They know they aren’t perfect!

Red Male Hummingbird

They know they aren’t perfect!

One of the female colleagues at work brought back few parcels from the post room. They were there waiting for one dude to collect them. He was so grateful to her.  He told her: “Oh, you’re so great you brought me these parcels! You’re fantastic!” instead of something normal like “Thanks a lot“. That would be enough, but he kept bragging for half of the day about her greatness. You could tell (by looking at her face) that she was probably thinking something like “No, I am not great! I lie, deceive, manipulate and fart when you don’t look. Stop calling me perfect! Stop telling me I am great! I am just like you, if not worse!“. Women, on one side expect to be treated like privileged princesses- this is due to their false and fake upbringing which starts when they are…

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