My First Interview…Let’s Rant #25 — A MGTOW Interview

I just finished a recording where I cover some of the topics that I thought needed some additional coverage in an audio post and that I either felt I didn’t address properly or I missed/didn’t think to mention during this interview

I had to do some meditation on this interview after the fact, and once I post up My Thoughts on The Ranthony Interview, you’ll notice that I mention asking. That asking is me asking a question putting it out to the universe and getting the answer that I got. When I do this, or when anyone does this I always keep in mind that the answer I get is the answer I get. I’ll admit that in many cases the answer I get back via this meditation process isn’t always pleasant. In many cases, it’s like having to take yet another Red Pill. The information gained from such a process has always been enlightening about the issue or me in some form or another.

This is what I came up with



Straight up Angry MGTOW’s content never really appealed to me. That’s not to mean that I disliked or hated the guy, what I mean is that for me personally his content just wasn’t where I’m at in my life. Not only that his presentation and voice made it really hard for me to sit and watch his videos for more than a few minutes.

And then there’s his actual content

Seriously? Blaire White and ShoeOnHead Feminists? That must either be intentional click bait, or Angry MGTOW isn’t in touch with reality. What I also noticed is that anyone, and I do mean anyone that needed proof that all MGTOW were unhinged, Angry MGTOW was the go-to guy. Occasionally you’d see someone try and twist Sandman’s content around, usually that required cherry picking to make it happen.

I was asked what I was going to do about Angry MGTOW. And what was I going to do about Angry MGTOW? After my meditation, I came up with the answer of, Nothing!

Now that may sound unsatisfactory to the critics of MGTOW, allow me to explain. First of all, I’m responsible for myself and my own actions. I don’t subscribe to him, watch him or endorse him in any way. He occasionally, and do mean occasionally comes up with a compelling point, you have to sift through a lot of content to find it. I Haven’t got the time or inclination to do that. So in my case, my conscience is quite clear

Second MGTOW isn’t an organization like The Borg


MGTOW is a collection of men going along on an individual path. Yes, there are factions inside MGTOW, and some are insane some are quite sane. Beyond the principal of anti gynocentrism and a marriage strike there are few things that all MGTOW will agree on. Therefore it’s impractical and almost impossible for me or any other MGTOW on YouTube to do anything beyond saying that they limit their association with Angry MGTOW. Here’s the ultimate crux of the problem even if Angry MGTOW were to go away (Die, Stop making videos, Quit, Disappear, etc. )  There would simply be another guy like Angry MGTOW that would step into his place. So whether you like him or not he’s here! And there is a faction inside MGTOW that his rhetoric appeals to. I personally don’t associate with him, and that’s really all anyone can do.

What can be done? The MGTOW that have been through the Red Pill Rage and come out the other side. There’s a need for us to be there to help the increasing number of men that are taking the Red Pill themselves and help them through the Purple Pill phase as best we can. Some will get stuck in the Red Pill Rage, and there’s very little I or anyone else can do if a man decides to stay there. Setting this up and encouraging this will require fortitude, there are entirely too many men out there that feel that any kind of emotional expression will make him a crybaby and will treat any other man around them that does so in a harsh manner. None the less I think this needs to be done.

The Comparison to Feminism

Answering this one was pretty easy for me.

It got pointed out to me that the structure of MGTOW is very similar to the structure of Feminism. In structure MGTOW, and Feminism looks the same. The answer here is in actions, A herd of Antelope and a herd of Elephants are both herds. These mammals though are two separate species they may both socialize in herds, but they act differently. This is where the argument that MGTOW is like Feminism falls apart. Yes, a herd is a herd, but herds of different animals act and behave differently despite the fact they both herd together. MGTOW actions have in very few even come close to the actions of what Feminists have done. The extreme factions are always mentioned, the extreme though isn’t the norm, unlike Feminism the extreme factions are not the ones dictating the herd.

I will admit that this comparison has caused me to re-evaluate feminism. It’s become even more clear to me now that Feminism not only won’t clean up its house, but they can’t. For them to do so would require a conscious, consistent long-term effort. It would also require the majority of feminism to actively support or jump on board with such an effort for it to work. Given the current situation that feminism is in at the moment, such an effort is very unlikely. What’s more like, and when I mean more I mean 99% likely to happen. Is that feminism will have to self-destruct and then need to rebuild itself from the ashes. By that time the whole concept of the role of women in society and what’s going on with them will probably be very different from what it is now.

