The Red Pill subreddit has been “quarantined”

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Lion of the Blogosphere

The incel subreddit was banned last year, looks like this is the first step here. The Trump administration needs to do something tech companies violating people’s free speech rights.

It finally happened. We’ve been quarantined. It’s a matter of time before we’re entirely removed.

The mods will discuss our next move and report back.

In the mean time, make sure you visit Stony Brook University to find out what real positive masculinity is.

That’s right. The people telling men they shouldn’t be heard or seen are telling us they know what real masculinity is.

You couldn’t prove TRP any more right than the admin are right now.

I don’t expect to be here much longer. Make sure you register on today.

It happened as we approached 300,000 subscribers. Guess what quarantined subs can’t see? Their subscriber count.


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It’s just ASS

Good Read



I can’t really pinpoint exactly when I had this hysterical (objective) view but I remember some few years back when after rolling in the sheets with some girl from school, I went to the bathroom feeling like I’m on top of the world, then I looked in the mirror and everything changed.  A peculiar melancholy swept through my soul, exit it, and took the entire space not occupied by me in that lighted bathroom.  You could put me in the middle of the sun and I’d still feel that darkness.  The sorrow was so thick I could feel it to my bones.  I felt precisely the devil’s laughter, one Schopenhauer alluded to happening after copulation.  I was a bit drunk but very lucid.  “You fool.  You did it again.  Now what?”  I felt the chills right to my marrow.  Now we go back into the world with the febrile purpose…

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HuffPo implies that Bari Weiss and Dave Rubin are “fancy racists”

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Why Evolution Is True

Racism is the mot du jour for Authoritarian Leftists. Do you want to tar someone you don’t like? Just call them a “racist,” even if there’s no evidence they are bigots. No matter if they’re just conservatives or even moderates—”racist” will do in place of “Republican”, “libertarian,” or even “moderate Democrat.”

Read and weep as the HuffPo Control-Left demonizes those who, by and large, are on our side. Yes, Rubin is a libertarian, but Weiss is a classical liberal who has been deemed ideologically impure by idiots like those who run HuffPost. Click the screenshot to read:


The world would not be quite so riven with death and destruction if America’s political elite had better taste in music. Classic rock, for instance, is a fraud. It never existed. Jimmy Page never turned to Robert Plant and said, “Hey, let’s start a classic rock band.” Led Zeppelin did not imagine…

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Red Pill Nation Hangout #37

Red Pill Nation Hangout #37
Tonights Topics
1. Jack Dorsey and Congress Testimony
2. Alex Jones Capital Hill and Twitter Banning
3. Leaving Twitter
4. Brett Kavanaugh Hearing
5. Swedish Election
6. Gender Diversity on Publicly Traded Companies in California
7. Brie Larson Captain Marvel SJW warning signs

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Confirmed: Conservatives get Shadowbanned, Democrats Do not

Twitter Silently Lifts Shadowbans Right Before CEO Is Interviewed Before Senate and House

Twitter CEO: ‘We are not’ discriminating against any political viewpoint

Twitter CEO Forced to Testify About Censoring Conservatives!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifies before U.S. House Committee

Media Giants at the Hill: Judging Day?


‘Don’t touch me’: Marco Rubio and Alex Jones clash

Alex Jones Crashes Free Speech Hearing on Capitol Hill

Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and Infowars

BREAKING: Alex Jones and Infowars Banned From Twitter

Delete Your Twitter Today

Twitter May Not Recover From This

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing in three minutes

Fireworks erupt at beginning of Brett Kavanaugh hearing

Tom Fitton: Questions Asked at Kavanaugh Hearings were “Insane, Corrupt”

Brett Kavanaugh Protesters Caught Being Paid At Hearing?!

Must-See Protest Photos from Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Tom Fitton Reacts to Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed–“Proof that Deep State is REAL”

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration


Who wrote the ‘New York Times’ op-ed?

Swedish general election, 2018,_2018

Swedish election: Main blocs neck and neck as nationalists gain

The Swedish Election Results May Be Catastrophic to The Future of Sweden

Anti-immigration party gain 17.6% of the vote in Swedish election

Sweden Elections: Nationalist Right Surge Forces Political Realignment!!!


Captain Marvel Media Goes Full SJW

Box Office: Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Can Afford To ‘Fail’

Marvel Adopts Divisive Feminist Slogan to Promote Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is everything wrong with SJW Marvel

Sad Step-Mom™/Block Of Wood/CAPTAIN MARVEL Star Brie Larson Fails To “Break The Internet”

California to mandate gender diversity in companies at board level

Prophetic Words from a Political Crook

Re-Blogging this hope that’s not an issue with you

The Tactical Hermit

In 1967 a crooked former Louisiana Governor (Democrat) by the name of Huey Long gave an interview in Playboy Magazine and said the following:

 “Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism. I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.”

Anti-Fascism? You mean like that group ANTIFA?

You mean like the neo-marxist in Silicon Valley that run Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc. who have deemed “Hate Speech” to be anything other than their liberal Point of View?

Who have deemed “Hate Groups” to be anyone who does not agree with their point of view and/or speaks out against them?

You see where this is going?

Liberal Fascism is beginning to rise in America all under the guise of “Anti-Fascism” and I hate to break it to you but it has some serious corporate bankroll behind it.

How much…

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Fired Treasonous FBI Agent Peter Strzok Raised $75,000 This Afternoon on GoFundMe — saboteur365

The photo of creepy adulterer Peter Strzok above is the one being used to raise $150,000 for him on GoFundMe. This photo probably tells us more about his character: GoFundMe Friends Of Special Agent Peter Strzok Other WASHINGTON, DC Peter Strzok, a man who has spent his entire life working to help keep us and […]

via Fired Treasonous FBI Agent Peter Strzok Raised $75,000 This Afternoon on GoFundMe — saboteur365