How I Became a MGTOW?


Hi Everyone

I am going through a pretty nasty divorce. As bad as it is, and it is helping me appreciate what it means to be free. Relationships are a wonderful thing, however, when it is enforced by government, and opting out means financial penalty. Such an arrangement is bondage where one party can use law to enslave the other.

My sob story is pretty similar to all the other broken marriage. In 2013 I broke up with my living in girlfriend, and moved out. I was bumped out, and petty depress. Within a few months I found my ex-wife. When I was with her, l ignored all the signs. None of her sisters were married. She had temper, and not to mention, she claimed to be virgin, she was not. She had a fight with my mom over the phone – all of this within a month of our…

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