Why MGTOW Represent the Most Powerful Force Against the Patriarchy, the Gynocracy and Feminsts



Who are MGTOW and what do they represent?  Why are MGTOW such a powerful force?  Do feminists and progressives underestimate the power of men walking away from man-hating (misandric), gynocentric, feminist policies and laws?


Feminism inadvertently freed men from their patriarchal role as provider and protector.  How did they do this?  They walked away from their traditional roles.  Feminists are only now realizing that men abandoning their patriarchal roles is bad for women (women didn’t get this part of Marxism early on). When men en masse refuse to be destroyed for the patriarchy and the gynocracy, in marriage and in war, that leaves women with no option but to provide for and protect themselves. This was not the intent of feminists – it’s an unanticipated side effect. This was the intent of Marxism. Marxism wants women dependent on the state and for the majority of men to be…

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