. A group that keeps doubling in size every year won’t get ignored for very long especially if its numbers cross certain thresholds which they will in as little as 18 months. 77,000 people joined at a minimum in 2019 if the growth continues at this pace it’ll surpass 300,000 subs by the middle of 2021

Yeah it’s arrived or damn near that point DING!!!!…13.5/18

19. Turning Point Has Arrived

No! Not quite, but came very close to happening.


20. Regressive Sites/Groups/People Start Going Down

CNN really took hits this year and Rachel Maddow is facing heat now for her willful ignorance on her reporting of Russiagate

Ding on this one…14.5/20

The overall score is 14.5 out of 20 or 72.5% lower than last year but pretty consistent

So where was I wrong and why?

Star Wars and Captain Marvel both of these movies have had more than a little suspicious activity around both their ratings and revenue pop up. On paper, though it’s still a profit. Thus I’m wrong on paper

Threats against Centrists and Classical Liberals this one I probably jumped the gun a little 2020 is very likely though.

RINO’s Field a Candidate to Challenge Trump in 2020 Kudos to the Trump Administration for successfully cleaning out the RINO’s or limiting their influence. I thought for sure a never Trumper was going to emerge

Turning Point Has Arrived Again maybe some wishful thinking on my part. The culture bomb is going to go explode at some point. The longer it goes without doing so the worse it’ll be. The fact that it may not go off until after the 2020 election isn’t actually that good an omen at all


There were also a few that did happen but not as steeply or as pronounced as I guessed they might. In virtually all of these cases though the chance of something happening in a more pronounced way in 2020 is very real.

2019 saw the regressives call out the last of their reserves the environmental movement which up until now had remained relatively free of the regressive stink, not only caught the disease but went down bad. Got some really interesting thoughts about Greta Thunberg for 2020 by the way


This though is a review of 2019 not a series of guesses on 2020 that’s the next article. Here’s the conclusion I’ve reached after having had to literally swim in 2019 up to my eyeballs for the last four days! VERY bad year overall for the regressive globalists on almost every front. With the possible exception of Extinction Rebellion none of the traditional facets of the now fully corrupted left made gains. They barely held on to Canada, retook Italy a country that changes governments frequently. The only Western Countries that are solidly in their grasp are New Zealand and France. All the others have coalitions or are have been voted out in grand style AKA Great Britain

Big Winners this year Boris Johnson, Australia, MGTOW, Donald Trump and the Manosphere in general

Big Losers CNN, Woke Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Democrat and Labor Parties respectively

That’s it for 2019 now on to 2020

Red Pill Nation Hangout #80

Tonights Topics
1. Gillette Loses 8 BILLION!!!
2. Trans (Man) Jessica Yaniv sues a business for not shaving his balls
3. Hong Kong Extradition Protests
4. Two shooters/One Day El Paso and Dayton
5. Thor will be a woman/Blade will be Muslim
6. Baltimore is a rat-infested mess
7. Erica Thomas Hate Hoax

A Response to Alpha Male Strategies “Why I’m Against the MGTOW Movement”

This guy is an idiot!
Sorry folks had to say that I lost count of how many times this moron said I have a Mercedes I fuck these bitches 3 times and I dump them on the side of the road. If I didn’t know any better I swear he was just saying that so he could listen to his own voice. There’s so much wrong with this that doing a teardown on him. (Which is coming) will be a distinct pleasure
My response
1. MGTOW isn’t a movement it’s more like a philosophy or lifestyle choice 
2. Pointing out negative aspects of the feminine isn’t whining moron 
3. YOU used to be Red Pill and MGTOW? BULLSHIT! Not even a minute in and you’ve already said more tired crap about MGTOW than I’ve seen feminists do in twenty minutes 
4. Women are about resources well at least we can agree on that one. Oh and pointing that on MGTOW channels doesn’t make you a whiner asshole 
5. Luckily moron since I went MGTOW I no longer have that problem 6. What was that get in shape, get money, get a nice car? Oh yeah, that worked for… Johnny Depp, Tiger Woods, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, David Hasselhof, etc, etc WAIT NO IT DIDN’T! They still got taken to the cleaners in divorces, in fact, Robin Williams likely committed suicide over this so yeah having resources didn’t do SHIT for them. Which by the way is what you’re full of when it comes to this topic 
6. Here’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to keep making videos because men do need to know and I’ll also make sure that assholes like you get called out. That’s what I’ll do whiny enough for you there jackass? 
7. Frown face bald head ” bluster bluster bluster bitches bitches bitches toss em to the side of the road” fuck dude you sound like a broken record 
8. What seriously? Do you think I give one holy flying fuck about your ‘things’?…I don’t 
 9. Just so that we’re clear on this. I don’t take barking orders from an asshole that just keeps talking to hear his own voice. Sure as hell ain’t taking advice from you 
10. At the time you “claimed” (bullshit) you were MGTOW I was there too. I sure don’t remember the biggest names back then whining about women 
 So in all seriousness, you’re full of shit! NO, I don’t secretly want to be an egotistical prick that repeats himself like a broken record and blusters on like an ignorant retard. And as for your claim that you used to be MGTOW. You cannot unknow what you find out at Red Pill and Manosphere sites. You demonstrated ZERO  knowledge of this issue. That more than anything else is why I think you’re full of shit and lying on this issue.

MGTOW’s Roadblock

This is a speculative video. While it seems like some of this is a far fetched. You need to keep in mind that things thought to be outrageous just a few years ago like manspreading are now being enforced by law in some faces.

You need to keep in mind that it has been established that Feminists have gone so far as making an open misandrist like Mona Eltahaway a spokeswoman for them.

Nobody inside the feminist community has publicly spoken out against what she says.