A Review of My Guesses for 2016

It’s the start of the New Year again! That means that it’s time for me to speculate on what might happen in 2017. I was more than a little surprised at how accurate I was for 2015. As I’m writing this, I have no idea how well I did for 2016.

So before I begin for 2017 let’s do a review on how well (or poorly) I did for 2016 this was the blog in question


1. A Politicizing of the gender issue

I have to admit this one was an absolute no-brainer. After all, it was an election year. By July Feminism was openly hemorrhaging badly. Had this election not come along Feminism would likely be a severely wounded and bleeding entity. Not that it wasn’t a terrible year for Feminism anyway


This article doesn’t include Gregory Alan Elliot winning his trial. The Idiotic doubling down by Feminists when Jian Ghomeshi was found innocent. Or how bad Feminists looked when they made blatant attempts to prevent the screening of Cassie Jaye’s documentary on the Men’s Right Movement called Take The Red Pill

Suffice to say I’m gonna count this one as DING!

2. Open calls for arrests and harassment of MRA/MGTOW/Red Pill

I hadn’t even finished the blog when there was an open call for the arrest of Milos Yiannapoulos on a morning talk show

Oddly enough when I wrote this I was thinking it was going to be one of the groups mentioned above, man, was I ever in for a surprise. While it did happen anyway via the open call to disrupt an event that Roosh V was going to put on.


Most of the violence came out either against Milos Yiannapoulos Dangerous Faggot Tour or During Trump Rallies. Men’s Rights and Red Pill ended up fading into the background during the fall

This video doesn’t include Trigglypuff or what happened at DePaul or UC Irvine.

Then we got what happened at Donald Trump political rallies

Gonna give myself a tentative ding on this one. It did happen but not to the people I thought it was going to.

3. Gregory Alan Elliot not guilty

HUGE ding on this one, again not a surprise here. I also have aired an opinion that a group within Twitter may in all likelihood were going to try and use a guilty verdict to come down hard on people like us. What they ended up doing is burning themselves out early with little to no real impact



4. An ever increasing number of attacks by feminists on the GMM (Greater Men’s Movement)

They came out breathing fire at the start of 2016, especially on Twitter. I’m going to bring up a quote from that blog I wrote there

I see feminists becoming very quiet after that. After all, this was their only remaining shot at taking back the initiative they lost back in 2013. When they do come out of the castle again, it’ll get a whole lot nastier. Even more, than it is at the moment.

All that effort and all they managed to do were shut down a couple of pages on Facebook, Halt an Event done by Roosh V and stop a few screenings of Cassie Jaye’s movie. A very pitiful payout for what may have been an outright conspiracy.

Other than the harassment of Cassie Jaye’s movie after July it got pretty quiet it happened enough though that once again DING!

5. Feminism drops the ball on an issue, possibly even more than once

They didn’t even get out of the first day without dropping the ball huge! Look no further than Cologne on New Years Day!

In fact, there were so many of them that when Age of Shitlords did their article, even they had to omit some things


What the hell can I say here? DING!

6. The Beast that is MGTOW starts to emerge in full force. 

Became official sometime in the late summer or early fall when MGTOW.com first surpassed A Voice for Men and then blew past We Hunted the Mammoth just a few weeks later.


Yes folks MGTOW is here and is likely here for good unless the rules around a few things change drastically, specifically around marriage.

DING! Six for Six so far!

7. Women start taking the Red Pill!

This one was little bit riskier there are already some women that have swallowed the Red Pill, take this woman for instance


But it wasn’t until September that I started noticing a trend. It started one night at work when I listened to a video from Story Time With Doge

I went in and did some digging on YouTube what I found was an eye opener! I looked up “Not a Feminist” or “I’m an Anti-Feminist” this is what I came up with

45 of the 53 videos on this list are in the last two years. THIRTY SEVEN of them are in 2016. If that’s not solid proof that Feminists are losing their ability to dictate what women say then nothing else will

I will be doing a blog and/or a video on this topic soon because it deserves it’s own mention all by itself.

Another DING!

8. Threats and Arrests of Men’s Activists

I covered this in number 2, So I may have repeated myself this one though was aimed directly at MRA’s. The activity shifted over to the Dangerous Faggot Tour and Donald Trump and not MRA’s. Therefore I have to give this guess a good solid BUMP!

Roosh V doesn’t count because he’s not an MRA

Damn can’t win them all now, can I?

9. Convention in London this June MUST happen!  

It did happen, and it went off with just one hitch the AVFM page on Facebook was taken down.


Other than this one small hitch ICMI 16 went off quietly without so much as a whimper from any Feminist. Why this happened, and why it went down so quietly as opposed to what happened in Michigan in 2014 can be speculated on somewhere else.

Gonna give myself a solid DING on this one!

10. Another Men’s Rights Group Emerges.

Didn’t happen! What did happen though was MGTOW got a whole lot bigger than it was a year ago. There was also a slow and gradual turning away from Feminism and Regressives in General as things like the Dangerous Faggot Tour and The Donald Trump presidential campaign diverted the attention away from the MRM.


