No Thank You



A lowlife woman asked her boyfriend to write an essay about why she should give him a blowjob.

Sadly, he oblige to her demand. Mr. Mangina did write the essay. For the icing on the cake he is setting himself for upcoming alimony, and child-support.

If he were smart, he would have dump her asap, and move on.

I know it seems funny, but it is insulting and dehumanizing.

When relationship reached the stage when you are start calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend than you should not be jumping through hoops to get sex, nor should your partner make an unreasonable demand to give you sex.

You are monogamous for one reason. To fulfill each-other sexual desire. If you partner wants you to beg for sex, and demand things/money for sexual favor — than she is not the one.

Such things are not even a joke. The fact she…

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