Lorena Bobbitt Thinks Cutting Off Her Hubby’s Dick Is Still Pretty Damn Funny

Yeah, I get it! It’s election day in fact as I’m writing this, the polls have already opened up on the East Coast in what will likely be one of the most critical elections that the United States has had in nearly half a century. It’s really tragic that both candidates of both parties represent something seriously wrong with the system,cultural or political.


There will be plenty of people writing articles about this day and I’ve already weighed in myself with article myself speculating on the after. I will be writing an article myself later on this week. But today though I’m going to write about an event that occurred way back in 1993. This event echoes loudly today and it’s quite likely that the entire manosphere would look entirely different had this not happened. I’m talking about Lorena Bobbit cutting off John Wayne Bobbit’s penis on June 23,1993!


This event was the alarm call that made more than a few men, myself included wake up. It wasn’t so much that Lorena Bobbitt was found not guilty, although many men found that fact all by itself to be disturbing. What disturbed me more than anything was the video of Feminists openly celebrating the decision and roasting cocktail weinies over the event!


The Bobbitt affair was appalling and reprehensible, and not merely because of the gruesome act of mayhem that defined it. It was all the more despicable because of the unspeakable glee, the unbridled delight, and the inexplicable exultation expressed by feminists and large segments of the female population, who luxuriated in the vile mutilation of some lower class nobody, a man who had difficulty holding onto a job as a manual laborer.  Feminists regarded the event as both a watershed moment in the battle of the sexes and a justifiable assault on maleness itself.  Just as ancient warriors sometimes took the penises of their vanquished enemies as war trophies, what better way of trumpeting victory in the battle of the sexes than to take patriarchy’s quintessential symbol from one of its foot soldiers?

It’s not a coincidence in my opinion that shortly after the verdict and the open celebration by Feminists that Mens Groups worldwide suddenly had their first of many upticks in memberships. Not to put to fine a point on it but I recall that in the Sterling Institute of Relationship there was a huge uptake in men doing the weekend. This however is based on observation and no direct evidence on my part

Information about the Sterling Weekend below. I did the weekend and I took the oath of confidentiality so I can’t tell you what happened. I can tell you it was worth the price I paid and I would do it again.


What many other men found disturbing was the fact that a woman could just cut a man’s penis off and get away with it. At the time it was treated like it was some kind of joke


But what really got my goat and got me to write about this incident was something I found on Facebook while I was posting around my most recent blog when I stumbled on one of my old comments about this issue.


I keep thinking about that verdict and how everyone seems to think it was so funny. The thing that I keep thinking about though is that this event was the triggering of Stage 2

The 8 Stages All Movements Go Through

Like I said after this event I and many others out there were made aware of the situation that men were going through, albeit in just an intellectual kind of way. It wasn’t until Adria Richards got fired that the conditions started to ripen.


It’s not a coincidence that ever since Donglegate happened Feminism has been in a gradual decline.

What is really troublesome though is the fact that people, especially women seem to believe that what Lorena did was laudable and worthy of praise as this article and video shows


Consider this paragraph from that article

Bobbitt, 46, appeared on Steve Harvey, and was greeted by the mostly female audience with a standing ovation and cheers. She then reflected back on the harrowing incident, and where life has brought her today. In 1993, Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife while he slept, and later claimed that it was the result of years of infidelity and abuse.

Now I have to point out that John Wayne Bobbitt was no saint, he was dumb, had more than a few mental issues and was also from all accounts a very inconsiderate lover. That doesn’t excuse what Lorena did nor does it justify her getting a standing ovation years later.


At the same time though the counter movement wouldn’t be where it is now had Lorena been found guilty! In fact I could openly speculate that had this verdict not gone down the way it did two decades ago Radical Feminism would’ve covered a lot more ground than it did. The men that were awakened by what happened in 1993 may be indirectly reponsible for Donald Trump winning today.

Oh the Irony of that, that victory so long ago celebrated by Radical Feminists everywhere including to my knowledge open displays of Misandry. That event laid the foundation for what is rapidly causing it’s demise at the moment.

So here’s to Lorena Bobbit you might think what you did was funny, many women out there consider what you did was pretty funny. But had you not gotten away with it them Feminism wouldn’t be in the trouble it is now.




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