11. Other media sites start becoming sympathetic to men’s issues.

Not as much I thought! When Cassie Jaye’s movie came out, and the censorship bandwagon started up the publicity became better. Otherwise, I didn’t see much change at all. What I did see was an increase in the rhetoric and lying from the other side.

Very tentatively gonna give myself a ding here and a bow of the head to Cassie Jaye


12. Dissention inside feminism.

I didn’t personally see anything. A quick google search turned up nothing as well. I suspect that this might’ve happened because of the need for Feminists to unite against Donald Trump. They were not nearly so focused on the Manosphere this year.

BONK! I underestimated the amount of bile and desperation within Feminism and The Regressive crowd in general.

13. Casualties inside the GMM

I didn’t see anyone walk away and quit! So casualties didn’t happen. Some people shifted their focus or expanded their activities to fighting regressives as opposed to simply staying inside the Manosphere. I have become much more vocal about being MGTOW.

Bonk here! But this is because of a shift in priorities inside society not because anyone got tired and quit.

14. Divorce, Child Custody, and Alimony issue grind slowly back in men’s favor

January 2nd is far too early to see any stats on 2016 anywhere. From what I saw though the trend does appear to be grinding it’s way to a more balanced system. Grind being the main word here because them wheels are moving damn slow.


10 of 14 were right in one form or another! Not bad when you consider that I’m in no way a psychic, mathematician, remote viewer or any way a practitioner of any kind of future prediction methods, be they scientific or esoteric.

I’m clearly guilty of underestimating Donald Trump not so much because I didn’t think he would win because I always thought that it was possible. What I didn’t see was the profound cultural impact his campaign and election, would have here in North America. In fact, last night while I was writing this I had to listen to one future predictor rant on against Donald Trump constantly as opposed to giving predictions.

2016 was indeed ‘Game the Fuck On’ so to speak. I see what happened with the 2016 Presidential Election especially after Donald Trump won as acts of Desperation. Especially the riots in various places after he won. Those riots were in my opinion about as ‘spontaneous’ as the sun rising in the morning.

On a personal level 2016 was the most difficult and trying year I’ve had as an adult apparantly I wasn’t the only one who had this happen to them though. What will happen in 2017? Well that’s another blog for later this week, so keep watching


Jian Ghomeshi you were a pet!

Well now! Congratulations Jian on getting out of the charges laid against you. I can imagine that all the unwarranted hate and vitriol sent your way were hard to take. I mean, after all, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain what happened to you. Three women got together and planned with what appears to be malice to destroy you and your career. And you know what for all intents and purposes they have!

Got to ask this Jian. How did all that pandering and ass-kissing work for you?

Not well? That’s not a surprise Jian after all if you’d pulled your head out of your ass, and bothered to fact check on some of those feminists you interviewed on your show you probably wouldn’t have been so inclined to softball them you fucking idiot

SOMEONE must’ve warned you about them, Jian. What the hell were you thinking when you got the message. Did you laugh it off, or maybe in your case you just arrogantly dismissed it as the rambling of a CIS White Male afraid of losing his privilege? Or maybe you’re so stupid as to think your lifestyle wasn’t going to catch up with you? Karma catches up to everyone Jian! And I know you know what that is because if I’m not wrong it’s originally an Indian concept?

Many people in the manosphere had to tolerate your pandering attitude towards the Feminists you had on your show. You know what you are Jian, do you really honestly know what they call men like you in the community? You’re what’s known as a MANGINA

Here’s the definition for you

A Mangina is a self-depreciating man who subconsciously hates himself and blindly believes women are superior to him. He has been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong – perhaps even a genetic/evolutionary/social flaw – and must be corrected by embracing his “feminine side” to the point of losing the very qualities that make him male. He believes women are beautiful, innocent angels and men are filthy animals who need to be controlled.

Manginas see women as the ultimate being and place them on a pedestal, focusing only on sex or the satisfaction of women all the while not giving a damn about his fellow man. Chivalry and being illogical are two traits of being a mangina.

Manginas support women’s issues which are against his fellow men. Someone who espouses feminism but is really being suckered into a form of chivalry in which women’s interests take precedence over men’s. Unaware that they are merely “useful idiots”, doing what women want in the vain/hope of getting laid. When his usefulness is over she tosses him out with the rest of the rubbish.

Manginas are betrayers and enemies of men

1. A women-firster.
2. A pussy-worshipper.
3. A male who behaves or acts toward men in an overly aggressive way once feminist Maxims are questioned.
4. One who believes violence against women is more wide spread than violence against men.

Dude, did you hear that John is helping Mary get custody of her children from her ex? He knows she’s the worst mother on the planet but he’s still going to help her.

Yea dude, I heard. John is SUCH a mangina! He’ll do anything to look good in front of women.