This also serves as a warning to MGTOW and also to the MRM! We as a group cannot allow ourselves to fall into the same trap that feminism is now in. It’s critical that manosphere be about healing and rebuilding of men and not about revenge. It’s also clear from this interview that like Feminism both MGTOW and The MRM will likely also reach a period of redundancy in the west, assuming, of course, humanity doesn’t destroy itself.

Wasps and Bees also have a similar structure, and everyone agrees they’re not the same species, same situation here.

Blue Pill Alphas

If you go into the comments section of the Ranthony video, you’ll find a prime example of blue pill alpha. These are men that are doing well according to the selections that they’re aware. These men would be considered winners by societies standards today. They’ve played the game, played it well and in some rare cases are even thriving.

I reblogged this from The Rational Male, and it explains these guys better than I can here. Suffice to say though in the case of the guy I was dealing with he had a major dependence on external versus internal validation.

I’d have to say at this point in time, these men are as big a threat, if not bigger than anything Feminism can throw at MGTOW at the moment. I did another blog recently about how Feminism is clearly starting to hit the ditch. They simply don’t have the resources either financially or culturally at this time to go into a full-on assault against MGTOW. Blue Pill Males and in particular Blue Pill Alphas do though. There is a basis for them doing so too. Imagine you’ve spent most of your life playing the game, fighting to get to the top of the heap, only to discover that not only was it not the top, but there were MGTOW able to ascend those heights that someone like Mr. Blue Pill Male could only dream of WITHOUT the brutal struggle. That’s not to say that the voyage for MGTOW is easy, the end of the process though delivers freedom that no Blue Piller, Not even a President, Prime Minister or King can have. This invalidates their whole struggle, this also explains why MGTOW have a tendency to want to hide their faces. Our process and struggle is very frightening to a blue pill alpha. Someone like the one I dealt with has to insult someone like me because it’s only in invalidating my effort that he can maintain his effort.

This anger and fear will grow as MGTOW continues to get larger and the effects start to have a real effect on the system as a whole. Specifically, in inoculating men against Gynocentrism these men will be compelled to do more than laughing at us and insulting us, THAT will be when the real fight begins. These men have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, MGTOW are once they’ve completed the Red Pill Rage above and beyond that model.

This is where staying under the radar helps. At some point, there will be a face or two put on MGTOW until then though remaining a faceless mist is the best approach to people like this. That doesn’t mean I’m going to lie down and allow some ignorant fuck to step on my toes. I’ve worked hard to get past my personal red pill rage but also to self-actualize and self-validate.

Until then no Blue Pill asshole will tell me what I do with my life.

So in review, I’d say this interview was passable, Sandman does a much better job selling MGTOW than I can. I wasn’t seeking to convert anyone that’s not my style, my style is telling people what MGTOW has done for me. That’s really all that I can do



Lorena Bobbitt Thinks Cutting Off Her Hubby’s Dick Is Still Pretty Damn Funny

Yeah, I get it! It’s election day in fact as I’m writing this, the polls have already opened up on the East Coast in what will likely be one of the most critical elections that the United States has had in nearly half a century. It’s really tragic that both candidates of both parties represent something seriously wrong with the system,cultural or political.


There will be plenty of people writing articles about this day and I’ve already weighed in myself with article myself speculating on the after. I will be writing an article myself later on this week. But today though I’m going to write about an event that occurred way back in 1993. This event echoes loudly today and it’s quite likely that the entire manosphere would look entirely different had this not happened. I’m talking about Lorena Bobbit cutting off John Wayne Bobbit’s penis on June 23,1993!

This event was the alarm call that made more than a few men, myself included wake up. It wasn’t so much that Lorena Bobbitt was found not guilty, although many men found that fact all by itself to be disturbing. What disturbed me more than anything was the video of Feminists openly celebrating the decision and roasting cocktail weinies over the event!

The Bobbitt affair was appalling and reprehensible, and not merely because of the gruesome act of mayhem that defined it. It was all the more despicable because of the unspeakable glee, the unbridled delight, and the inexplicable exultation expressed by feminists and large segments of the female population, who luxuriated in the vile mutilation of some lower class nobody, a man who had difficulty holding onto a job as a manual laborer.  Feminists regarded the event as both a watershed moment in the battle of the sexes and a justifiable assault on maleness itself.  Just as ancient warriors sometimes took the penises of their vanquished enemies as war trophies, what better way of trumpeting victory in the battle of the sexes than to take patriarchy’s quintessential symbol from one of its foot soldiers?

