This Week In Social Justice 24/01/16



Man Gets 2 Years Jail Time
for White Knighting

Jonathan Dalton, a 27 year old council planning officer, is going to jail for to 2 years after punching a 69 year old pensioner so hard that the man lost 60% of the vision in his right eye. The pensioner, Charles Bonello, was taking the train home and having a conversation with a fellow passenger wherein he opined that women tennis players were overpaid. An unnamed female passenger overheard this, came over and said “I’m a woman, what’s your point?” She then nodded to Dalton, her boyfriend, who came over and smashed the man in the face.

This is some incredibly stupid bullshit right here. This guy had a good job and now has completely fucked up his life just because his girlfriend was offended over some perceived misogyny. This is why you hear people talking about Social Justice Warriors in…

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