You know what Manginas are to Feminists there Jian? They’re PETS!
Yeah dude, that’s you, a pet something to be stroked, soothed and maybe given some affection but as soon as it becomes difficult it’s put to sleep or thrown away for something newer and shinier. You got tossed from the house the moment you became unfashionable
Sucks to be you right now man, really it does! But you want to know what though I have not a whit of sympathy for you! Legally you did nothing wrong, morally you’re one of the most despicable people I know and it wouldn’t bother me at all if I ever heard your name ever again in broadcasting. You MIGHT’VE been able to get some help from the MRM but you were such an arrogant prick that you pissed off the very people that might’ve been able to help you out. Much like they did with Gregory Allan Elliot. And you know what I’m not the only one that feels this way. 
That’s Karen Straughn and John the Other! Both of them could have you sit on a bag of dicks for they care. 
Yeah, dude, you’re screwed they killed your career and if they have their way will be trying very soon to make sure that even defending yourself is going against the law if certain people have it their way.  That’s now going to be your legacy now!

Bringing up Godwins Law

For anyone involved in the Manosphere regardless of which group they belong to the word, Feminazi is almost always mentioned in regards to one activity or another done by Feminists these days. In using this word we automatically invoke Godwin’s Law!


Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Nazi analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1[2][3]that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism

When discussing Feminists or SJW’s  (This includes Radical Vegans, Aggros, BLM and a few more)  this law cannot be avoided. The actions of the two groups cannot be discussed without comparing their activities to the Nazis or Fascists. These groups rely heavily on the people that follow them not fact checking.  They also will resort to whatever means possible to silence their opposition. In the case of the Nazis, this meant control of the media apparatus in the 30’s such as it was. (Radio, Newspapers, Films and Books). Television arrived after World War II and in the 60’s the establishments inability to grasp the impact this medium caused a major social upheaval. An upheaval that I was around and alive to see, albeit as it was winding down.

So what are the key differences between what happened in the 30’s in Germany and what’s happening now? The biggest single reason has to be the internet.


Had the internet existed back in 30’s it’s highly unlikely that the Nazi’s would’ve been able to hold on to or stay in power. Simply put too many people would know what they were doing and attempting to censor the actions would’ve ended in abject failure or at best would’ve delayed response time. Had the internet not come into existence we would likely already be staring down the barrel of some fuzzy form of corporate fascism. A totalitarian state that would likely be covered by a mask that’s currently being represented by Feminists and SJW’s.


Sargon of Akkad also did a video where he described how this society would look for most men

If you follow my blog at all you know that I predicted (guessed) that as the tide began to turn against feminists and that moves to silence the opposition would get more blatant. I didn’t count on or expect the doubling down on the rhetoric. Which goes to show how much I don’t know.

I also wrote a blog a few months back about how as the level of desperation increased you were going to see tactics like this, so forgive me for using myself as a reference here


We’re only in February so far and thus far we’ve had the opposition go out and deliver a cheap shot the Men’s Movement FOUR DAYS before Christmas and then the SJW’s used the Star Wars premiere to take a shot at Gamergate DURING the holidays.

But what really flicked the switch was when Twitter started shutting down or in some cases decertifying certain celebrities like Milo Yannapoulos and Daniel Baldwin


Adam Baldwin

Or when Milo Yannapoulos got his account decertified

* for some odd reason I’ve been calling him MILOS and didn’t notice until now. 




This is the part where I put on my speculative hat. All of this more or less applies to Twitter at the moment as they’ve been the ones most actively pursuing this issue. That doesn’t mean that the other social media sites can’t or won’t follow suit in this.

We had and still have all of the above going on right around the time that the Gregory Alan Elliot verdict was about to be delivered. In fact, most of this stuff started within a couple of weeks of this verdict. Fortunately, for all involved the verdict came back as not guilty



We also had the formation of the “Trust and Safety Council” shortly after this verdict was rendered.

But that is not all, not by a longshot. We also had the almost spontaneous attack done on Roosh V earlier in February as well. Regardless of how you feel about Roosh V when you look a little closer at what was happening in the background around this there’s very little doubt that someone or a group of people organized this backlash and there was nothing spontaneous about it.

Roosh V analytics

Thus on the heels of what was probably the hardest shot that feminism had taken. The Regressives* were able to swing their first victory in months. This victory though was more of a tactical retreat by Roosh in the face of sudden and overwhelming opposition.

*Regressives is likely the term I’ll be using to describe this group from now on I like the term and it fits and isn’t nearly as wordy and Feminist/SJW


So this is the scenario that I think might’ve been happening. I have to point out that while I’m not big on conspiracy theories there are a hell of a lot of coincidences that can lead someone to believe that there was a conspiracy afoot here. Draw your own conclusions though.

What some person or persons at Twitter and possibly some other social media sites were doing here were pre-empting the Gregory Alan Elliot verdict. Twitter was in effect going to use the verdict as a reason to openly crack down on what’s rapidly becoming a very large and loud group of opponents to a Cultural Marxist Agenda*. How best to do this you ask? Well a guilty verdict in the Gregory Alan Elliot case would’ve provided all the justification they needed to start a ‘Trust and Safety Council’


*Oops sorry I said I wasn’t going to get all conspiratorial but like I’ve already said DAMN there are a lot of coincidences 

Then you the ‘spontaneous’ reaction against Roosh V. Had Gregory Alan Elliot been judged guilty the Regressives this group could’ve then used this as leverage to not only openly harass Roosh V and his supporters but also potentially to put some of them in jail for pretty much the same reason that Gregory would’ve been in jail at that time. I’m a not huge fan of Roosh V by a long shot but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck.