It’s not a coincidence in my opinion that shortly after the verdict and the open celebration by Feminists that Mens Groups worldwide suddenly had their first of many upticks in memberships. Not to put to fine a point on it but I recall that in the Sterling Institute of Relationship there was a huge uptake in men doing the weekend. This however is based on observation and no direct evidence on my part

Information about the Sterling Weekend below. I did the weekend and I took the oath of confidentiality so I can’t tell you what happened. I can tell you it was worth the price I paid and I would do it again.

What many other men found disturbing was the fact that a woman could just cut a man’s penis off and get away with it. At the time it was treated like it was some kind of joke

But what really got my goat and got me to write about this incident was something I found on Facebook while I was posting around my most recent blog when I stumbled on one of my old comments about this issue.

I keep thinking about that verdict and how everyone seems to think it was so funny. The thing that I keep thinking about though is that this event was the triggering of Stage 2

The 8 Stages All Movements Go Through

Like I said after this event I and many others out there were made aware of the situation that men were going through, albeit in just an intellectual kind of way. It wasn’t until Adria Richards got fired that the conditions started to ripen.


It’s not a coincidence that ever since Donglegate happened Feminism has been in a gradual decline.

What is really troublesome though is the fact that people, especially women seem to believe that what Lorena did was laudable and worthy of praise as this article and video shows

Consider this paragraph from that article

Bobbitt, 46, appeared on Steve Harvey, and was greeted by the mostly female audience with a standing ovation and cheers. She then reflected back on the harrowing incident, and where life has brought her today. In 1993, Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife while he slept, and later claimed that it was the result of years of infidelity and abuse.

Now I have to point out that John Wayne Bobbitt was no saint, he was dumb, had more than a few mental issues and was also from all accounts a very inconsiderate lover. That doesn’t excuse what Lorena did nor does it justify her getting a standing ovation years later.


At the same time though the counter movement wouldn’t be where it is now had Lorena been found guilty! In fact I could openly speculate that had this verdict not gone down the way it did two decades ago Radical Feminism would’ve covered a lot more ground than it did. The men that were awakened by what happened in 1993 may be indirectly reponsible for Donald Trump winning today.

Oh the Irony of that, that victory so long ago celebrated by Radical Feminists everywhere including to my knowledge open displays of Misandry. That event laid the foundation for what is rapidly causing it’s demise at the moment.

So here’s to Lorena Bobbit you might think what you did was funny, many women out there consider what you did was pretty funny. But had you not gotten away with it them Feminism wouldn’t be in the trouble it is now.



Men’s Domestic Shelter in Arkansas

Got some great news there’s a new men’s shelter domestic violence shelter going up in Arkansas!

This is on top of the Men’s Shelter that’s going up in Dallas

This is great news for men everywhere! What’s not so great though is that if you go to the comments section of the first article, you’ll note that there are the usual group of feminists there using this as an excuse to take a run at the men’s movement in general.

Now normally the response here should be ‘so what!’. The problem is this though allowing feminists to use this win for men as an excuse to bash men in the comments section isn’t cool. So if you’re looking for to make a small contribution to this fight,  and make sure that Feminists and White Knights don’t grandstand on this.

Don’t believe me just take a look at the “Wonderful” examples that I’ve seen there so far

Domestic Shelter1

First let her know your opinion and at the same time if you can, send this place a donation just to call her bluff

Domestic Shelter2

You can plaster this person with examples of how the MRM has been helping out victims of Domestic Violence that are male.

Domestic Shelter3

You can call this idiots bluff six ways to Wednesday!

I also have to let you all know that Auntie Alias has also arrived and is clucking away. Once again I was going to write on something else, but instead, I have to call for internet activism on an article instead.

We need to have more domestic shelters for men in the west. If you have a man that’s a victim of domestic abuse, there are resources here.

The Original writer for this blog has all sorts of information here


And if you need any instructions on how to engage in an online fight? Well I got a whole series on this one that it still ongoing


Why am I doing this? Because this shelter is for MEN and this article is a victory for MEN everywhere and not a place where Feminists get to go and bash MRA’s and The Greater Men’s Movement in General. A stand can be taken here and should be taken here, it doesn’t matter that there may have been nobody from the MRM involved in it’s creation.

