Valentines Day gets a Day,But MGTOW gets a Week!

After having been out of action via my new job this came through on my feed!

Now personally I think this is a good idea! The reasons that each man is going to make around this are their own. Mine are pretty simple. MGTOW need to have some kind of commonality beyond just boycotting marriage. I tossed out the idea of having a convention last year and it was crushed underfoot like a bothersome bedbug. This though is different any man, anywhere and any time can do this. For one week each year, MGTOW can quietly announce to other MGTOW around them that they’re here.

For me, this isn’t about telling women to fuck off and die. I for one like sex a little too much to do that. This opinion isn’t shared by others though and I can respect that each man’s road through MGTOW is different. And I will not define that road for anyone other than myself.

Now for the others that are not MGTOW that will most likely start posting about “This MGTOW is misogynistic, or they’re angry, or unreasonable” My response is this. If you have an issue with what a certain MGTOW does or says bring it up with that particular man. Nobody speaks for MGTOW as a whole myself especially.

But coming up in 2017 let’s take this week and celebrate our freedom in a quiet and dignified way. Find something and wear it proudly.

Tell me and everyone here what you have gained from your choice. Sandman doesn’t have to be the only one promoting MGTOW. What have you gained from your choice? Tell me in the comments.

And remember I’m all for boycotting Valentines Day too. This is our fucking week let’s take it. Don’t ask permission, fuck societies approval! You’re MGTOW you’re free and liberated you have the choice now. That’s a huge step up from simply just following your biological drives.


Join this cause and ask yourself what you can do to support it, no convention, no marches. Just one man making a quiet statement


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day gets a Day,But MGTOW gets a Week!

  1. Mr. E

    The interesting thing that could happen when enough Men go MGTOW is that Women will stop sleeping with Men who use birth control… wouldn’t that be an interesting reversal ??



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