So in effect, the plan with Gregory Alan Elliot verdict was to use the guilty verdict to crack down on the opposition in a more open and blatant matter. Had the verdict gone against Gregory Alan Elliot we would now be on the other end of an organized counterattack. This would’ve also affected the Men’s Convention in London this June.


Now am I being crazy? Well just for the record there’s a case of a politician organizing a unilateral action in case a decision went his way. I was living in the country it happened in. Those of you who were around for the 1995 Quebec Referendum will remember this quite well


In this referendum, which the separatists almost won. Lucien Bouchard had taken steps to just unilaterally leave Canada after the vote.


This is where we get back to the Nazis which is where we got started. Almost everyone is familiar with the Reichstag Fire and The Reichstag Fire Decree



Reichstag fire
The burning of the Reichstag 1933. Germany / Mono Print

The Nazi’s used the fire to pass a decree against certain parties in the government that were opposing them.

So the question now is how many coincidences do there have to be before you start dismissing coincidence in regards to what Twitter was doing and is still doing, versus what the Nazis did during the thirties?

Not convinced yet here’s yet another video from Sargon of Akkad on this matter.


Going to say this as bluntly as I can here folks, We dodged a bullet here! Bringing up Godwins Law in this situation is entirely justified.



One guy guessing out loud (A review)

On March 20 I put this out.


It was a completely speculative piece where I made some educated guesses as to what would happen in 2015. Now I put myself under the lens and see how well I did. I made 21 guesses, some of them were pretty good some of them were wrong. Others were sorta right or took a turn that I didn’t anticipate. But let’s take a look at them and how well I performed

1.Metalgate will go nowhere! 

Planted this one! This really isn’t a surprise SJW’s had been doing well mostly because people couldn’t see them coming. By the time they got to Metalheads that discretionary cover had been blown away. Metalheads were manning the watchtowers and what few moves were made failed miserably. Given what happened with the three conventions last spring (Calgary Expo, RavenCon and DenverCon), their legitimacy and power are simply not there anymore.

2.Anita Sarkeesian steps out of the tower and…


2a. The next move by anti-GamerGate will also fail

The Nightline piece was the beginning of the end for her and Jonathan MacIntosh! They were unable to control the dialogue even with people actively trying to censor opposing opinions; mine included

Despite this though the Nightline story simply got crushed under the weight of numbers.


Not only was her first major mistake it was the only time she would go public until her appearance at the UN. Which by the time it happened was the equivalent of a hail mary pass that didn’t get caught.

Going to give me a thumbs up on this one, having both of these guesses tie together so nicely like they did was a stroke of luck on my part.

3.An Increase in the number, but not the quality, of hit pieces directed at the MRM

After the absolute fiasco that started off the year. Feminists and SJW’s laid low for the spring and first part of the summer. But when they came back they came back and screwed up HUGE. Not only did they screw up huge but they came dangerously close to turning RooshV into a martyr.


There was a steady and slow meltdown from that point. VICE, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post lead the way as out and out hit pieces on MGTOW were published. Huffington Post and a few other places did everything in their power to try and prove a Facebook group called No Hymen no Diamond was an MRA site. All the way to the point where on December 21 VICE and GQ Britain dropped all pretense of fairness and just published blatant hate pieces.

I think I can say I guessed right about this one

4. The rise of the Anti-MRA Feminist

I didn’t see this as much as I thought I would but it was there. There are signs that Feminists are starting to organize. The articles by GQ Britain and VICE, for instance, may have been coincidental. If they are then, I’d say that was one hell of a coincidence.

5. The parallel rise of the bargaining feminist.

Earlier in the year, Natasha Devon and The Femthiest! of all people came out with moderate articles. Natasha Devon would lose her credibility with an article later in the year, and The Femtheist appears to have gone very quiet on the whole issue.



However, late in 2015 Skeptic Feminist would appear. I will admit from what I’ve seen so far they appear to have more critical thinking skills in five minutes than Steve Shives uses in five months. They appear to be the start of the bargainers, feminists that would rather discuss solutions than fight.

The jury is still out on this bunch with me.  They are doing better than He for She did though

Going to say that I guessed right on this one

6. Feminism starts calling on allies

Didn’t see as much of this as I thought I might! Mostly because the backlash after the August debacles was much stronger, more intense and sooner than expected.