I also wrote a blog earlier this year and wrote this on it

4. An ever increasing number of attacks by feminists on the GMM (Greater Men’s Movement)

You’ll see feminists trying to claim victory on even the smallest issue.

Trying to make even the smallest issue look like it’s a shot against men

Deflecting blame onto anything other than themselves

Or even post up hit pieces with little or no substance to back them up

If you thought you saw some stupid crap out last year? All of the articles posted above came out in just the last month. We’re not even three weeks into the year yet!

One other thing you’ll with these articles. When the articles are posted you’ll also see one of two things also happen with greater regularity. Either the writer of the article will have something in the story in an attempt to deflect, blunt or dismiss the comments. Or the article will go up on a site where you can’t comment or the comments will be heavily censored.

*This is the original source

So you can take a stand here and now! 

  • It should be duly noted that RAW Story has resorted to deleting comments that are too challenging, hence proving the point AGAIN about the lack of integrity of the people we’re dealing with

SK Series 1/29/16 Learning my lesson!


That’s all I can say about the events. This whole soap opera began two Wednesdays ago when I caught myself doing something I hadn’t done in a few years. I was on my way to a coffee shop specifically to see SK! So I had a crush, and I was actively pursuing.

Not unexpected I’ve read and heard several MGTOW talk about how after they became MGTOW and got completely comfortable and OK with that fact that women just started appearing out of the blue. Even though there were in some cases better looking, more qualified men around. Or even in SK’s case, she was already seeing someone else!

It’s not like women have some built in loyalty to their boyfriends either. I have personal experience with this and being the other guy does suck. That fact all by itself should’ve been enough to end any continued association right there. I didn’t end it right there; I kept going to this coffee shop. After all, I had been going to this place long before she was ever working there and I’ve been going there for before for reasons that had nothing at all to do with her. My refusal to live in a box and go so far as some men have done and reduce my interactions with women to nearly zero wasn’t an option for me. While I respect the fact that it might be OK with you, keep in mind that everyone’s life is different.

I had to process this situation and come to a solution. I also had to let people around me know what was going on and get feedback.

The first question that came up was “Is she interested in you?”

Good question because if this had all just been in my head, then I could’ve just decided not to feed that wolf any longer and resume my normal routine. Simply stop feeding the wolf so to speak.TGcEPQr

There were more than a few opportunities to use my old PUA skills to determine if there was interest. I was hoping that this was all in my head. All I can say is that after a couple of days of testing the IOI’s were legitimate and that this was the real deal.

OK, so now I had to move on to the next question. Which was, do I follow up and actively pursue SK or not? The answer to this was blatantly obvious of course not! But not because of some slavish devotion to the principle of MGTOW. I’m a firm believer in the concept and choice for a man to become MGTOW and for that same man to leave MGTOW if he chooses to. I’m also keenly aware of the risks involved in a choice to leave MGTOW. A man choosing not to be MGTOW any longer isn’t any less of a person. But of such a man just blindly goes running back in without taking the lessons he’s learned from his time as MGTOW then that man is truly a fool.


In my case, it was an easy choice to make. I’m spread out pretty thin right now, adding a relationship with a woman that’s already seeing another guy right now isn’t a good idea. That got brought home to me in a big way yesterday when I went back to this coffee shop. Ironically enough I went there in the morning because I knew that SK doesn’t work the day shift, and she wasn’t going to be there. Except this time she was there! I’ve done blogs, personal work and all other sorts of various activities with her in the shop in the past. This time, though I couldn’t focus on what I needed to do.

Luckily for me, there’s a regular AA meeting house two blocks from this coffee shop. So I just said, “Fuck this shit, I’m going to a meeting to deal with this.” Got to the meeting, shared got it off my chest felt a whole lot lighter. And took the lesson of the need to be more inclusive in my life with me, then went to have lunch.

It was while I was eating my lunch that I had the epiphany! Walking away was a solution to the problem of SK, but it wasn’t going to be a permanent solution! It was just more of me kicking the can down the road, which was why I needed to do such an extensive inventory in the first place. So not going back to that coffee shop is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. And I had to also call myself out the fact that I went to that particular coffee shop. There are Seven other places like this one within two blocks of this location. I could’ve gone to them got done what I wanted to get done and then moved on with the rest of my day. In short, I had to own up to my personal actions, and I also had to admit that unless I applied a more permanent solution to this problem, I would repeat it over and over again. I then found it somewhat Ironic that an Athiest would ram his middle finger straight up in the air and scream out “Fuck You!”

