Why do some people hate MGTOW

I’m giving you here a set of theories I have as to why MGTOW more than any other group in the Manosphere gets attacked loudly and angrily. Even more so than the Red Pill Community

When I first discovered this, I found it quite odd but as I’ve gone along it’s made a little more sense. Honestly, though MGTOW has arrived, and it’s about time. Attacks against MGTOW are going to become more numerous, dishonest and in all likelihood more hateful than anything thrown against other factions in the Manosphere.

Like I’ve said in past videos though this attention is now going to bring the same unproven and biased criticism toward MGTOW that the MRM and Gamergate had to go through. For instance, a quick search of MGTOW at WordPress came up with two hit pieces, and I’m going to answer them here rather than address them to people that on the surface appear to have little to no interest in either finding out the truth of why this movement is taking off.

Let’s start with the more rational of the two



Now this woman does have a point! There is a faction inside MGTOW that I’ve termed Deep MGTOW this is the group that insanitybytes is referring to. There are a couple of blogs that clearly differentiate between the large variations that exist inside MGTOW.


Why MGTOW is So Important

Yes, there is are men in MGTOW that are so gravely wounded that they have become inherently unreachable and would like nothing more than to see the whole thing come down. There are also others inside MGTOW that have wrapped themselves in the MGTOW to cover for severe social shortcomings to give themselves legitimacy. That doesn’t mean that this group is the majority nor do they represent a strongly individualistic movement like MGTOW. Insanitybytes blog though comes across as though this was the majority opinion, that may be an accident, or it may be on purpose. Her issue about biology though is spot on enough that it needs to be addressed. I even went so far as to do a blog about this issue.


This blog covers my personal take on my sexuality and how I now use my personal sexual energy and direct it in ways that are constructive in my life. Ones Inasanitybytes DO NOT require women or any real kind of sexual intercourse. I realize that concept might be a little hard for you to grasp so here’s the specific chapter from Napolean Hill’s book that covers this.


There is much more to MGTOW than just staying away from women and being monks so thanks for playing. You strike me as a pretty smart person insanitybytes. In fact a lot of what you write about I agree with. It’s such a shame you just went on ahead and posted this up without bothering to ask anyone who was MGTOW what was actually going on. Because it’s much more than just staying away from women for me and more than a few others. The thing is insanitybytes MGTOW isn’t about you! You may not like it, but with all due respect your approval isn’t needed or wanted. You’re entitled to have an opinion of course, but at the risk of sounding misogynistic, you don’t get a say in this. Quite frankly as valid as some of your concerns are I’m not going to lose any sleep over the fact that I may have stepped on the toes of a Married woman who for all I know may just be getting bent out of shape because she can’t conceive that men will do anything different from what was put in from of them.

That assumption you made is incredibly arrogant and self-serving on your part. And quite frankly your assumption that men are slaves to their biology stinks to high heaven of Misandry.

Now let’s get on to this idiot!



Having gone through his blog posts, there’s only one thing I can say about this guy, MANGINA! I mean anyone that especially a male that has a blog called Feminism is for Men isn’t deserving of any respect from me or any other MGTOW. And as far as Feminism being for men? I covered that issue in this blog, yeah darthtimon I was able to get all this in less than 30 minutes! Blows your feminism is for men blog right out of the water now, doesn’t it?


Standard echo chamber hit piece! I’m 99.999% certain this idiot never even tried to speak with or clarify any of his assumptions with any MGTOW out there. And even if he had done so he would’ve cherry picked the answers given to him to justify his position. Like virtually every other White Knight out there he makes the assumption that MGTOW is about men trying to gain power over women. Which is a hard thing to do when your central tenant is generally minimizing interaction with women! Yeah stupid, please explain that one to me. How does a group that encourages minimal interaction with women to keep women in their space gain power over women or keep them down? Do you have an answer for that one or are you so busy kissing feminist ass you can’t see past the fact that MGTOW is about Men making choices for themselves not about what women want.

That pressure you’re feeling at the moment? That’d be your brain trying to figure out how to answer that. Not that I think you will, you’ll likely go into a personal attack (Ad Hominem) or try to distract from the content of this blog (Red Herring or Deflection)

Now normally I’d just ignore a desperate for female approval, beta cuck, mangina like this except for one thing some other MGTOW decided to comment on his blog and then didn’t back up his claims with facts. This violates a personal rule I have when engaging people like this which are if they ask for citations you provide them.