Missed on this one not as much as I thought but it’s still a miss

7. The official arrival of MGTOW as an independent movement.

DING! I can pretty much say I nailed this one on the head. At one point this year several MGTOW even went as far as dogpiling Paul Elam. Sandman at one point also either had one of his comments taken out of context or said something on purpose. MGTOW showed that it was just as capable of breaking down into various factions. On the other hand, it also became a stand alone and not tied in with MRA. The axiom I think that fits are not all MGTOW are MRA, and not all MRA are MGTOW. Try telling that to the idiots at VICE, though. My online fight there with one individual was so prolonged that I had other people openly calling on me to walk away. Which I was considering. Luckily for me the guy I was dealing with quit before I did.

Bottom line here that VICE article and the fact that Wikipedia recognized MGTOW as separate from the MRM are clear signs that it’s arrived. MGTOW also got to put the exclamation point, on the whole, gender issue this year.

8. The Politicizing of the larger men’s movement.

Not as much as I thought. There were the usual suspects that were calling for conservative men’s movement. And there was some pointless grandstanding on the gay marriage issue. But overall this didn’t happen as much as I thought it might. Which is good because if there’s an issue that could grind the greater men’s movement to a crawl at this point, it would be to get caught up in the whole Liberal/Conservative spin wheel.

9. A growing change in trends

Haven’t seen the stats although articles I’ve read (But cannot find at this moment) suggest that on issues like child custody, alimony, domestic abuse, etc. Things are starting to balance out. One very specific example that happened this year was when Halle Berry for the Nth time tried to play the abuse card on her husband and instead of just taking it they hit back


Not surprisingly Halle went very quiet after this happened

10. More false allegations will be exposed

This is a miss! Yes, there was Emma Sulkowicz and her mattress girl drama. But beyond that, there wasn’t a smoking gun false allegation this year. However, this ties into the next issue.

10a. Title IX Lawsuits the cows come home

Paul Nungaser did launch a lawsuit against Columbia for good reason. There was no back-breaking event on campus when it came to men’s issues. There was such an event with Black Lives Matter movement at several universities. How much of a spillover effect it has on the gender issue remains to be seen.

11. Increasing numbers of public people coming out as not feminist

Meryl Streep was front and center in this. Ironically she was also the star of the movie Suffragette. I wouldn’t call this guess an out and out slam out of the ballpark. More like a single or double.

12. Some public person will get attacked by Feminists and still stand

Five days ago I would’ve started yelling “Bill fucking Cosby!” but he got arrested and charged before the year was over. James Deen also got accusations thrown his way. This, of course, resulted in several other women in the industry dog-piling him. Which if you’re familiar with how accusations like this work isn’t at all surprising.

Now, I’m going to reserve judgement on both of these men. But I will point out though that in regards to James Deen and his accuser. To my knowledge, you don’t usually allow your rapist to go and do a scene on your website FIVE WEEKS after the alleged event took place.

While there wasn’t a person that survived the assault Protein World took a massive barrage as well and it did survive the assault despite the bomb threat sent to it


Protein world didn’t cave though instead they put up a massive sign in New York. Now if that’s not a massive fuck you to feminists I don’t know what would be. A person didn’t survive but a company did.


13. For the first time, a Feminist Figure will get into serious trouble

Didn’t happen so I missed on this one. That’s not to say that Feminists didn’t engage in rampant levels of stupidity this year.


This list doesn’t include the battle of Montreal, Expogate or Jessica Valenti’s failed attempt at keeping a video of her bombing out at a debate from going public.



No one feminist went down in flames Feminism itself did a great job of shooting itself in the foot this year. One thing I haven’t seen this year and it does stand out for me. We don’t have anyone trying to say that 2015 was a great year for feminism

14. Houston, we have a problem!

Yep, we have a problem alright! ICMI didn’t happen this year. In 2014 ICMI was the biggest single win for the men’s movement. ICMI in 2014 endured everything that Roosh V had to deal with in Montreal in 2015 plus more and still went ahead. They’re not having an event in 2015 was understandable. Cancelling the event in Houston though, means that the event this year in London must be held.



15. An organized Anti MRM men’s movement

We can start with that other men’s convention in New Jersey earlier this year. That was a start as 2015 progressed I began to see more feminists and white knights coming on to men’s sites and flaming. I also saw what looked like a group of feminists putting together a site on Facebook then trying to pass it off as an MRA site. There was also the very coincidental timing of two blatant hate pieces put out by Vice and GQ on December 21. The timing of these two pieces might be coincidental, but if it is?  It’s one hell of a coincidence.

Another factor that both these idiots did though they played their hand a little too early. We have the entire holidays to spread the warning around about this.

16. Fewer but more dangerous White Knights

I had one engagement with a White Knight on one comment section where I had to tell the guy NINETY THREE TIMES! That Elliot Rodger wasn’t in any way connected to men’s rights or MGTOW. There was another guy on the recent GQ article that simply kept lying and posting up cherry-picked studies and was told by me SEVEN times that getting the last word in doesn’t mean you win by default! Did he listen? Nope, what he did do though was change his name so his failures and contradictions were harder to find. So the more dangerous is clearly true at least in my experience.

As for there being fewer of them? Had the year ended in September I would’ve absolutely said yes! After August though and the reality of the situation began to sink in with Feminists. White Knights the started crawling out of the woodwork again.

