How to Find out who reported you on Facebook

I’m sure almost everyone that’s reading this blog has had someone report them to Facebook for some reason or another just to be a dick about it. Well someone managed to uncover a gap in the reporting system. This blog shows you how to find out who it was. Note here this only applies to people who do this AFTER you’ve been reported in the future it doesn’t allow you to uncover anyone from the past as far as I know.

How to Find out who reported you on Facebook


8 thoughts on “How to Find out who reported you on Facebook

      1. amanda

        I read the linked article and it also didn’t say how to find out WHO reported you, just that certain words will get you banned and if your post is reported enough


      2. It’s got a very limited use. You have to do it at the time you’ve been reported. Even then I’m not sure anymore because the article itself is a couple of years old now and the loophole may have been closed


  1. Alyzza Shane Faigmani

    My account was reported by someone and i didn’t used it . what should i do ? How to find out who reported my account ? Ang their location ?


    1. First did you read the article? Then if you already responded you might have missed the window, Also make a careful note of who was on your blocked list BEFORE you respond. As for location sorry that falls into the doxxing arena and I’m not going there


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