Dr. Helen Smith’s Book, “Men on Strike” Explains Why Radical Feminism May Have Achieved A Pyrrhic Victory.

Black Crow LLC

American men are fed up and pissed off, and rightfully so.  Sick of being constantly portrayed as rapists, abusers, bumbling idiots, deadbeat dads (or, if present, immature fatherly buffoons), irresponsible losers, or simply “the bad guy” by the mainstream media and Hollywood, men have reached their tipping point.   Tired of being mistreated by a family court system that either forces financially crippling child support obligations upon non-custodial fathers, or worse, forces many men to pay child support for children that they later discover are not biologically their own, men have had it.  Men by and large are not getting married like they used to, due to the prohibitive cost of divorce, nor are they attending college at the same rate as women.  In short, men have had all they can take of this decades-long backlash against them and are voluntarily “going Galt,” taking a vacation from responsibility.  Why?  Because they…

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