So darthtimon


Parts 1 and 2 Women favored in society and the courts




They live longer and get the lion’s share of the medical support




This though doesn’t stop women from crying that they’re not getting funded enough.

Now let’s look at this interesting meme


I can feel my privilege all over the place, especially in jobs that are unglamorous, dirty dangerous and fatal where women are curiously absent. Oh no, they’re too busy whining about the lack of representation in jobs that have power, prestige or money like the hypocrites they are.

Darthtimon here’s the definition of hypocrisy for you because you don’t appear to be all that smart.

  1. The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s behavior does not conform; pretense.
    synonyms: dissimulation, false virtue, cant, posturing, affectation, speciousness, empty talk, insincerity, falseness, deceit, dishonesty, mendacity, pretense, duplicity;

    sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, pietism, piousness;
    informalphoniness, fraud
    “must politics be the perennial benchmark of hypocrisy?”

Women initiate most of the divorces and the situation in divorce for the male is so toxic that any male made aware of the circumstances would at the very least have an extensive prenuptial agreement in place before marrying.


I’m about done with this but pretty fucking please with a cherry on top, please try and call me on this because unlike MGTOW Soldier I got lots more!

*Addendum –Much to my surprise Darthtimon did indeed respond SIX MONTHS later His whole response was one simple LOL and a blog that falls apart the moment anyone over there comes over to read this blog. I’ve taken the liberty to archive said blog here just in case he tries to alter it later, because we all know that dishonesty is this guys method of operation. He also never addresses the question posed to him in this blog.


Now for the third part, I love your epic mangina answer that because she carried the baby and gave birth to a person that the man is just magically irrelevant once that moment of conception is done. Because you damn well know if a woman is left on her own to look after an infant without a mate or the state she’d be good as dead. So that comment about the woman being the only one that has to make sacrifices for an unborn child are a complete load of crap.

As for point number four by MGTOW soldier, I already posted up a blog called ‘Thirty Minutes of Misandry’ there’s all sorts of examples of feminists doing everything they can to prevent men’s issues for from being addressed. And the number of links there CONCLUSIVELY shows that this isn’t just a few bad apples.


Got to ask here darthtimon, what is it like being so hard up for female approval that you’ll post up something like Feminism is for Men and kiss up to people who hate you because of your gender. Seriously you’re a pet; they don’t respect you and they’ll throw you under the bus in a cold second and then make up a lie or justification as to why later. But hey don’t take my word for just look at what happened to Jian Ghomeshi.


That’s all you are a pet dog that will get put down the moment you become troublesome, but hey good luck with all the mangina ass kissing though..


Oh, I’m sorry did that hurt you precious feels? Well, maybe next time you’ll do a little fact checking before posting up something that has a crepe paper thin pretense moron! Quite frankly a person like you is undeserving of respect, and you won’t be getting any from me. Not after that piece of tripe you posted.

Now fellow MGTOW like every other male in this movement I cannot speak for anyone other than myself. That being said I’ve mentioned a couple of different places that we’d be getting attacked with more and greater frequency as time went on. Some of it is legitimate and has substance like insanitybytes. People like this need to be listened to, yes some of what she said was pretty ignorant. Her concerns about Deep MGTOW are very valid. Men in this much pain and are dealing with this much anger need tough love. The anger is there for a reason, and they need to get past it to self-actualize and self-validate. Real freedom in MGTOW exists on the other side of the pain, not in it.  It’s a shame that insantybytes made no attempt to understand why this is happening.

Men like darthtimon though? No respect should be given and unless they make some attempt to understand rather than just posting up epic bullshit blogs that have about as much substance a fart balloon. balloon-fart-clipart-1


50 thoughts on “Why do some people hate MGTOW

  1. Wow! Awesome post.

    Nah, I don’t take these manginas serious anymore. They’re just downright stupid that have no reasoning power. The way I see it, they are brainwashed. Let them face the consequences later on.

    Anyway, nice.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol! Yup I guess. Damn he’s like a feminist; he wouldn’t shut up, therefore, I chose to play his game and beat him at it. It was a fun game, and it was amusing for me, lol.

        He would assume false assumptions shame me, call me a women hater, and not provide evidence.

        I sent him a link to a website that had over 20 articles about the reasons men are going MGTOW and rejected it.

