Keyboard Warrior addendum…The Fanatic

I’m sitting here tonight getting ready to share the next part of my series and I’m also wondering…what else?

Online activism has been my specialty for the last few months. I win upwards of 95 plus percent of my engagements. In fact in the last year I can count the number of times that I’ve lost on one hand. This has been all well and good but if you go back to some of the earlier blog posts, I made you’ll see that I made the prediction of the hardening position that the opposition to moving men’s issues forward would face as this went on.

If you go back through that blog, you’ll notice that I made a couple of predictions that have already happened. Namely the rise of the Anti-MRM feminist and the decrease of white knights but the escalation in tactics of the ones that remained behind.

Just two-plus years ago it wasn’t unusual at all for me to have to face down 5 or 6 people at the same time. This last year I’ve never had more than two. The thing is though is that that one person will post up more mindless babble and bullshit than those other six would together a few years ago. In that last couple of months, I’ve encountered more of this new white knight than I did in the previous few years before that.

What you have to understand about this type of person is that unlike someone who has just a passing interest in supporting these toxic feminists. This new type of White Knight is what are called fanatics! These men and women are not new, and they’ve existed throughout history in varies guises. Here’s what’s happening the main sources for producing the White Knights is slowly but surely starting to evaporate as the actions of Feminists start to become more public. These BOYS honestly believe that what they’re doing is for the greater good. Being a former White Knight myself, I saw myself a decent person doing something for a group of people that was being oppressed and abused. I knew they were because my mommy and sisters were telling me that this was going on; nobody told me any differently. What was different for me was that that in my family were such large hypocrites that I was able to figure it out. I was also given the time and space to figure it out on my own. What I saw once I had some uncomfortable facts pointed out to me. Loreena Bobbit was getting away with cutting her husband’s penis off and women openly celebrating this fact. Started a line of dominos that led me to where I am now.

Almost all of these white knights have men around them that have been screwed over by women. If they haven’t then, they’ve likely also seen at least once or twice that there are women that truly hate them just because they’re men. My take on this was that these women weren’t the majority and that they would never be driving the bus. The same guy who told me showed me the feminists celebrating what had happened with Loreena Bobbit told me this when I mentioned that same story that these women were not in the majority. Told me to look another time, and that this time, don’t look at the women that were openly misandric look at the ones that associated with them but stayed quiet.  Once I expanded that group, I tested a few of these women. What I encountered was shocking! This group was as bad if not even worse than the open man haters. All of them also had reasons personal or professional for remaining quiet. Once I factored in this group, the percentage of man haters in Feminism went up a lot! I could venture a guess to say it’s somewhere between 30-40% of all feminists. Maybe even the majority in some places. The other part of it from what I saw also had issues with men above and beyond just women’s rights. Suffice to say I ended my association with Feminists at that point. It was also this along with reading ‘Manufacturing Consent’started a cascade that almost took me back to using

Manufacturing Consent

This process is likely very similar to what’s happening with White Knights everywhere. It’s hard to justify defending people that have no intention of respecting you for your efforts. Or worse would throw you under the bus the moment you make a mistake or no longer useful. Just ask Joss Whedon


Also, you have to keep in mind that these guys also get lives. They get jobs, get married or develop a career. They just don’t have time for activism like they used to. Or they just get wiser to what life is actually like, so they drop out. Seeing your best friend getting shafted in divorce or falsely accused will do that.

There is this other faction though the ones that are true believers. They are beyond reason, beyond logic or worse they know but are too proud or have invested too much emotionally into this to back out. And don’t laugh if you come from a family where the mother is narcissistic showing weakness could get you in big trouble. There’s also the whipped manginas doing this for some vague sexual payoff. These are guys that are being willfully ignorant. You’ve encountered some of these before. They’re the ones still supporting the KKK or Neo-Nazis or take the masterminds behind the Paris shootings.

So what you’re seeing here is a slowly shrinking pool of men advocating like White Knights. The ones that remain behind are fanatics.

Along with this you’re starting to see more women coming on to men’s rights sites with the sole intention of trolling. The best example of this type of troll is Big Red


Now this event happened in 2012 and up until about six weeks ago. You rarely saw a White Knight go onto an MRA/MGTOW or Red Pill on Facebook (Don’t know about Tumblr though) and start trolling. In the past month though I’ve encountered more trolls at these sites than I did in the two years before that.

