Ten words butchered by culturally insensitive SJWs Pt.1



In honor of the recent feminist attack on oxford dictionary, I’ve decided to write a brief homage to the feminist war on English that we’ve been witness to over the last several years, and pour one out for my dead word homies that have lost all meaning due to their constant and persistent misuse at the hands of pontificating feminists that have chosen to show an absolute disregard for an ancient and proud culture to further their political agenda.

Pour one for my dead homies

10) Oppression

Definition of oppression at dictionary.com
One of the main reasons given as justification for the continued existence of feminism, is the systematic and institutionalized oppression of women. Unfortunately, almost all of the examples they give will fail to meet the basic definition. Do you know what the key word in that definition is? It’s authority. To illustrate my point I googled ‘women are oppressed‘ and took the very top result…

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