Men’s Domestic Shelter in Arkansas

Got some great news there’s a new men’s shelter domestic violence shelter going up in Arkansas!

This is on top of the Men’s Shelter that’s going up in Dallas

This is great news for men everywhere! What’s not so great though is that if you go to the comments section of the first article, you’ll note that there are the usual group of feminists there using this as an excuse to take a run at the men’s movement in general.

Now normally the response here should be ‘so what!’. The problem is this though allowing feminists to use this win for men as an excuse to bash men in the comments section isn’t cool. So if you’re looking for to make a small contribution to this fight,  and make sure that Feminists and White Knights don’t grandstand on this.

Don’t believe me just take a look at the “Wonderful” examples that I’ve seen there so far

Domestic Shelter1

First let her know your opinion and at the same time if you can, send this place a donation just to call her bluff

Domestic Shelter2

You can plaster this person with examples of how the MRM has been helping out victims of Domestic Violence that are male.

Domestic Shelter3

You can call this idiots bluff six ways to Wednesday!

I also have to let you all know that Auntie Alias has also arrived and is clucking away. Once again I was going to write on something else, but instead, I have to call for internet activism on an article instead.

We need to have more domestic shelters for men in the west. If you have a man that’s a victim of domestic abuse, there are resources here.

The Original writer for this blog has all sorts of information here


And if you need any instructions on how to engage in an online fight? Well I got a whole series on this one that it still ongoing


Why am I doing this? Because this shelter is for MEN and this article is a victory for MEN everywhere and not a place where Feminists get to go and bash MRA’s and The Greater Men’s Movement in General. A stand can be taken here and should be taken here, it doesn’t matter that there may have been nobody from the MRM involved in it’s creation.

I also wrote a blog earlier this year and wrote this on it

4. An ever increasing number of attacks by feminists on the GMM (Greater Men’s Movement)

You’ll see feminists trying to claim victory on even the smallest issue.

Trying to make even the smallest issue look like it’s a shot against men

Deflecting blame onto anything other than themselves

Or even post up hit pieces with little or no substance to back them up

If you thought you saw some stupid crap out last year? All of the articles posted above came out in just the last month. We’re not even three weeks into the year yet!

One other thing you’ll with these articles. When the articles are posted you’ll also see one of two things also happen with greater regularity. Either the writer of the article will have something in the story in an attempt to deflect, blunt or dismiss the comments. Or the article will go up on a site where you can’t comment or the comments will be heavily censored.

*This is the original source

So you can take a stand here and now! 

  • It should be duly noted that RAW Story has resorted to deleting comments that are too challenging, hence proving the point AGAIN about the lack of integrity of the people we’re dealing with

5 thoughts on “Men’s Domestic Shelter in Arkansas

  1. Tom

    Men pay 65-70% of ALL taxes. WE ARE FUNDING IT AS WE DO WOMEN’S SHELTERS.

    Men pay more in and women take more out. Health, pensions etc.

    I was groomed and molested by a WOMAN for 3 years. When I told other women they laughed. The only help I got was from men.

    You women get all the help the western world has to offer. You want to go do feminism ….. go to an Arab country or Africa where the real problem is ….. but no … you won’t … because you know full well what will happen.

    Welcome to the push back cupcake. Long time overdue.

    You feminazis are on the decline. Look at how you are with this. A place to help humans … and you act like this.

    Your days are numbered. People are waking up. This is NOT about equality and you know it’s not.

    You’re like children having your toys taken away.

    Go fight your dead cause elswhere darlings. Let up real equals rebuild a world where your kind are shunned and locked away.

    Nothing but bigotry, hate, venom and bile spew from you.

    Begone with you … we cast you out.


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