So you think the Manosphere is losing?

That cover caption was put up at the Edmonton Slutwalk WordPress account!

It’s been a bad last few weeks for Feminism. If there’s anyone reading that’s actually sorry about this, please contact and I’ll refer you to someone who cares. That person will likely be a Tumblr feminist and I will have pulled it out of my ass but I’ll try and accommodate you.

It started out June 22, 2016, when Clementine Ford got her Facebook account suspended this started an absolute avalanche of victim card playing by the Feminist/SJW/Regressive Left press. How bad is it you ask? I can’t limit myself to just one article, I’m posting up the entire google search

This is just an opinion here but the amount of victim card playing here has a feeling of panic to it. After all, up until now, Clementine Ford hadn’t taken any kind of hit at all! In fact, from a distance, it was looking like the Misandric Feminists out there had started to rally around her. Clementine Ford taking a hit must’ve come as a shock for them. Not to worry though she’s back. And I’m sure we’re all overjoyed to hear her at The Misandry Hour but here’s some more for anyone who sees this that actually supports her

The very same day Edmonton Slutwalk got cancelled! You’ll notice the title at the top but well I must post this again.

Slutwalk Cancelled

I’ll grant you that this was just a local thing but Nick Redding and Men’s Rights Edmonton had been making appearances at this event and each and every year since 2013.


What you’re seeing here is a handful of people protesting outside an event and simply allowing feminists to defeat themselves using their own words. Just like with the KKK 25 years ago allowing this idiocy to be spoken freely and exposing it to the light of day does more damage than any kind of violent confrontation ever would. In fact doing this at all of the slutwalks is probably a very good idea. A small group of people taking a stand and exposing this. In just 3 years they’ve managed to bring the Slutwalk here in Edmonton down, although you’ll never hear the local feminists admit this.

But wait that’s not all! John the Other found an absolute gem and was able to save and publish it before the feminist authors who published it could unpublish it or before it was taken down for another reason.

John the Other does a great job explaining this article

The activists inside the manosphere have known about this for a while. Ever since Adria Richards and Donglegate Feminists have been a long slow retreat. Up until now, we’ve never had anyone in the feminist community openly and publicly admit that they’re losing. People involved in the manosphere have known this for a while. After all, every single time feminists or SJW’s have stepped out into the open they’ve been thrashed you need to look no further than a blog I wrote early last year.

You see in order for the regressives to win they have to come out and attack us. When these attacks result in you getting mauled in the comments section time and again it tends to build up after a while.

But WAIT that’s not all on top of all this other stuff ICMI 16 in London went off almost without a hitch. The feminists scored their one single solitary blow in the last few weeks when A Voice for Men lost it’s Facebook page

This, however, didn’t take away from the fact that the event itself went down without a hitch and not so much as a whimper of protest from feminists in London!

At the start of the year, I stated in another blog of mine how important it was that this event happen. (Guess #9 in case you’re wondering)

This is sheer speculation on my part but the fact that this convention went off without so much as a whimper of protest or attention says a lot about the state of Feminism right now. They either couldn’t or wouldn’t. Couldn’t because there wasn’t enough support to stop it especially that support for feminism in Great Britain stands at less than 10%

Wouldn’t because the mauling that the press took in 2014 on it’s hit pieces made certain reporters look like real idiots. I suspect that the real hope here was that by ignoring the convention this time around that the damage would be contained. Except, of course, it didn’t it simply made the opposition look weak and incompetent and lends a lot of legitimacy to the article that John the Other found.

And last but not least we have the debacle that was Ghostbusters I’m not going to comment much but here’s a bunch of links to prove my point.


What can I say? Last year Feminists took these kinds of hits all the way from August until well into the fall. This year the bleeding started even earlier for them, most likely because they exhausted themselves by going on the offensive early in 2016 with very little to show for it except for stopping Roosh V’s event. Luckily for them this happens to be an election year and now that we have the two candidates for the major parties in place, the election is going to serve as a huge distraction from the whole gender issue at least until next year.

My next blog though I’m going to offer a projection as to what might happen after this election is over.


6 thoughts on “So you think the Manosphere is losing?

  1. Centuri Globuscus

    Does that first CF link refer to 2016? Because the links are from 2015, can’t find much for 2016 and I tend to ignore it.


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