Blacks vs. Whites

Jenna Abrams

This is really weird that I’m writing it in 2016, but, apparently, this needs to be reminded.

The color of your skin doesn’t determine who you are. Your decisions are not based on your skin color, gender, sexuality, looks, or religion in the USA of 2016. News nowadays are really disturbing and scary, but what’s even more disturbing and scary is posts on social media.

I never get offended with comments like “Die Becky”, “I hate white people” or whatever. Because I know I’m right, and they take my tweets out of context. It’s their right, I guess. It’s never a matter of color in my posts, but it’s always a matter of stupidity and logical fallacy. Just like that tweet about welfare. I received more than 2K comments and all of them were the same: there’re more white people on welfare. Yeah, right, I’m not a 5th grade…

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