The SK Series 1/25/16

I just finished watching a series of videos by a MGTOW named Spetsnaz in the particular video called Psychology of a Fighter

Spetsnaz is my personal favorite among the MGTOW’s on YouTube. What Spetsnaz goes into here is that a trained fighter in fighting arts be it boxing or his martial art style Systema. You have to learn how to take punches and hits and remain calm and poised in the face of getting hit frequently and hard.

How this translates into what I’m currently going through with SK is this. The feelings and thoughts I’m experiencing at this time haven’t been experienced by me in a long time. The experience of dealing with and processing those thoughts and feelings now as opposed to say a decade ago are very revealing indeed. For instance, if my mind is allowed to wander or dwell too long on SK I start harboring very traditional thoughts on relationships and what they mean. I also find myself hoping that maybe, this time, this one will somehow see me for the person that I am and leave the guy she’s currently fucking. Unlike ten or fifteen years ago I’m nowhere near as deluded about the reality anymore.

Tonight again I had to go take a long walk in the winter air to clear my head, and not about SK either. This time, it was because I realized that with rare exceptions every single woman I’ve ever been involved with was seeing someone else at the time. And that one exception she ended up hooking up and having kids with a guy who ended up becoming one of my best friends for a while. And if I ran into him today we would still be friends too.

That pattern simply isn’t a coincidence and while I haven’t had the time yet to process an answer as to why this happens or what my thought process is on this. Mostly because I just took it all for granted until now. More on this as it progresses.

But getting back to the original point of the video here I’m getting all of these insights into my character and thus processing feelings and asking questions about myself that I haven’t posed in over a decade. Big difference between now and then is that I’m Red Pill/MGTOW/MRA now, plus I’ve also been blessed with a run as a PUA as well. Thus, I’m taking hits that I haven’t taken for a while but now with training so instead of simply giving into panic and doing something stupid. This time, I’m processing the feelings and reactions and then I’m acting in a manner that best suits my interest. Not just going down the same path and hoping that it’ll be different this time. Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity by the way.


I can now safely say that I was indeed insane about the relationship area of my life because I did indeed for most of my life do the same thing, over and over again expecting different results. It wasn’t until the very late 90’s that I became Purple Pill and only very recently became full on Red Pill. So I was Magenta for an extended period


I have said that my taking of the Red Pill was a timed release capsule, so this isn’t all that surprising.

So what do I do with this new piece of information? Well, luckily Spetsnaz also made this video which I also happened to look at tonight.

It would be insane for me to assume that SK is going to be different. She may at heart be a decent person although the fact that if I played my game right, I could get in with her suggests that she’s not as moral a person as she presents to the public. I’m not going to harbor any fantasies about SK being the one. Experience shows that is very unlikely and taking a bet and going all in is absolutely out of the question. I do still have needs, though, and I have to address those needs. Yeah, I’m a MGTOW but I’m not a strict male isolationist and even if I did go that way. The people I associate with would still be associating with women. So either way, I’m still subject to some form of judgment by women. I don’t have to be controlled by that opinion or approval.

This was a lesson I learned from my early days in the 12 step program when I was living in Banff and had to live with active addicts. The people I lived with were pretty decent people when they weren’t using. Only the problem was that there were a couple friends of theirs that were just guy that was just plain bad. And because I was working and living with active addicts who associated with this guy I had to accept this person, whether I liked it or not. In hindsight, I should’ve just reported my co-workers to my boss, and the problem of dealing with him would’ve been over. It also would’ve meant my friends would’ve been fired as well, but you live and learn.

Learning skills in dealing with women, even if it’s only on a professional level is essential in my opinion. You might remember ICMI in 2014 if you recall Jeff Sharlet the asshole who wrote that hit piece for GQ?

Well, he had an associate with him and woman named Blair. That woman had an association with someone at that convention. Luckily for Sage Gerard, he didn’t initiate too much contact with Blair. I suspect that someone with less skill might’ve been taken in enough for Jeff Sharlet to try and claim some assault happened.

So even MGTOW require some skill in dealing with women. Do not think for one second that Feminists and their allies won’t try to use this lack of skill against you.

And that’s what these hits have been bringing out in me. A way to process feelings and emotions that otherwise might’ve surfaced at a time when they could’ve got me in trouble. If nothing else happens between SK and me the, lessons learned in the last few days have been invaluable.




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