        Manginas these days, *sigh*

        At least the turd finally shut the hell up. His ass got owned by MGTOW!


    1. He came back…Yeah, six months later but he came back!
      His blog didn’t answer the question I posed at him. Instead he made a chest thumping blog response that linked to mine. I allowed it mostly because unlike Darthtimon I have nothing to hide.

      Then he doubled down has challenged me to a debate. I accepted with the term that it’s someone we both agree with. Then tried to deflect away what I was saying by accusing me of doing the same thing he’d been doing.

      That blog by the way he only mentioned the comments section and completely ignored the actual blog itself

      So I took the Liberty of archiving both of his blogs this is the original

      Anyway Sandman did something interesting


    1. If that’s the only response you can come up with then you’re not worth much more than a LOL yourself.

      Your post was ignorant at best and like every other idiot that posts up on MGTOW at the moment even a minute of fact checking or asking another MGTOW what’s going on as opposed to idiots like you ‘telling’ them what it is. Outside of your little echo chamber you come off looking like a world class idiot.

      I know you read the blog so let’s see the question I posted in that blog answered

      HOW does a group of men that have minimal interaction with women seek to get power over them?
      ANSWER that question or go back to your ever shrinking echo chamber, idiot

      Also I noticed that you didn’t address the 30 minutes of Misandry blog I posted as a rebuttal to your Bovus Stercus claim that Feminism is for men.

      Everyone who comes over here to this blog will see that in a cold second because I’m taking the liberty of posting your response up.
      Truth hurts and dishonesty only works if people don’t fact check and NOW everyone who comes over will see this even if you chose to change the content of your blog


      1. Frankly, the fact is, you want me to consider MGTOWs to be more than angry, entitled guys who bash women and launch tirades against other men – by behaving in the manner I critiqued. Like I said, I am quite happy to discuss this, with a wide audience on a debate site, a busy public web forum – where we will be judged by our peers. I have trouble sticking my neck out (hence why I’m posting here yet this page was hidden from me for months, and I found it entirely by accident), are you prepared to do the same, and step outside your own little echo chamber?


      2. Certainly that site though is one that I’m going to have to approve of as well. Which likely won’t be any of your friends or followers. I’m aware that this also applies to me.

        Oh and by the way when someone posts up a link to another blog post it IMMEDIATELY appears on the little bell icon in the upper right. I did that blog way at christmas time you claiming you didn’t notice it until now is very dubious


      3. I note with interest that my last reply to you hasn’t been published- responding to your final paragraph, you linked to the WordPress reader, not the site itself.

        The way I see it, there are two possibilities- I was aware of your post but have mysteriously waited six months to reply? Or, I wasn’t aware of your post until recently. Oh yeah, third possibility, I was initially aware of your post but since you posted this on Christmas Day, it soon fell off my radar as I had far more important things to do during the festive season.


      4. “I note with interest that my last reply to you hasn’t been published”

        That would probably be because I have a life and hadn’t noticed that detail,


      1. OK then since you’re so keen on supporting this idiot where am I wrong and BE SPECIFIC!

        Refusal on your part to answer that will put you into the catagory of brain dead stupid troll and you will be called out so on here. You got 72 hours so you better get to it.

        But now that I think about maybe I should go over and see what you have

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I take it since you’re replying to their comment that you are available to start arranging our little discussion/debate?

        I was thinking- if we cannot agree on a third-party site or forum, we post it here?

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I don’t have a problem with your place. I still prefer the video format. The one stipulation I have with your choice I want the wording of the discussion to be neutral. I’ve been around and I know all about stacking the crowd or wording the topic in a way that automatically puts me on the defensive.

        That and to be honest, I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you


      4. The honesty thing is mutual. I have no reason to consider you trustworthy in the slightest. Hence why I have ‘returned the favour’ so to speak, and archived this page to the Wayback Machine.

        You may also wish to define ‘neutral’ in this instance. The subject matter will need defining as well – do you wish to address my original comments on the Coalition site about MGTOWs? Feminism and its relationship with MGTOWs?

        I can’t commit to video. I have no idea when I’d find the time to make, edit and upload videos. How about posting both here and on the Coalition? That way, we keep each other honest?


      5. I don’t find YouTube/Google Hangout to be an especially great place for a structured discussion. I think we should do it via our sites.

        There should also be parameters for number of posts – four each, five each? Word limit (or some effort to keep things concise)?


