Testosterone Poisoning

Red Male Hummingbird

They Don’t Listen!

Most of the modern men are behaving like social entertainment systems for women. Mobile. And replaceable.

Don’t be one of them. Beta Males think that the very act of talking to women (in workplace, on the street etc.) is required from them. Otherwise, they would not exist in the social space. Besides, how come they could not talk to their divine companions (?!). Without their acceptance, they don’t exist socially.

Alpha Males think in a similar way, but they are convinced that by doing that they exude power.

Men going their own way do as they please – if they want to talk, they talk. If they don’t – it doesn’t matter either. We know that power comes from inner confidence and not some sort of norms imposed on us by our twisted and sick society. Maybe being an MGTOW has some connection to the Sigma Male pattern? Specifically as being the…

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