We Are The Rebels!

I was doing my usual browsing on Facebook this afternoon when I stumbled across this gem. Go to about 1:44 in to hear what she says

Let me make something clear straight out. In no way am I endorsing or glamorizing what  Omar Mateen did. What Amaryllis Fox is explaining here is the motivation behind why the people in Al Quaeda, The Taliban and ISIS do what they do! They don’t see themselves as the bad guys here. They see themselves as scrappy resistors and underdogs that are fighting a large, omnipresent and oppressive regime. This may come as a surprise to you but with very rare exceptions most of the evil people in history didn’t see themselves as bad. In fact, they saw what they were doing as both justifiable and necessary. Hitler, for instance, did believe in the Jewish Conspiracy and that even the Secular Jews were in on it. Only pretending not to go along with the more Zionist and Fundamental groups within the Jewish religion*1 

Another way to view this is via Actors Motivation. You as a Film Director when you are giving direction to your actors (talent) the best way to do is regarding telling them what their characters motivation is. In fact, a trained actor will ask that specific question to a Director. An Actor playing a specific part, even say Saddam Hussein or Ted Bundy cannot see their character as a bad person. They have to have a reason or motivation that justifies in their minds why they do what they do. There is plenty of material in both the film, television and theater communities to confirm this if you bother to look.

What I am getting at here is that Radical and Misandric Feminists don’t see themselves as bad people. In their minds, MRA, MGTOW, Red Pillers, PUA’s, Gamergaters or just men in general, are an actual serious threat to them and by extension to all females everywhere. Therefore the steps needed to make sure that this threat is contained to keep women ‘safe’ are entirely justified. That’s why you get women like Vliet Tiptree calling for the culling of 90% of the male population or the SCUM Manifesto video out of Sweden with (to date) no protest from the feminist community in any way.


You see they don’t actually ‘hate’ men they’re protecting women and the best way to do that is to kill all men. If you’re familiar at all with the PUA crowd, it’s common knowledge that when a woman loses interest in a guy, she will find and use whatever justification works to be dismissive of that male. This ability to just dismiss a given male for whatever reason she so chooses is by no means unique to feminism. It’s just in the case of the Misandrists it’s used to justify exterminating or hating men while with normal women, it’s used to dismiss whatever guy may have had an interest in her.

Feminists right now have almost exclusive access to the halls of power, to media, print, and newspaper. They also have access to whatever funds they need to get what they want through and if anyone raises so much as a pip of discontent they risk the very possibility of social and career death. This threat is indeed so real that many people inside the Manosphere maintain a mask of anonymity lest they lose their jobs or worse. In my case finding out who I am is easy enough finding out who I work for, and other personal information would take a lot more work. 

In the meantime, we’re in the bunch that gets no support from the government. Very little support in the media, and for anyone to openly admit that they’re an MRA? Well, that’s a serious strike against you. You had better keep that one to yourself. In spite of all the advantages that Feminists have, they cannot stop us. There are several reasons for this, and I will probably cover these reasons in another blog. Does this remind you of anything? Maybe this little clip will help jog your memory go to 0:48 to see my point

Ok, maybe this was a little overly dramatic! Feminists don’t have an actual Death Star, what they do posses like I said above is the ability to kill your career and possibly your prospects. Although as of late that power has been fading, just like calling someone a misogynist simply for disagreeing with Feminists has also lost it’s punch in recent months. 

This is where we’re at right now. We’re the rebels out financed, outgunned, and out publicized by a wide margin the opposition can pretty much rain down whatever it wants, whenever it wants. However it wants, and there’s little we can do about it except massacre the article on social media or in the comments section. *2  

Knowing this about ourselves is both empowering and demoralizing at the same time. Empowering, because knowing this about ourselves we can use strategies that best fit the position that we’re in. Which thus far, has been limited to the now often and still very effective counter punch. Where the Feminist, SJW, White Knight or some other idiot comes out into the open with their ideas, only to have them get slaughtered. This technique worked wonders on Anita Sarkeesian and her allies in early 2015 and enabled Gamergate to win.*3 It’s demoralizing because if you stand there and take a look at things you’ll still see Feminists flying up high still getting their way, and you know what? They are! It’s not until you start looking at stats for the amount of real support they’re getting, or the fact that more and more frequently Radical Feminists have been going to sometimes great lengths to either hide their events or misdirect their critics away from them by misnaming them. 

If you seriously believe that we’re not starting to have an impact then consider what just happened to Old Navy when it tried to make Fathers Day about moms



Like the article at Red State said rather than just continuing to run the ad like Angel Soft did with their Happy Fathers Day mom ad last year.

*Update Angelsoft pulled the video from YouTube if you need to measure wins consider this one of them

This year they pulled this shirt of their site. Big deal you say? Not really because until the trigger point is reached this is how we’re going to have to measure progress, in inches. And here’s the other part that some of you may not realize. For Feminism to win, they have to come out into the open and put their ideas and concepts out in the open marketplace of ideas. Something that would kill them. So despite overwhelming superiority regarding resources both human and material, in the end, they will still have to come out and face us in this marketplace where these advantages will count for nothing. And resorting to censorship? That’s not going to work either! There was a clear attempt to do exactly that earlier this year, and they got nowhere. Unless you count a couple of Facebook sites getting taken down and an event by Roosh V getting canceled. Not much bang for the buck especially since Roosh V has openly said that he’s not an MRA. 

So to all that read this! Trust me we are winning this fight! It may not seem like it because of how it’s been going, but we are winning you just have to look at the whole picture, not the one that the media keeps showing us. We should all know by now the media isn’t on our side.

1. I should mention that as an Atheist, someone not from a very religious household, and having not knowingly met someone who was Jewish until I was 18 my knowledge of this issue is VERY limited.

2. Lately, though I’m seeing more and more articles that are either not allowing comments, or they’re being published in places that don’t allow comments like Identities.mic for instance

3. That’s more opinion on my part than fact. It would depend on your point of view and where you stood on all this. The fact that Anita Sarkeesian never completed her video series on games and has now moved on signals a de-facto admission of defeat on this issue. Likely the best we’ll ever get from someone so self-absorbed



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