Decisions, Decisions

I was going to write today about Gregory Alan Elliot today. And how the decision the judge is going to be making tomorrow could set the tone for gender relations for the next few months. It will set the tone for the next few months of that there is no doubt. For me though I’ve found that I’m

For me though I’ve found that I have to put something that I talked about back in October in this blog into real life practice. Back in October, I wrote a blog called ‘Even a Confirmed Bachelor still needs to take precautions’.

In this blog, I stated that even if you become totally comfortable with the idea and concept of being a confirmed bachelor that biology and circumstances could still cause women to enter into your life and sometimes feelings can just sneak up on you even with due diligence. In this case, it was a place I frequent on an a regular basis I meet associates in this place. I’m a regular, and I maintain a friendly association with the staff there because I’m a regular there. But there was someone there, she’s cute, she likes me I liked her and had I not known the things that I know now I probably would’ve just jumped in with both feet damn the consequences! But yesterday after the I finished up delivering the good news to my film group I left the meeting and headed straight for my regular hangout. About half a block away though it hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn’t going there just to have coffee I was ALSO going over there to see her!

Yeah, what can I say I’m only human!

I Caught myself went somewhere else and then spent the next thirty minutes dealing with the inner child that didn’t understand why I decided to go somewhere else. The place I went to though the staff is a little rude and inconsiderate. And I don’t like the coffee or ambience at the other two places. That feeling is one that I know that any guy can identify. That conflict and fear that I should’ve gone over there and that not going there is essentially allowing this other woman (Who was working that shift by the way) my power. At the same time, I damn well know that if I play my cards right, I’m in there. With all of the pitfalls and. I have the game, and I do know how to play it I choose 95% of the time not to because well I can’t be bothered and my identity isn’t tied into getting laid, what I own or what my girlfriend looks like, But well then there’s also EGO! What ego is telling me is this “You going to let another one go?”

So I finished my coffee headed home on my way home I posed this question to myself. What is the solution for this problem? The place is a regular hangout for me I meet associates, sometimes conduct business, chill out, write do all sorts of things in this establishment. Most of which don’t involve her at all. When she was there, I was aware that she was there, and I know that she was aware that I’m there too. But now that I’m aware of this awareness going there now will be like sitting in a room with someone constantly poking you with a stick. There are some options here, and I’ve weighed each of them out.

Option #1 Stop going there

The easiest solution, It’ll take me a couple of weeks to find a place that stays open late and allows me to go online and do work like what I’m doing now. Which was why I started going there in the first place. All the other places that stay open late in my neighborhood serve alcohol which is something I’m not OK with. I can and do do some of my work at home. Sometimes though I need to get out of my apartment, or I’m not there for a long period. I also got to point out that once a woman reaches this level in your mind. You’re constantly saying “Coulda. woulda, shoulda, mighta” Let me tell you something about this feeling, it sucks. Yeah, it’s coming from that stupid drooling idiot called ego but knowing that doesn’t make the regret any less.

Option #2 Let the situation play itself out

I was going to this place LONG before she started working there and will probably be going there after she’s gone! Working on a blog, creative writing or scripts is going to require a little more concentration to get anything done at this place now. What prompted my awareness that something a little more serious that flirting had started was when she started giving me the hairy eyeball whilst snuggling with her boyfriend a couple of days ago. I’ll admit I got a bit of a rush out of this because now I knew that things I had suspected were now true. I’ll just have to be patient with this and whatever happens happens. The other part of this though is that I’d be (Yet again) the other guy. So I’d have to make sure my personal priorities were coming ahead of anything to do with her.

Option #3

I’m not looking for a relationship. I don’t need a relationship, and from what I’ve seen getting into one isn’t going to help me in the least. But we could just use each other as booty calls? Not like this hasn’t happened before. Don’t have to look at her as if she’s the one because I’m not looking for ‘the one’ anymore. This option also has its pitfalls, and I had better make sure all my precautions are in place, and if you’re not sure what they are well here they are from a book I suggest that even MGTOW read called ‘How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid.’


These suggestions are from Chapter 1

  1. When it comes to sex: If a woman says “No.” it always means “No!”
  2. Never spend more than $60 on a date. (Less is better)
  3. Treat a woman the way she dresses
  4. Know your objective
  5. Never bring a woman into your home until you do a full background check on her
  6. Never have sex without a condom. Always provide and dispose of your own condoms
  7. Never let a woman know your personal financial information
  8. If you are under the age of 40 and without children, do not date women who are single parents
  9. At the first sign of inappropriate behavior leave her immediately!
  10. After a one night stand, always take her out to breakfast or coffee.


For the record, I’m also MGTOW, while I’m not a complete isolationist I know the risks. And I know the precautions. Going to be meditating on this one for a day or so to come up with the answer. Like I said before I don’t want this one woman to make me readjust my life just to completely avoid her. A solution is needed, though, and quickly too.





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