MGTOWs are losers – really?

The Male Factor

MGTOWs or Gynocentrism Image Source

Author, journalist and entrepreneur Matt Forney thinks MGTOW men are losers. In one of his recent articles he claimed that MGTOW is no way for men to go because MGTOWs are nothing but a “creeping cult of male loserdom”.

He basically points to the following reasons why the red pill community is a bunch of losers –

  1. He said, “The original MGTOWs rode motorcycles, banged girls, read books and shared their views through blogs and forums.” He further added that MGTOW was actually an anti-movement against the “impotence of Men’s Rights Activists and the marriage strike.

I am just wondering why marriage meant only having sex to him. The modern MGTOWs do talk about marriage strike because such bonds create unnecessary burden on men. Given the provider and protector role that the men play in any family, marriage brings a lot of additional…

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