MGTOW! On the Verge of Arrival

Something interesting happened when I went over to on August 28th. I looked over the usual sites and where they ranked, including this web site  2,790,699 as of September 5th. As per usual Return of Kings leads the way followed up by The Good Manginas Project (Oops sorry Good Men Project)

A Voice for Men continues to slowly but surely go down, but on the other hand, though has just finished a recent surge that has officially moved it past A Voice for Men and into 2nd Place for sites specifically meant for the Manosphere! Unfortunately, my computer didn’t screen properly but here are the stats at Alexa when I checked this morning has not only moved past A Voice for Men but it’s also currently surging this was what I got with Google Trends with MGTOW on September 3rd!


The current totals have it dipping a bit but as you can clearly see MGTOW and the entire concept of MGTOW is at an all time high!

What I see here is the very same thing that happened with the Men’s Rights Movement back in 2013 just before it exploded. Now will there be a push by Atheism Plus and a now classic mistake by Adria Richards? Who knows how it’ll play out.

There are things that anyone (Myself included) need to start considering as we move forward here. Given the wide variations of opinions inside I’ll try to keep this an in general approach as there are very few absolutes within MGTOW beyond not getting married.

MGTOW and the MRM while not the same thing are allies. Not every MRA is MGTOW and not every MGTOW is MRA there’s a significant overlap between the two (Myself included) Feminists and their allies though have demonstrated little if any capability of telling the difference. What this means is that whether some of us like this or not the expected ramping up of the attacks on the New Activists will include MGTOW. Given the current state of Feminism the presence of MGTOW will split up forces that are already losing support quickly but John the Other covered this far better than I did

So you have a group that’s losing, and they know in private channels. Last June someone let it slip. Luckily we found out about this slip up before the academics managed to unpublish the article. While they’re losing support though what power they do have has increasingly been aimed towards the Manosphere which starting this year has been taking a pounding.MGTOW now forces a group with diminishing resources to fight more than one opponent.

The other part about this is that the way MGTOW is structured trying to use the tactics that are targetted against the MRM which just haven’t worked won’t work at all against MGTOW. MGTOW is more of lifestyle choice, a personal decision on how a man wants to live his life. A solid number of them also happen to be MRA’s but not all of them. Given the insane nature of our opponents and their profound ability to simply not learn any lessons from past failures you’re going to see a lot of wasted effort screaming, yelling and shaming a group that in all honesty doesn’t give a flying fuck. *1

MGTOW is also in a period where even the bad press and coverage will help their cause. This period can and will eventually but for the next few months though


And lastly, we can all now gleefully await the day when is a site with more hits than We Hunted the Mammoth. David Futrelle was openly gloating over A Voice for Men as it slowly began to lose popularity that joy will be very short lived. I look forward to the day when it happens and will report on it quite enthusiastically

Now with all this good there will come the bad and let me make this clear the bad part of this is nasty! To date there has only been a couple of articles aimed at MGTOW but the most infamous of them by far was the one done by Vice

As I said earlier, yours truly has been in there posting up like a champion and making sure that White Knights, Misandrists, and Feminists alike are not able to walk away without paying for it with a pound of flesh taken from them. What I’ve noticed though that this last time they republished the piece the attacks have been especially vitriolic. What I mean is beyond the usual group which has been stopped the same old way we’ve had

A woman that blatantly tells lies (Nothing new there) but this particular woman has taken the art of doubling down on her lies to all new level. This same woman also accused someone of being a pedophile and then lied about it.

A woman that claimed to have received threats from MGTOW on that site and when asked for proof posted up something so flimsy that it was laughable, on top of it the ‘threat’ wasn’t sent to her.

A woman with a psychology background that gave every single MGTOW fighting there an analysis of their behavior but conveniently ignored the behavior of the people on her side. This same woman would when called out would block the person challenging her and then continue to post up directing the posts at the person who challenged her making it look as though the person who had challenged her had left and that she had won. This woman also accused some of the MGTOW challenging her of hiding behind fake pictures even though she was doing the same thing.

Another person started up a fake account of one the MGTOW there BLOCKED the strongest critics there and started posting up as that person. Unfortunately, this idiot also chose an Anti-MRA meme as their cover pic. Even though this article isn’t about Men’s Rights once again proving the epic stupidity of the opposition.

This was on top of the usual shamers, name callers, sarcastic pricks and bullies that came on in droves this time.

I have to point out that it’s clearly Strawman to be basing future reactions to MGTOW based on the experience of just one article on one website. I’ve seen this level of hostility directed at MGTOW three years ago. I have to point out that the same vitriol was never and to my knowledge was never directed at Female isolationists. Another example of feminist hypocrisy if I’ve seen it

MGTOW isn’t male separatism though even though there are male separatists inside MGTOW. There is in fact, a wide variety of approaches to women by MGTOW

If you’re a MGTOW yourself and have been MGTOW for a while, you know as well as I do that telling every other MGTOW what to do would be like herding cats

Yeah because I just had to share this!

All humor aside I can’t and won’t tell you what to do! I can offer up some suggestions. The First get comfortable with being a MGTOW if you’ve been on the fence about being MGTOW because there’s this one woman or something else. What I can suggest is this follow that thread through to its conclusion. Personally, I don’t think the NAWALT exists, but I also realize now more than ever what toxic women and culture have done to relationships if you have a shot what the hell take it. Just remember though that a relationship DOES NOT guarantee anything.

The other is be prepared in whatever capacity you can to fight for your freedom. There’s a wave of attacks coming that will be nasty and vitriolic. A lot of us have seen here how far the regressives are willing to go to shut you up. It’s not a coincidence that the majority of MGTOW on YouTube have decided not to show their faces. I haven’t put mine up on my YouTube account either although I’m also easy to find if you know where to look.

Your freedom in some cases came at the cost of nasty, bitter relationships or from the abuse of a toxic woman in your family or from someone you were involved with. Demeaned, humiliated, shamed and in some cases on the verge of suicide you went looking for answers or someone cared enough to show you a way. Some of you, like me, worked through their anger and found the freedom that exists in man’s life once their pain gets dealt with in a healthy manner.

That freedom is something worth fighting for! Your right to self-determination and not being forced or shamed into the blue pill boxes that were laid out in front of you.


You’re worth it! Yes you, your life is something worth fighting for be prepared to fight for it because the screaming regressives are coming.


*1 In all fairness if you go the link on the VICE article you’ll notice that there are more than a few MGTOW willing to stand and fight myself being very prominent among them. For the record, I’m aware that I shouldn’t give a shit, and if push comes to shove, I’ll just leave. For myself, though I cannot stand dishonesty and to allow lies to stand unchallenged doesn’t sit well with me. I may eventually get past this but for now, it’s my state of mind


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