So now we have more White Knights and more dangerous ones as well.

Tentatively this guess was right, I didn’t anticipate that the backlash would come as fast as it did. I certainly didn’t see the cheap shots coming just before Christmas.

17. Active talk about Female conscription

Yes, there was plenty of talk about this.

18. A spreading out and division inside Feminist Ranks

Up until 2013 Feminists had to deal with a couple of annoying little gadflies in the form of the MRM and Sad Puppies.

Now though, you can add Gamergate, MGTOW and Rabid Puppies to the mix. If you also factor in plummeting support and a growing awareness of Feminism and Social Justice are in their current forms. You have a recipe for someone doing something desperately stupid

19. Feminism in trouble

Not as much as you might think. One thing that is gone from the Feminist movement is the arrogant swagger that they were showing at the end of 2014. The meltdown started in the spring, cooled off and then once August came around heated up big time. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that after August the tactics of Feminists and SJW’s became more aggressive, blatant and desperate.

So I sort of got this one right. But not as much as I thought.

Not bad got a dozen or so right and few others were partially right. I also got three or four wrong plus another half dozen where I was sort of wrong and sort of right.

The Greater Men’s Movement isn’t above having issues of its own to deal with as well. AVfM, for instance, has seen support for its site plummet since September to the point where it gets fewer hits than We Hunted the Mammoth.

Great year for the Men all around. That being said though other than Roosh V and his win at Montreal there were very few out and out wins. Long term relying on Feminists and SJW’s to self-destruct isn’t going to work.


2015 The year in review

I started this blog less than a year ago. It’s surprising to me how much this blog has grown in that time. I didn’t know as much as thought I did about writing when I started. Having come from a film background where scripts don’t have to follow the same rules about grammar that a place like this does. I had been sitting on doing this for quite a while, what it came down to for me was this.  If I had simply left my activism to just engaging with idiots at randomly posted hit pieces and articles online. My impact for the Men’s Movement is maybe a couple of thousand people tops. Writing a blog and then promoting it would reach far more people than any kind of keyboard warrior activities I could do.

That’s not to say that being a Keyboard Warrior isn’t effective. It’s effective especially when knowing how to do it and organizing it into a large mass does have an effect. And if you think it doesn’t then you need only look at events like shirtgate to see how wrong you are.


Hence, the reason I have been writing and will continue to write the Keyboard Warrior series.

My first post was one that I already posted up at Facebook in the past. I didn’t edit it much, just copied and pasted the action points here and left it. Nobody saw it, and I didn’t notice or care at that point. What it took was an obscure event on a February night that reminded me that I cannot allow other people’s disapproval or opinions dissuade me from going ahead with this


As soon as I was done I decided to write about Anita Sarkeesians Nightline debacle! The Nightline episode was the beginning of the end for Anita Sarkeesian and her cronies. Unlike Colbert where they blocked the comments but not the ratings. This time, comments were allowed and the ratings? At the time, the ratio was 34:1 dislike to likes. Last time I checked (A few minutes ago)  it was 32.5:1, And this was done in spite of active censoring of the comments by ABC news at the start.

What remaining credibility they had was wiped out when Expogate, RavenCon, and DenverCon happened a couple of months later. Gamergate had for all intents and purposes won at that point. Yes, there was that hail mary attempt by Anita at the UN that quickly fizzled. At this point all Gamergaters had to do was serve as a watchdog. The Anti-GG crowd did a great job of defeating themselves. Not convinced just go back and read my last post.

I just kept posting up I initially limited myself to just Facebook but started branching out I also started discovering other people’s work on WordPress and was especially impressed with one blog that I’ve been happily sharing and promoting and will continue to do so. If you haven’t gone by and looked at her stuff, it’s quite valuable


I got very busy in August and again in December and didn’t post up as much as would’ve liked. I suspect that there will be periods like this in 2016 as well. What I hope to do though is share other people’s work at this blog too. So not everything I share or spread around will be mine.

So now with 2015 let’s take a look at my most popular blogs

  1. Why I am no longer a Feminist (A story by Christine Damon) 3524 views


This one was done on pure instinct Christine Damon posted this up at a Facebook group, and I followed my gut hunch and asked her if I could share her story on my blog! I wasn’t the only one with that feel for the story AVfM also ran the story after I’d posted it up at my blog.


2. Anita Sarkeesian makes her big mistake 2837 views

This was the second blog I ever wrote it didn’t get much traffic at first, but it has been consistently in my top 5 for views every week since it came out. I’ve already commented on this blog previously. It’s not a coincidence in my opinion that Anita lost a lot of her credibility the moment she had to step out the echo chamber. She hasn’t done it since either

3. Seriously…Several people got upset over this! 1893 views


The story behind this one is rather ironic. A contact of mine posted this page on her feed. Being an artist myself I went over and began to look at this website. When I got down to the comments! CULTURAL APPROPRIATION! was being screamed as loudly as it could be screamed. I decided to deliver a few shots of my own and then share the idiocy. Numerous comments and head shaking was seen at the places I did. I liked this guys artwork so much that his Boba Fett helmet is currently my Avatar photo on Facebook


4. So you don’t want to be an Anti-Feminist? 1432 views


This one got written in response to a page admin and couple of MRA’s that clearly didn’t get the memo that feminists don’t distinguish between the various Mens Groups very well (MRA, MGTOW, Red Pill, PUA, Sterling, Promise Keeper, etc.). And that if they have the chance to go after us, they’re not going to give a rats ass if you weren’t an anti-feminist or not. In fact, today I had one guy stop reading an article I posted up because I used the word ‘mangina’ in the piece!

