The Five Worst Hit Pieces I’ve Read About the MRM

There’s an update on this

Red Pill Nation

Everybody has it, well almost everyone.

You know a list of favorites or worst that you occasionally tell someone else! Well, I have my personal list in this matter and while you may not agree with it, keep in mind everyone’s list is going to be a little different.

Two of these Five have been replaced by new ones because these articles were removed or taken down because they were called out. There was one by Arthur Goldwag that got published online almost immediately after the convention in Detroit. What happened in this article? Well, I can’t remember but what I do remember is that he took the content of the speakers out of context, which might’ve worked 25 YEARS AGO. But, What happened, this time, was that Dean Esmay simply posted up the entirety of the speakers at the article and that was that. No further comments and the…

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