      6. “Catagory” of brain dead stupid troll? You don’t think that’s too far. I just don’t understand the level of aggression you seem to hold against women. I want to understand it, but it seems very drawn from a bad experience or a number of bad experiences.

        I like to understand people. I’m alright with whatever life-choice you or anyone else wants to make so long as nobody is getting hurt. All I want is to understand your position and why you hold it.

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      7. Simple answer (And no I really don’t care if you like it or not) Anger has an odd way of happening when a persons issues are ignored, laughed at or dismissed constantly without being addressed, The Anger is directed at Feminism and it’s willfully ignorant allies

        Feminism IS NOT a gender therefore your “Anger against women” statement doesn’t hold water.

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      8. I didn’t say that feminism is a gender. And I already agreed that it’s not already pl the relevant to me. I understand your anger, but there are definitely ways of addressing issues without cursing people out and resolving to immature name-calling.

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      9. You clearly aren’t worth talking to or reasoning with. Unless you can be amiable or decent, there aren’t going to be too many people that want to have a discussion with you that dissolves into childish bickering.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. So I went through your blog posts. Nicely written no extremely PC.
        It’s also VERY clear that you know nothing about men or mens issues, but somehow you felt qualified to comment here even though you know nothing about this issue.

        So seriously who the f**k do you think you are? You’re not an expert and I suspect that given a chance you would’ve been one of those idiots protesting a screening of The Red Pill Movie without actually having seen it.

        And YOU want to LOL?…Seriously get lost and go be stupid somewhere else

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      11. Okay, woah. Hold the phone. I only talk about women’s issues because the articles I right are mostly anecdotal. I’ve been abused by different men all my life, mainly from my father and brother – so I’m not the most sympathetic to some men. I like to sit on the fence, not going to lie. I don’t side with the current feminist movement because I don’t deem it entirely necessary here in the Western world, but I do feel there are some global women’s issues that need to be addressed.

        And you’re right: I’m not an expert – but i can appreciate someone’s opinion on a matter without blowing up and dropping f-bombs. And if I’m truly, as you say, “stupid” – show me your stance, explain your movement and your ideals. For one, I don’t know what the Red Pill Movie is, so I can hardly protest against it. Last I heard of a Red Pill, it was in the matrix. Secondly, I don’t make a huge issue of things presented in pop culture. It’s a means of expression, and people should be free to express whatever they want. I doubt I would protest against it, even if I did know what it was.

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      12. You didn’t have 72 hours you had almost a year
        Next time you shitpost stupidity on my blog back it up
        Since unlike Darthtimon you didn’t have the integrity to answer I’m going to dismiss you as the idiot and troll you likely are


      13. Oh, baby boi, calm down. Who hurt you? I did respond. I left you a response that you didn’t respond to until now. I know I’m the category of people that you despise because of my gender, but you don’t have to be threatened. I mean you no harm and I acknowledge what you believe. That does not mean I have to agree with it.


      14. You really are that stupid aren’t you.
        You got called out that happens when someone like you posts up something and then DOESN’T come back to back it up. Nice try though

        Second playing misogyny card because you posted up an epic stupid, got called on it then hiding behind “Oh you just don’t like the womenz” is something that only 20485 people like you have tried before. You’re not in your little safe space echo chamber here. You got called out because you posted up an stupid comment not because you’re a woman. Nice try though…baby gurl (See I can get condescending too). Plus the fact that I’ve already covered this issue about women before in a previous…Ahem excuse


        Not very good with fact checking are you? You can write up all the hit pieces you want on your blog about me thanks for the traffic. Ultimately though you have to explain yourself HERE

        Now, how about you answer the original rebuttal instead of deflecting and ad hominem.

        Oh wait that’s right that would actually require you to use some thought now wouldn’t it.


      15. Oh wow. Wow, wow, wow. Firstly, you can check my page, there are no hit pieces on you. Secondly, you didn’t call me out on anything, I left you a response and it took you a year to respond to it. And I didn’t play the misogyny card – you don’t like women. And that is your opinion and you are welcome to have it. You don’t agree with third-wave feminism and neither do I – again, completely entitled to that opinion.

