Re: Abusing MGTOW

The Poisoned Well

Aron Clarey Made a video “Abusing MGTOW”.  It is a good video, but I think he’s a bit off base.

First let me start with agreements.  The three groups he describes are real, all three of them.  Many of us are veterans of the gender wars with the scars to prove it.  Many are “Boy Geniuses” that have very much done “monkey see, monkey not do”.  Many MGTOW are posers that hold the label as a shield for their personal failings.

Where we part ways is thoughts on what to do with the posers.  Kicking them out of the MGTOW club and calling them posers is just a bad idea.  These are young men that have been handed a set of institutions and customs that are so far down the shitter that Aaron can’t understand the reality of what they face.  We need to recognize as vets and Geniuses that…

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