It felt a little better after I did that.This is the whole Karmic lessons issue dropped on my lap. I need to learn the lesson that I have an obligation to myself. I’m at a critical point in my life, and SK will not provide any solution to this issue at this time. My feelings about SK were making my life unmanageable

SK will not provide any solution to this issue at this time. I was pretty upset about this because I’m sick and tired of playing this song and dance now. I didn’t enjoy it in my twenties or thirties, and I hate it even more now. I had to do something different this time! But I wasn’t sure what that different thing was going to be.  Not going into the coffee shop wasn’t the permanent solution going in there was also out of the question as well. It was likely only a matter of time before I did something stupid and desperate. Leaving for a while and then coming back would also not be a solution because the feelings would still be there. And this whole issue was taking up space in my head and distracting me from some much more pressing issues in my life.

So I went to another meeting, the topic of that 12 step meeting was step one.

I applied the principles I learned there to the problem while I was still at the meeting.

Step 1- I’m powerless over this issue, and it’s making my life unmanageable.

Step 2- Am I willing to let a higher power restore me to sanity over SK? The big question when it comes to an atheist. What I did here was pop the question “What do I do to restore sanity to this?”

Step 3- Was I willing to let the universe provide me with an answer if I was open to it.

Step 4- Quick inventory what caused the problem, what was my problem in it? What had I done wrong AND what had I done right.

Step 5- Admitted that this was an issue to myself, to the universe and another human being. Which I did during the meeting when I shared on this topic again.

And the solution was to leave the coffee shop for a period until things settle down and stabilize in my life. But not just that I had to clear the air with SK before I made it official. So I headed down there again, hoping that she wasn’t going to be there, but she was.

I pulled her aside first chance I got and said this to her

“I have to leave this place for a while? I like you a lot, but I have to work on myself right now.”

I then turned around and walked out of the coffee shop!

Now was this all in my head? No, it wasn’t

Did I hurt her feelings? Don’t know but I’ll find out

What’s going to be her reaction? I don’t know that either

Does it even matter? No, I lose one coffee shop for a few weeks while I sort things out.

There won’t be any more nonchalant pretending anymore when we see each other again, and we will see each other again. I pass that shop three or four times a day sometimes a bus stop is right in front of the coffee shop too.

What it comes down to though is this. I can’t make the wheels of government move any faster. I can do some things to make my film career move faster, but there’s a factor of luck that plays into it. There was something I could do about this issue, and I did it. It’s only been eleven hours since it happened, so I don’t know what the consequences are, but I’ll live with them.

I didn’t repeat the same mistake over again. I didn’t lie or cheat like Sisko had to in this video, but I can live with this with a clear conscience


The SK Series 1/25/16

I just finished watching a series of videos by a MGTOW named Spetsnaz in the particular video called Psychology of a Fighter

Spetsnaz is my personal favorite among the MGTOW’s on YouTube. What Spetsnaz goes into here is that a trained fighter in fighting arts be it boxing or his martial art style Systema. You have to learn how to take punches and hits and remain calm and poised in the face of getting hit frequently and hard.

How this translates into what I’m currently going through with SK is this. The feelings and thoughts I’m experiencing at this time haven’t been experienced by me in a long time. The experience of dealing with and processing those thoughts and feelings now as opposed to say a decade ago are very revealing indeed. For instance, if my mind is allowed to wander or dwell too long on SK I start harboring very traditional thoughts on relationships and what they mean. I also find myself hoping that maybe, this time, this one will somehow see me for the person that I am and leave the guy she’s currently fucking. Unlike ten or fifteen years ago I’m nowhere near as deluded about the reality anymore.

Tonight again I had to go take a long walk in the winter air to clear my head, and not about SK either. This time, it was because I realized that with rare exceptions every single woman I’ve ever been involved with was seeing someone else at the time. And that one exception she ended up hooking up and having kids with a guy who ended up becoming one of my best friends for a while. And if I ran into him today we would still be friends too.

That pattern simply isn’t a coincidence and while I haven’t had the time yet to process an answer as to why this happens or what my thought process is on this. Mostly because I just took it all for granted until now. More on this as it progresses.

