The Four Male Archetypes

Red Male Hummingbird

Blurbs on Humanity

The human race will go where the majority of the population goes. What most people do not realize is that everything that makes up our world just happened. TV, cars, refrigerators, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, toilets, washing machines, microwaves, computers, etc. have all just appeared in the last few generations, most things in just the last generation. Americans could legally own people as slaves just one-hundred and fifty years ago. Women could not own property, sign a legal contract, or vote until the 1920s, and women did not have equal rights under the law until the 1960s.

Tonight when you are lying in bed in the dark, imagine you are laying on the ground in pitch darkness, with no walls and doors, and thousands of insects and other strange creatures are out in the dark making loud noises. Imagine there are predators many times your size, with…

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Does Sarah Silverman get told to burn in an oven weekly?

Recently Sarah Silverman, proving that Jews aren’t actually as smart as we give them credit for, mistook construction markers for badly drawn swastikas. In her defence she claimed it was an “”””””honest”””””” mistake for a Jew who is regularly told to burn in an oven. Now, I put honest in quotations because we all know […]

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5 Ways Anglo Women Have Turned Themselves into Sex Objects

The more globe hopping I do and the more time I spend in different parts of the world, the worse I feel for my American brethren, and the more I know it wasn’t me who was to blame for the fiasco that was my dating life until I deserted the Anglobitch once and for all. American […]

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Fighting Progressives and Recruiting Insurgents

The Fire Rises The Red Pill insurgency has been gaining momentum in the past few years, but 2016 was the year were it really went mainstream to have a visible impact in the public ideological battlefield. Previously restricted to just isolated groups of Red Pill men trading ideas on the forgotten corners of the internet, […]

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92% of Antifa Live With Parents — I,Hypocrite

Germany has seen a stark rise in the number of violent crimes committed by antifascists. Between 2009 and 2013 there were a total of 1,523 proven acts, more than double the 2003-2008 period. “The vast majority of political crimes with violence come from the left-wing political scene,” said Senator Frank Henkel (CDU). A new study,…

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White Supremacist in MGTOW — MGTOW RAMP

It’s one of the saddest fact but there so many racist in our community that it’s turning into an extremist organization. MGTOW suppose to be about fighting right for men. Where does it state fight for “white men”? It does not. However, you always see white mgtow talking about “immigration” evil muslim, and other nonsense within […]

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