The Red Pill: LifeBlood of the blue pill

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The Family Alpha

What would happen to the feminazis & white knights if they got all of their wishes? What would they do if there were no masculine men left on the face of this planet?

The answer is simple, they would cease to have purpose or they would they create a new ‘oppressor’ or enemy to direct their attacks against. What many BluePill & WhiteKnight men are afraid to admit is that if the masculine guys go away, they’d still be sitting in the friendzone. They still would be the ‘Nice Guy’ who is a sneaky slug hiding his true intentions and only showing what he’s been told women want to see, and the bluepill fuck would still be unable to ‘get the girl’.

On the flip side, if the feminazis and whiteknights were to disappear, masculine men would carry on business as usual. The masculine (Red Pill) man’s purpose and…

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