Need to clarify my personal position here. Not specifically an anti-feminist. Feminists do and have been actively trying to stop the progress of the Greater MRM in all forms at every turn. The level of dishonesty and misandry I’ve encountered is disgusting. That being said, I don’t go on to Feminist sites and start engaging with them there. I AM though Anti-White Knight, these people I will happily engage and will do everything in my ability to make them look like the whipped, deluded idiots that they are, including using the word Mangina.

5.  Justin Trudeau what it might mean, for the men’s movement and gamergate 1435 views


Make no mistake about this. Justin Trudeau’s election with a majority in the house here means that a stage 4 trigger event is much more likely to happen here than in the USA! That is unless the Republicans manage to swoop valiantly in and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!




The remaining top 10 are

6. So I saw Mad Max: Fury Road (Finally) And I also recommend MGTOW see Ex Machina 1209 views

7. Bahar Mustafa says “I was victim” Coming to a news outlet near you 1197 views but still rising fast

8. Gamergate Actually it’s about… (And What Feminism might be about) 1020 views!

Noted because Seattle4truth has a screenshot of my blog on his video. Thank you Seattle4truth

9. So Gays can get married now. And that’s my problem as an MRA/MGTOW because? 998 views Another noted one because opposing gay marriage for men is essentially opposing men’s rights. And MGTOW? We’re not planning on getting married right?

10. Suicide The most responded to blog by Men’s Rights Resources and for good reason.

Special nod to my personal Keyboard Warrior series which to date has 1435 views between the ten blog posts, seven of which have run the gauntlet. Combined this would put it #4 on the list. Although, given the somewhat dry content in these blogs they’re not widely read or followed.

So what’s happening in the next few months for me? I start a new job next week. I also had my first official Google hangout and will also be sharing that here likely as soon as I finish this particular blog. I’m planning on doing more of these as I go along. I’m also not going to lie to you, the plan here is to figure out a way to monetize both this blog and the Google Hangouts on Youtube as soon as possible. Which happens to fit along quite nicely with what I’m going to be doing with my filmmaking career that also coincidentally started to take off last summer too!

So yes folks this here artist is in the process of becoming self-employed. I’m just wondering if that means Aaron Clarey will stop hating on me now.



Justin Trudeau what it might mean, for the mens movement and gamergate

Just in case you haven’t heard yet Justin Trudeau is now the Prime Minister of Canda!

Naturally, of course, this immediately prompted the usual dogmatic conservative writers to declare that Canada was going to fall into the ocean. As it changed its national anthem to the Internationale, force everyone to convert to Islam and immediately declare all men as pedophile misogynists and have them register as sex offenders while Justin simultaneously morphed into Joseph Stalin!

Make no mistake about it, though, Justin Trudeau has gone on the record in regards to Gamergate, as this article shows.


Now, we can look at what he said there two ways. It was either the usual election style grandstanding, or it was what he honestly feels. Before you jump in and say it was clearly the latter, keep in mind that all of the political candidates decided against having a debate on gender issues earlier in the election campaign.


Of course, they made all the usual noise about ‘wanting’ to do it, but it didn’t happen. If any of these party leaders had pushed for it, the debate would’ve gone forward. I suspect though that a couple of them knew that opening this can of worms would’ve left all of the dangling and not just Stephen Harper either. Feminists have got more than a few skeletons in their closet that would’ve been embarrassing to any party that came out too strongly in their favor, and all four leaders are likely aware of this to one degree or another. We do need to keep this in mind as I speculate further about this.

But what does it all mean? What does having Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada do for or against the greater men’s movement and Gamergate? Keep in mind that what a politician says and what they do are often two very different things. Let’s first have a look where the Liberals are on the political compass


The Liberals, in general, are a center/right group. I’m going to assume that Justin’s personal political affiliation also lies somewhere in this area probably slightly to the right. So much for changing the Canadian national anthem to the Internationale, and renaming the country the National Soviet States of Canada.

Now that we’ve likely established his political leanings we also now need to look at the circumstances of his election. This election was more a rebuke of Stephen Harper than an actual endorsement of Justin Trudeau. Yes, he got a majority and a solid one at that too it could’ve been a whole lot worse though and the NDP could’ve got in. If you think the Liberals are solidly in the Feminist camp, the NDP is definitely in that camp, they’re also pro-union too which puts me in a very conflicted position when I had to vote this time around.


In fact, if you look at voting history Canada has five parties, but only two of them have held power.


