The Male Explosion

Gentlemen, there’s a storm on the horizon! Some of you know that it’s coming, some of you can’t sense the growing presence of it, but it’s coming. 40 years from I’m not sure what they’re going to call this storm, But I’m going to call it the “The Cultural Explosion!” It’s going to be the point in time when the lunacy that the regressive left turns around and bites them in the ass. Feminists are especially going to feel this backlash and Feminism as it currently exists today will bear little if any resemblance to what you’re going to see then. Bill Moyer called this the trigger point

So why do I think this storm is going to hit soon? My gut instincts tell me this is going to be the case but in this particular situation I have a recent personal experience to back up this hunch.

Allow me to explain! The past few months have been the most difficult, challenging, stressful, emotional period I’ve had in my life since I cleaned up and stayed clean off Narcotics thirty plus years ago. There isn’t a single area of my life that hasn’t been called to task or challenged in some form or fashion in the last few months. There was, for instance, no way that me the true poster boy for being a happy single guy could’ve even conceived getting into serious relationship issues with a woman*1, but it happened anyway, and it’s still not resolved. The local economy and some personal choices have put me on life support financially and while it ‘looks’ like the worst may finally be over for this. There are still more than enough remaining issues and challenges on my plate to keep me busy for the next few months and possibly even years. That by the way, is just a taste of what I’m dealing with it was a very difficult thing for me in particular to admit openly that somehow a woman had managed to find a gap in my armor and tie me up in knots.

Which leads me to do a projection on what I’ve had to deal with. I didn’t care if a group of insensitive fuckwads that can’t grasp feelings and biology can still happen. I also knew because of my previous experience with the Sterling Institute, 12 Step Programs, and Other support networks. I knew who to ask for feedback, where to go, what to say and the necessary actions to get a grasp on and deal with the feelings and events that were going on in my life. There were some places, where some people were not only not supportive, but insulting and demeaning. One person at a site even suggested that this wasn’t the best place to be discussing the issues.

You know what? That person was right. I didn’t expect or demand support if you go back through my blog to the beginning that above all else I’m doing this blog for me.

But let’s just project out into the mass that is the male species right now. The amount of negative blowback I got specifically around the SK Series. Had I just been a new person checking out the place for the first time and got feedback like that, that person would’ve retreated and never returned? I don’t put too many expectations on Reddit to begin with, but it’s more than likely that there’s been more than a few that have done exactly this. And this doesn’t just apply to Reddit either all the places I posted up about my current situation I got slagged in one form or another. A person looking for and needing support would just leave if they didn’t know better.

Here’s the clincher though most men don’t know where to go or where to look if they need support or help. I’m just one guy, and there’s scarcely a week that doesn’t go by where I’m not referring one man or another to a helpful website. Unfortunately, there’s no way I’d ever refer a man to almost any social media site at this time. Now TIMES that by a few hundred thousand or few million. Lots of men in pain and very few if any places to go to seek help unless they happen to stumble upon some person like me that knows this stuff. Innate male tribalism prevents most men from even looking outside their peer group for most of them.

Seriously where are they going to get support. From the MRM? They do have some things set up, but that’s very limited and anything they do try to set up gets attacked by Feminists and their allies with misandric zeal. You’re certainly not going to get much from Libertarian friendly MGTOW. To expect this kind of help from Red Pillers or PUA would be ridiculous. And The Sterling Institute and related groups? You have to FIND the group first and then in the case of Sterling you have to do a weekend. The thing about Sterling is that they’re fantastic about personal empowerment, but they suck at activism.

So you have limited to no resources for support, and you have a culture that shames men simply for being men. In fact, they’ve even gone so far as to start setting up institutes to ‘cure’ maleness.

Do feel free to go over and rate their page 1 Star should do it don’t you think? If you go there, you’ll notice the site is more about Feminism and shaming men than it does about helping men

What this equates to is the equivalent of a doomsday clock. As more men go through this cultural meat grinder or have someone close to them go through it more of them, wake up. And given the current trend that feminists and SJW’s have taken to doubling down again and again. Yelling louder and more blatantly only brings more attention to their insanity rather than change their minds.


I will say this though given what’s happened to me in the last few weeks I now fully understand why men in my age bracket commit suicide at ever increasing rates. I also understand why some men become absolute and total slaves to the golden pussy! That’s not to say that this is what happened to me. I have been very quiet in regards to, my blog, and now you know why at least in part. I was never suicidal, and I was certainly not tied up in knots over some woman either. I did have some serious issues to deal with and with all due respect I didn’t think that posting this up or discussing it on social media was going to help. In short for weeks, my general attitude was ‘fuck this I’m out of here.’

I’m back, though Like I said I do this blog for me and not for anyone else’s approval. I do hope that someone out there gets something out of what I’ve been doing here.

But here’s the point, if I had this much difficulty in dealing with this issue and I knew what to do. There are likely MANY more that are seriously struggling. All that emotion is going to remain pent up until it finds some expression or release. So times that out by a few million and you have an explosion the likes of which hasn’t happened since the 60’s.

And for the inevitable person that’s going to comment on here about how whiny or limp wristed this whole post was about all I have to say that person is this.

THANK YOU! For proving my point.

  • *1 Not in a relationship need to point this out. The issue is well…complicated

7 thoughts on “The Male Explosion

    1. You wouldn’t know that if you went over to Reddit. The lack of support for most men and the bullying and underhanded tactics that feminists are using to prevent men from getting the support they need is building to the point where it’s damn near critical.


  1. AquinasJohnPaul

    Shit like this is why our society is terrible and needs to be rebooted.

    Godspeed man. You’re a good man, the kind that should be honored and valued. May I live to see such men get their due.

    Liked by 1 person

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