Trans brains RE: Riley Dennis

Cursed E

So obviously I’m one of the people who buys into this theory and the evidence behind it so when I saw Riley drop this video and make some comments you betcha I had to respond. I think what’s important to remember when we’re discussing this is that Riley doesn’t see “trans” as just meaning transsexual – she extends it to transgender and the whole umbrella. Which of course most of them do not suffer dysphoria and aren’t transsexual – so they would not present as such neurologically.

But also it means that her priorities in terms of trans rights vary massively from mine. For me, trans rights is about securing legal, medical and social support for gender dysphoria, whereas for Riley it seems more to be about social acceptance of being trans. This has a huge effect on our perspectives which you’ll see throughout the post.

Anyway, here’s a link…

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