So what’s going on here is this. Feminists and White Knights KNOW that they’re losing. They can’t stay in their echo chambers because those places are no longer getting bigger. They HAVE TO leave the chambers to win and when they do they get creamed because their narrative simply doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

You’re going to see a lot more of this happen in the next few months. You’re also going to see more organized efforts like attempting to create a page around an issue and then attempt to play it off as an MRA site. Like what happened with No Hymen Diamond on Facebook

A page they decided to play off to Huffington Post as an MRA page. Almost all the other places you couldn’t comment on the article

Just giving to all a heads up expect more articles like this in the future.

What to do about this?

So far all of the feminists that have shown up at MRA sites have been trolls. This doesn’t mean that they all fall into that category. First make an attempt to determine if they’re actually a troll. Usually they will be but ask do try avoiding shooting first. I’ve been in the habit of shooting first so far and I realize that staying on a permanent combat footing isn’t always helpful. Ask a couple of questions before you decide to treat her/him like a troll. Once determined you can do one of two things. You can then either have a dialogue (Rarely) or you can go into Warrior mode. The dialogue needs to emphasize the misandry and harassment that Feminists have done in regards to men. Avoid lecturing and pointing fingers at the same time though s/he has by their inactivity in regards to the other feminists in her ranks is partially her fault. Her unwillingness to deal with that faction within feminism is at least partially her problem.

Now for the other idiots NO MERCY


They were stupid enough to go on to a Men’s site. they’ll get treated the same way Men’s Activists get treated on Feminist sites.

There will come a day when we can start hitting Feminist websites. That time isn’t now.


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While jokes are made about prison rape, female on male rape is not even given such an indignity: because oftentimes it’s not considered rape at all.
You can find this in headlines which cover recent occurrences of female-teacher on male-student rape: the terms “had sex”, “had an affair”, or “sexually touched” are used instead of the more apt “raped”, “sexually assaulted” or “molested”.
Look at any comments section of the above type of articles and you’ll find various people saying that the boy was “lucky” for being raped, that he must have enjoyed it, how sexually attractive the teacher is, and how they wished it were them. This is despite the knowledge that child sexual abuse…

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What does the Red Pill mean to me?

Bear with me for a second here please, because I’m about to do something that Feminists do all the time. And quote a dictionary posting about Red Pill the same way that Feminists use the dictionary to refer to Feminism. There are four definitions there, but this is the one that applies best to me

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, The Matrix

‘Red pill’ has become a popular phrase among cyberculture and signifies a free-thinking attitude, and a waking up from a “normal” life of sloth and ignorance. Red pills prefer the truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be.

“I took the red pill.”

My awakening wasn’t just around Feminism it was also around the bigger picture. Namely the government, environment, economy, etc. It DOES NOT mean that the misogyny fairy came down and gave a smack on the head and turned me into a woman hater. It also doesn’t mean that I suddenly started buying into and believing every single conspiracy theory that comes down the pipe. Nor does it mean I share the same opinion with every single other Red Pill person out there. I’ve taken it from both sides here, some have accused me of not being Red Pill enough, others see the title of my blog and simply stop reading right there.

So let me make this simple for you! My version of the Red Pill awakening isn’t going to be the same as everyone else’s. Nor was any other person that has taken the Red Pill had the same realization of everyone else.

My first real awakening came when I did my three changes for the Sterling Institute of Relationship weekend. It was a shocker, and I got mad about how badly I’d been deceived. There had been some other things that had set the foundation for me though. For instance, if you want to learn about how propaganda works “Manufacturing Consent” by Noam Chomsky is an absolute must read. Got a problem with his political leanings that’s your problem, not mine.

Manufacturing Consent

Understanding how propaganda models work and how we’re influenced by them, and by the people around me, THAT was my Red Pill Moment.

Feminism wasn’t even in the picture when this happened to me. The process that made me an MRA/MGTOW wasn’t one big event that caused me to see the light. I read this book did the Sterling Weekend and simply let events play themselves out around me as confirmation. Part of that confirmation was men in the Sterling Fellowship pointing a few things out to me. Specifically about how much Misandry is in the Feminist movement. It wasn’t the open man haters that convinced me. Those women are easy to find, and in an odd way they’re a relief to deal with. You know where you stand with them and how they’ll react to you. No, it wasn’t the open misandrists that changed my mind, it was the orbiters!

Who are these women? These are women that hate men as much if not more than the open Misandrists in the feminist movement. But because of circumstance or mentality either can’t admit or won’t admit nor even come to the realization that they hate men. This group is as large if not larger than the group of open Misandrists in Feminism based on my personal experience. And while they’re not the majority they represent a large enough percentage of Feminism to dictate the direction of Feminism. And it’s also this group and not the open Misandrists that will likely be the eventual downfall of feminism.

