Why @JohnnyFoxRox is a retard. — Cursed E

In case you missed it; last night Twitter user and Twitch streamer @JohnnyFoxRox got a little triggered and upset that Blaire White said she would have Laci Green on her channel to talk about stuff. Incidentally that’s happening tonight (Wednesday 29th March) so keep an eye out on Blaire’s Twitter for a link to the […]

via Why @JohnnyFoxRox is a retard. — Cursed E


2 thoughts on “Why @JohnnyFoxRox is a retard. — Cursed E

  1. ♂ Do you also manage the Red Pill Nation space on Facebook? If so, I ask if I may post my article’ How Anecdotes Can Still Be science’. I believe that feminism is mostly a distraction. I’m more concerned with female psychology. The reason I ask is because I’m Orange-pill.


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