OK so for all intents and purposes the Canadian equivalent of the US Democrats or British Labour party are now officially in power. While the politics in Canada (and in Europe) slide more to the left of what you’ll see in the United States, we can make a couple of basic assumptions

  1. You can and will see a pandering to feminists and social justice warriors in Canada. 

If you recall when Barrack Obama mentioned the now thoroughly debunked pay gap in one of his speeches

Most of that are reading this know that anyone with access to a computer and 5 minutes of fact checking can debunk this. And that this can be debunked using actual stats provided by their bureaucracy. This DIDN’T stop Barrack Obama from saying it. I saw this as straight up political pandering; there was a purely symbolic bill passed that had no teeth to it because there’s already something called the paycheck fairness act that already covers this issue.


A similar act also exists in Canada called the Employment Standards Act. This won’t stop Justin and Liberals (With support from both the NDP, Green and BQ) from using this as a way to grandstand. We can also possibly see a new Canadian version of VAWA at some point as well. Policies within the department of justice are likely not going to be changing to account for domestic and physical violence committed by women anytime over the next few months. Nor will there be any movement to reform child support, custody in any real meaningful way. This area falls under provincial jurisdiction so you might see some movement from some of the provinces. But this isn’t the biggest concern men will have. It’s the second issue that concerns me more

2. Feminists and Social Justice Warriors will see this as an endorsement of what they’re doing

This won’t kick in right away for one there are a couple of events coming up that are going to dictate the way that this goes. Depending on which way they go this crowd will either become more brazen or more desperate. They already see Justin Trudeau as ‘their guy’ depending on how strongly he comes out in his speeches on this will dictate how events will play out in Canada. Everyone will be taking a wait and see approach on this so things might be pretty quiet in Canada for the next couple of months. There is, however, one event we can use to measure how things may play out. That event is of the trial of Gregory Alan Elliot.


This decision isn’t only going to be felt just in Canada but the United States as well. I’m not going to get into what will happen in the US, though, at least not right now. Something very similar to what will happen in Canada though. What we need to be paying attention for here are red flags if these red flags start appearing I would suggest VERY STRONGLY that men in Canada at the very least get ready for a fight.

These red flags have happened before they have this odd habit of going up in the weeks before and after the actual event itself that being the Gregory Alan Elliot. If you start seeing a real major uptake on coverage and/or articles from leftward leaning news sources IN FAVOUR of the prosecution, or articles that speak about online harassment ramp up. That can be interpreted as a sign that someone inside the state apparatus possibly even the prime minister himself has decided to take an active interest in the case. Another red flag is the actual government itself via Justin Trudeau or one of the ministers suddenly talking about the issue of online in the week or two before the verdict. Not specifically about the case itself but using this case as a way to ramp up support for some new restrictive legislation. If you see this, then you had better not hope the verdict gets delayed, or rendered in some way that supports this legislation. That will be a clear signal about which direction the Trudeau Liberals intend to move.

Then there’s the actual verdict itself like I just said a verdict in favor of the crown is bad, a verdict that’s also half way will also be bad. Another delay in the verdict depending on how it happens is really bad. The reason for this is likely because someone wants to use the time to come up with a verdict that supports their agenda. Any guilty verdict at all will be a troubling signal indeed.

Then there’s the after, assuming that Gregory Alan Elliot is found not guilty, you will, of course, see the usual suspects come out with pieces attempting to minimize what happened. They’ll put on a brave face but at that point yet another nail (and a large public one too) has just been slammed into their coffin. This move will also end their attempts to put the brakes on the slamming they’ve been online. There may be another attempt to do something like this again but with a precedent now in place, their odds aren’t good. On the bright side for them the US elections will overshadow events taking place overall in North America. What we’ll start seeing from this point out are increasingly desperate moves.

Now though is the verdict is in any way supportive of the prosecution? Feminists and Social Justice Warriors are going to see this as a green light to ramp up the attack. You’ll see an almost immediate spike in prosecutions and charges being filed against MRA’s, MGTOW, PUA, Gamergate, Anti-Feminists and so on. 99% of which will be bogus. It will though achieve at least for a few months a chilling effect online. Legislation might even get passed by the Liberals supporting this. There’s just one problem with this though what this does is that it moves the stage 4 trigger event forward and makes a very real possibility in 2016.



So what has in effect happened is that Canada and not someplace in the United States could be the place where the stage 4 event takes place. I say this because I personally also think that the Republicans will probably (but not definitely) win in 2016. Canada will be a place far more supportive of aggressive misandry, not the United States.

The other thing may ALSO come up in Canada next year is the potential lawsuit around Expo gate! I don’t know if the lawsuit is coming or not, or what the status of it is. This particular court case could also have some repercussions reaching far beyond the actual case itself as well.

Justin Trudeau is going to be around for a VERY LONG TIME. He is not going away, so the dogmatic conservatives that are reading this? I suggest you get used to that fact right now.

Keep in mind though that this turn of events might actually be the very thing that drives these issue to the next step in this social movement!