The process of taking the Red Pill for me is similar to that a person has to deal with via grieving. This is broken down into five steps; they are

1. Denial

This hit HARD for me! It came a couple of months after a breakup where I hadn’t moved past the anger stage. It was the realization that even a little kid I’d been programmed from day one to be separated from my maleness. The very women that raised me had taught me to be afraid of my own maleness. There had been glimmers that had shone in from time to time. But when the light got turned on and I saw what had happened? Let’s just say I moved on to step 2 pretty fast! Although in my case, my reaction was more similar to the ‘Construct’ scene from the Matrix, as opposed to the actual taking of the red pill.

Other men don’t move past this as quickly as I did. Getting this revealed to you is a major shakeup to a person’s belief system.

In our case though once taken the pill cannot be untaken. It also makes spotting fakes and imposters very easy. You either know this about yourself and the world or you don’t, it’s very hard to fake an experience like this. It does lead to step 2 eventually.

2. Anger

Oh yeah, I spent a while here! I was already angry as fuck over a breakup I had. This anger had burned away a piece of mental and emotional programming. I no longer had the capacity to bury or deny the situation in my mind. This situation extended well beyond just relationships, it was about my life in general. Where I was going, what I had done, what I was going to do if I stayed on this path I was on. Which, to be honest, was going to nowhere but mediocrity and going there fast! There had to be more? I was seeing others doing more and why couldn’t I do the same. This was frustration on top of disappointment, and I was taking it out on anyone and everyone around me. I had to leave the town I was living in at the time because if I stayed someone was going to get hurt, or I was going to get hurt. I needed a new start, and I got one. I got the space and time to process my anger and to start looking for solutions. At this time of my life though I was a very frightening and scary person.

Anger is a very strong emotion, it means that something has violated you physically, mentally or emotionally, and you need to do something about it. It’s also an emotion that when dealt with properly, burns out quickly. And it does need to be dealt with. Unfortunately, some people never get past this step.

3. Bargaining

As much as there was in my life I hadn’t done. I had still managed to do a few things right. I had kept a clean criminal record despite putting myself in some very toxic places and associating with some very toxic people. I had also managed to remain clean and sober through it all too. There had also been some pretty decent moments and happy phases as well. These though were just moments or periods and to become the person I needed to be. I had to confront the remaining demons from my childhood, to realize that I still had more than a little growing up to do. I missed the easy simplicity of what I had before on occasion, mostly because it was all so easy to live there and stay there. Is it any wonder that Cypher wanted back in without the memories?

There are some out there that look at their ‘before time’ with a bit of nostalgia. Oddly enough this a period when many addicts in treatment will go back out. Convincing themselves that it wasn’t that bad only to return and have it get much worse, because this time they know.

4. Depression

I also moved through this part pretty quickly. Yes, I was sorry about what I bought into. I wanted just to be left alone for a while. The people that were around me didn’t allow me to linger in this space for long. They pointed out to me that I was still pretty young (I had just turned 30 at this time) I had more than enough time to turn things around. I was more shocked and dismayed at my ignorance and naivete than anything else. I did as much face-palming around the red pill as when I first got off drugs. In fact had I not already gone through a similar experience via the 12 Step Program I likely wouldn’t have made it through this phase.

It’s easy for a person to feel sorry for themselves here. We’ve been duped, misled, lied to, deceived.In my case it was the people that had also saved me from addiction to boot. We bought into the society around us hook, line and sinker. For most of us it wasn’t even a choice, we were not aware that the option out there even existed. I was for instance MGTOW long before the term even existed I had gone that path without even knowing it was a path! I often wonder how many more like me are out there?

5  Acceptance

I came to the realization that this was what the reality was. I wasn’t perfect, but I’d also made more smart choices than I gave myself credit for. I would term this as the fully awake phase. I became aware of the social dynamics around and began slowly but surely to apply this awareness to the situations and people around me. This process is ongoing and is also a very personal one and for each man on his path this path is going to be different. Not only that but each man that’s taken the Red Pill is at a different stage in their personal journey at all. And every single one of us has a different version of what taking the red pill means to them. NOBODY can define beyond themselves and a very simple definition above what the Red Pill is.

I’m awake, I know, and I’m free to walk my own path and form my opinions. Beyond that well you’ll have to judge for yourself.

So if you’re one of those people that just sees the title of my blog and doesn’t read the blog? Why did you comment then? I can’t and won’t answer for any other person calling themselves a red piller because quite frankly it’s none of my business. If you want to project that other person’s failings on to me though? That’s your problem, not mine.

Please keep this in mind when you see Red Pill next time.