But getting back to the original point of the video here I’m getting all of these insights into my character and thus processing feelings and asking questions about myself that I haven’t posed in over a decade. Big difference between now and then is that I’m Red Pill/MGTOW/MRA now, plus I’ve also been blessed with a run as a PUA as well. Thus, I’m taking hits that I haven’t taken for a while but now with training so instead of simply giving into panic and doing something stupid. This time, I’m processing the feelings and reactions and then I’m acting in a manner that best suits my interest. Not just going down the same path and hoping that it’ll be different this time. Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity by the way.


I can now safely say that I was indeed insane about the relationship area of my life because I did indeed for most of my life do the same thing, over and over again expecting different results. It wasn’t until the very late 90’s that I became Purple Pill and only very recently became full on Red Pill. So I was Magenta for an extended period


I have said that my taking of the Red Pill was a timed release capsule, so this isn’t all that surprising.

So what do I do with this new piece of information? Well, luckily Spetsnaz also made this video which I also happened to look at tonight.

It would be insane for me to assume that SK is going to be different. She may at heart be a decent person although the fact that if I played my game right, I could get in with her suggests that she’s not as moral a person as she presents to the public. I’m not going to harbor any fantasies about SK being the one. Experience shows that is very unlikely and taking a bet and going all in is absolutely out of the question. I do still have needs, though, and I have to address those needs. Yeah, I’m a MGTOW but I’m not a strict male isolationist and even if I did go that way. The people I associate with would still be associating with women. So either way, I’m still subject to some form of judgment by women. I don’t have to be controlled by that opinion or approval.

This was a lesson I learned from my early days in the 12 step program when I was living in Banff and had to live with active addicts. The people I lived with were pretty decent people when they weren’t using. Only the problem was that there were a couple friends of theirs that were just guy that was just plain bad. And because I was working and living with active addicts who associated with this guy I had to accept this person, whether I liked it or not. In hindsight, I should’ve just reported my co-workers to my boss, and the problem of dealing with him would’ve been over. It also would’ve meant my friends would’ve been fired as well, but you live and learn.

Learning skills in dealing with women, even if it’s only on a professional level is essential in my opinion. You might remember ICMI in 2014 if you recall Jeff Sharlet the asshole who wrote that hit piece for GQ?

Well, he had an associate with him and woman named Blair. That woman had an association with someone at that convention. Luckily for Sage Gerard, he didn’t initiate too much contact with Blair. I suspect that someone with less skill might’ve been taken in enough for Jeff Sharlet to try and claim some assault happened.

So even MGTOW require some skill in dealing with women. Do not think for one second that Feminists and their allies won’t try to use this lack of skill against you.

And that’s what these hits have been bringing out in me. A way to process feelings and emotions that otherwise might’ve surfaced at a time when they could’ve got me in trouble. If nothing else happens between SK and me the, lessons learned in the last few days have been invaluable.



The SK series

A continuation of an ongoing event that I talked about in Decisions, Decisions

It’s been a long time since any woman has been able to rent space in my the way SK has been able to do recently. That’s not to say that there haven’t been women that have come around and gone. I can confirm that there have been a few that have been able to come in and rent time and space in my brain. This one is different though when I say that I don’t mean she’s a unicorn female because I honestly have no idea if she is or not.

I do know this she’s able to maintain a good front. This is cause for concern not hope in this case because the women that I grew up with were also able to keep up that happy front, peel away the layers though you saw them for the self-centered, narcissistic people that they are.

If you read the previous blog, I posted up a link to another blog I did where I wrote about how even if you’re MGTOW and intend on staying MGTOW you will still have to take your male biology into consideration at all times. With the advantage of hindsight though I can see what happened pretty easily. I’m in the middle of a period of serious change. Every area in my life is currently under review as to whether it works or is changing because of events in my life at this moment. I’m spread pretty thin and while I’ve been holding up pretty well so far. That is unless you count the screaming expletive deleted rant I did at the University LRT station two ago when I lost my bus pass. A woman like this would’ve been easily dealt with six months ago. In fact, she was being held in check with ease six months ago. But like an event in 2001, she was able to slide in under the radar because I simply wasn’t as vigilant as I normally would’ve been. That event in 2001 ended very badly for me that woman turned out to be 9.5 crazy and should’ve never been allowed to even approach me, much less be tolerated. Unfortunately, she was also damn near a ten on the hot scale.

