Feminism Is a Disease Thats Killing Our Society

Rubicon Crossing

Instead of doing just one long blogpost I decided to do three or four short examples of the never ending and expanding feminist mindset or group think that is infecting and creeping into all out daily lifes.


A UK Labour MP decides to laugh at the mere suggestion of a ‘Mens Day’. Womens day is very PC, we all have to swallow all the feminist group think, but a Mens Day is ridiculed by feminist Jess Philips MP @jessphillips at a House of Commons back benchers hearing.


Male suicide rates are going through the roof, divorced fathers are ostracised from their children by vindictive mothers and assisted by a heavily female biased family court system in the UK, the feminisation of our education system in schools is failing boys dramatically. But Jess Philips MP thinks this is all just a big joke when proposed by Philip Davies MP 

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