        This “argument” (for lack of a better word) is over a year old now, so I decided to look over your piece again. If I can be honest, it does seem to read as a little juvenile. But maybe that’s just your style. In reference to the latter part of it, I agree that men’s health isn’t as widely addressed as women’s health is and that is a shame – especially in the sphere of mental health. As someone who is depressed and suffering PTSD, I do what I can to support people with mental health issues regardless of gender. In terms of Male Privilege – I think it does exist, but in specific cultures, like the one I come from which is an Indian-Muslim background. It can’t really be attributed to western society where men and women have equal rights. The only real thing that I disagree with is that you think that divorce is a bad thing. It can be a bad thing. I’m not denying that – divorces is shown to effect children the most. But isn’t it better than staying in a toxic environment? Many women are complacent and often irrational – as are many men. If relationships are breaking down because someone wants too much and offers nothing – is that so bad. I do, however, disagree with the sentiment that a man has to give away half of his wealth. That seems unfair to me. In terms of (what I think you reference as) abortion rights – you have to agree that more of the responsibility is place on the carrier of the child, the woman. And it is her body. On my moral compass, I believe that the two people who conceived the child should both discuss what should be done about it – and in an ideal world, such things would be put into legislation.

        I hope that this give you your answers. And I would again like to ask, who hurt you? You seem to carry around a lot of anger (which is something that I can relate to, on a certain level). Carrying around that much emotion usually doesn’t bode well.


      16. I DIDN’T call you out on anything
        “OK then since you’re so keen on supporting this idiot where am I wrong and BE SPECIFIC!” That’s ONE
        “Um AGAIN you started out with an insult and have yet to raise even one intelligent point. So AGAIN make one or get lost”…TWO

        That doesn’t qualify as being called out I don’t know what does.

        My piece was a little juvenile SAYS the person whose very first comment was LOL! And then didn’t answer back until I decided to declare victory. Then you have the temerity to play the misogyny card? Calling you out DOESN’T equate to misogyny no matter how many people in your echo chamber say it does. Nor does it mean I don’t like women, warning other men about the negative aspects of women doesn’t equate to that either but since you decided to play that card I can now claim you hate men. Kind of strange how logic works isn’t it the moment you claim something I can quite easily reverse it.

        WHERE did I even mention abortion? Currently, all the reproductive rights that a man has are left up to the woman first. In fact, there have been cases where underage boys that got RAPED by a woman and she got pregnant the boy had to pay child support. Personally, I’m pro-choice, but if there’s an abortion option for women there also needs to be a legal opt-out for men. Because you’re not entitled to any time, money or attention from any male anywhere at any time. Although you REALLY seem to want to scream on about what we’re not entitled to all the time, guess what that sword cuts both ways

        Now as for anger ALREADY COVERED THIS! For some strange unexplainable reason when a group of people get their concerns laughed at, blocked, ridiculed etc they tend to get mad after a while. Gee I don’t know how this concept HASN’T SUNK IN with you. But at this point, you’re either too stupid to figure it out or you’re being intentionally and willfully ignorant.


      17. Okay, dude. You win, if it means that much to you. I didn’t call you misogynistic and I believe that most of your concerns are valid. I’m sorry if you felt invalidated because I “LOL”ed at your article. But your style of writing is quite juvenile and you called my friend (darthtimon) a mangina – which I thought was a little uncalled-for.

        I’m sorry for all the anger that this has caused you. I’m not going to tell you how to present your argument, but you need to be more level-headed if you want to be heard. You make some good points, but they go unnoticed when they’re surrounded by insults and fits of rage.


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  3. http://www.debate.org/ appears to be working again (it wasn’t working properly the other week). This is a good site – it will offer us both a clear, public platform. It is structured, it is judged by our peers (and by all means, invite other MGTOWs to view it). The site also offers want you want – neutral phrasing. Finally, neither one of us will be able to go in and edit posts there later on – what we say, we will have to stand by.


      1. I will try to accommodate a video, but I honestly have no idea when I’ll have the opportunity to record anything (full-time work, full-time dad, so the time to do that is somewhat limited). If you join debate.org, my username is darth_timon.


  4. Michael

    What is this ? Circus ?
    I want to go my own way, not debate about it. Time for debates has come and gone.
    So let us go our own way and leave us the hell alone.
    There is nothing to debate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t looking for a debate! The blog was an observation of what I’ve seen, don’t know what made you think this story was a debate. By all means go your own way I’m MGTOW as well, I’m free to write my observations on my blog as I see fit. Best of luck to o


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