This one doesn’t appear to be either that crazy or that hot (I’d give her an 8 or 9 on the hotness scale). Bottom line, this time, is that I caught myself heading to where she worked after I was done with my film group last Wednesday. I immediately decided that it would be best to go to the local Starbucks across the street rather than into local coffee shop. And while I was busy meditating away the now screaming monkey in my head that was demanding I head across the street forthwith. I then also had to deal with some strange dude who NEVER stops staring at me whenever I go into that Starbucks at night. I left the store, went home, did some more meditating and asked the question.

“SK is in my head what should I do?”

The MGTOW in me immediately said, “Fuck her, stop going to that coffee shop.” That’s an easy thing to say when you don’t conduct some business there, which I do. I have toned down the number of times I go in there. Not going there isn’t an option at least in the short term.

OK then redefine where I stand with her and what I do. That meant going to meetings and talking to people in my support group and get feedback. I’m currently in the process of doing that, thus far the answer I’m receiving is that I’m stretched out at the moment. Doing anything other than say a quick romp in the sack isn’t a good idea. Knowing this though didn’t prevent SK from renting out a massive space in my head and keep me up all night like it did tonight. I finally had to suck it up put on a jacket and boots and go for a long walk outside to settle myself down.

And you know what? I’m glad I did. During this late night walk in the winter air, I was able to clear my head and get grounded. I was able to get more answers as to why SK has been taking up space in my brain and what it meant in the big picture. I asked myself a couple of questions.

  1. What does SK mean to you at this moment? SEX that’s it! Part of the reason she was able to slide in is because I need a distraction from dealing with some heavy matters at the moment.
  2. What would happen if you got involved with SK? Besides getting laid? Well among other things she has a boyfriend (Yeah no shit girls this hot usually do) I know from personal experience that even women head over heels in love with their man will still sleep with another guy if the situation is right. And she’s not head over heels for the guy she’s with because I’ve seen them together before. There would be a lot of clandestine crap going on, not that I haven’t done that before, but it’s a serious pain in the ass long term and never ends well. At least, it hasn’t for me anyway
  3. Does her approval mean anything to you? That’s a joke right? No in all honesty when I’m able to step back and take a look it doesn’t! Didn’t become MGTOW by accident either. I know all about the psychological play on approval that women use on men.
  4. Will SK’s disapproval change anything? FUCK NO! I’ll have to stop going to ONE whole coffee shop. Granted I like their coffee, and they have good ambience in that place. Other than that though nothing will change. The howling asshole monkey will whine and whimper for a little while. But I’ll get over it pretty easily.

So in effect, my discipline was waxing because of events and what would normally have been a hot (but not super hot) girl was able to get through when she normally wouldn’t have. I’ve got a lot to deal with right now, and the last thing I need is another complication. Yeah, if SK was wearing the right clothes she would cause a multi-vehicular pileup. But I do need to focus on what’s important in my life. Which I ended up telling myself as walked home this morning feeling much lighter.

Not going to say that nothing is going to happen here because it might. But if it does it sure as fuck won’t be a relationship. And it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. SK is currently not renting so much space in my head because I’ve acknowledged the problem here and since I’m not about to turn into a hermit. So maybe there will be some action out of this or maybe not. She isn’t the first woman with a boyfriend that I’ve been with, but I’m not going to rush this. I have no idea what this woman is like and more importantly, I’ve got more personally important issues to deal with at the moment. I also have to forgive myself for not being diligent enough on this matter. Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t have happened

I’ll keep you posted as the lessons continue.

PS: In case anyone asks? Yes the attraction is mutual, there have been enough IOI’s to confirm this (IOI by the way is a PUA term short for Indictor of Interest) I’m giving away my PUA status from 7-8 years ago by saying that




“Why ask for your daily bread when you own the bakery?” 
― Randy Alcorn

After writing my piece on self-improvement it occurred to me that the next legitimate step from there is that of self-sufficiency/self-reliance. Self-sufficiency is defined as the ability to supply one’s own or its own needs without external assistance. In living in a consumerist world, this idea can seem foreign to many individuals, especially young people living in first world countries. However, the benefits of becoming self-reliant far outweigh the drawbacks; one becomes much more valuable, confident and productive in the eyes of oneself and others.

When reliance is placed on external individuals such as parents, a significant other, government and friends, there is never the act of truly making a personally decision. By relying on other people for advancement, you sit at the feet of those who produce or possess the things you require. This poses…

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