My Guesses for 2016

This is one of the last things I need to do to start of 2016. I already did the review and the look back at how well I did and didn’t do for predictions in 2015. I didn’t do all that badly either, have to point out that I missed on a few as well.  Last year was the first time in my lifetime that the right might’ve had the moral ground as opposed to pretending that they did. Depending on your point of view the two sides were fighting in a large hole that’s slowly going down.

What I didn’t see this year was feminists walking around at the end of 2015 openly declaring what a great year it was for feminism because it wasn’t. In fact, since the Battle of Montreal feminists have been sliding downhill at what appears to be an ever increasing wait. How bad was it you ask? Well, it was so bad that there was a possible coordinated sucker punch delivered to MRA’s just before Christmas. And then there was also another one shot at Gamergate before Christmas was over. What I can suggest from this is that there’s a growing feeling of desperation (A topic I’ve blogged about by the way) And a possible need to do something, anything to try and regain the narrative.

So just like last year, no crystal balls, tarot cards, numerology, astrology or anything else is being used in these projections. Just a guy looking at the situation (with a bias) then guessing what the most likely counter thrust and the reaction are against that move would be. You need to keep in mind here that we’re now up against opponents that know they’re losing.


  1. A Politicizing of the gender issue

OK, Let’s just say it! That means that by the middle of the year we won’t be able to avoid politics no matter how badly we may want to. There are a couple of implications over this. Depending on who wins the nominations and what happens in the election race and how it goes is going to be setting the tone for the next few years. But how will this affect the MRM, Gamergate, MGTOW and Red Pill?

If the election is close, like a one to two percent difference then one of two things will happen depending on what the two major parties. The Republicans will either play the Men’s Rights Card in an attempt to put them over the top.  There are a lot of factors that play into this beforehand. Now depending on whether this puts the Republicans over the top or not will likely move this issue to center stage.

The second way the election will play into this gender issue will be on who wins the election. If it’s the Democrats, the SJW’s and Feminists will view this as an endorsement of what they’ve been doing. Which will cause the now infamous trigger event to happen sooner than later?

ANYONE who thinks that this issue won’t bleed into gender is likely fooling themselves. In the recent Canadian Election, the leaders of the major political parties here chose not to have a debate on gender issues.

Will the United States be lucky enough to avoid this? Probably not.

2. Open calls for arrests and harassment of MRA/MGTOW/Red Pill

The opposition threw almost everything they had at us last year! There was even a call for a public lynching via Roosh V’s battle of Montreal. In just the last few weeks I’ve seen two cheap shot hit pieces and a very pathetic attempt at deflection of the issue that occurred in Cologne, Germany on new years day.

This piece by VICE is likely the single worst article I’ve ever seen written by the Feminist Crowd. It ranks as only the second time that even other feminists didn’t come to the article and defend it in some way.

You’re going to see a whole lot more of this as the year progresses. Accusations will be thrown out there with little or no substance to back them up. But this isn’t the worst that might happen. Actual arrests of MRA’s is a very real possibility. The whole narrative here is to keep throwing accusations out and hope they stick. And damn the consequences to their cause doing it. What you see here is an attempt to personalize the conflict in an attempt to distract from the actual issues. How much this gets used though will depend on point number 3 on this blog.

Special note here: As I was writing this I had to come back and add this. There was a veiled call to throw Milos Yiannapoulos in jail on a recent morning talk show.


3. Gregory Alan Elliot not guilty

I’m going with not guilty here; I’m going to say it’s somewhere around the 95-98% likelihood that he’s not guilty. The back story is quite simple here. Two feminists got together and conspired with a few other feminists to make a public example of Gregory Alan Elliot and to use this prosecution throw a wet blanket on the debate. Even if that wet blanket accomplished next to nothing.

The events started WAY back in 2012! I say way back because the landscape with this issue has altered so much in just three-plus years, that what seemed like a good idea by Stephanie Guthrie and her allies to silence one man, has now turned into a full-scale fight for civil rights and what direction it’s going to go in.

Any guilty verdict even a minor wrist slap on Gregory Alan Elliot will be declared a huge victory for feminism. It will also mean that you’ll start seeing anyone inside the greater men’s movement* potentially facing arrest and imprisonment simply for disagreeing too strongly with feminists and SJW’s online. It will also make men very mad and will move the clock much closer to the stage four trigger event that you keep seeing me harp on about endlessly.

What happens after that? Well, then there’s a massive declaration of victory on our side. I see feminists becoming very quiet after that. After all, this was their only remaining shot at taking back the initiative they lost back in 2013. When they do come out of the castle again, it’ll get a whole lot nastier. Even more, than it is at the moment.

Incidentally here’s an Indiegogo support page for Gregory Alan Elliot

* Greater men’s movement is my personal term for the totality of the Men’s Movement. Meaning MRA, MGTOW, Red Pill, PUA, Sterling Institute, Promise Keepers and a few others. 

4. An ever increasing number of attacks by feminists on the GMM (Greater Men’s Movement)

You’ll see feminists trying to claim victory on even the smallest issue.

Trying to make even the smallest issue look like it’s a shot against men

Deflecting blame onto anything other than themselves

Or even post up hit pieces with little or no substance to back them up

If you thought you saw some stupid crap out last year? All of the articles posted above came out in just the last month. We’re not even three weeks into the year yet!

One other thing you’ll with these articles. When the articles are posted you’ll also see one of two things also happen with greater regularity. Either the writer of the article will have something in the story in an attempt to deflect, blunt or dismiss the comments. Or the article will go up on a site where you can’t comment or the comments will be heavily censored.

5. Feminism drops the ball on an issue, possibly even more than once

If you look at the previous articles, you’ll see that all of them were self-defeating in one way or another. None of those shots did more damage than the complete inability of feminists and the regressive left media*, to call out the assaults that happened in Cologne and other places in Europe on New Years Day.

Yep folks, doesn’t get any better this! The regressive left completely botched this. 2016 wasn’t even a week old, and the ball horribly. This last video by Atheism is Unstoppable (A guy I don’t usually watch) sums up how badly it got dropped.

The thing is though that there will likely be more of these as 2016 proceeds.

6. The Beast that is MGTOW starts to emerge in full force. 

2015 Saw MGTOW emerge as a different yet overlapping group with both the MRM and Red Pill. MGTOW will completely come out as it’s own in 2016. You may even see a few people that are Anti MGTOW emerge in 2016. I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again MGTOW is the silent killer that can and will define the gender issue if by some incredible fluke the opposition manages to silence or stop the other branches of the growing GMM*

Expect more attacks to be directed at MGTOW although not nearly ass much as the other branches will.

*GMM- Greater Men’s Movement

7. Women start taking the Red Pill!

There is a waking up process going on, and it’s happening to everyone whether they want it to or not.

I will be doing a blog in a week or two about women and their taking of the red pill. The experience from what little I’ve seen with women that have (And there are some that have) Is every bit as jolting and shocking for them as it is for us. Maybe even more so because women have a tendency not to want to rock the boat.

As you can see from the video below the occasional woman is taking the Red Pill

Now, Whether Essena O’Neill is the real deal or whether she’s simply having a bout of teen angst is debatable. The feelings of anger and confusion and what to do next are something I experienced when I took the red pill too.

Expect more like this, most of them will be quieter than Essena was, but they’re out there. And thanks to Feminists everywhere the slope is only getting steeper.

8. Threats and Arrests of Men’s Activists

What you saw with Gregory Alan Elliot will happen a whole lot more. The fact that the charges against Gregory Alan Elliot likely won’t stick is beside the point. We’re dealing with an increasingly desperate opponent. There will likely be some arrests and the threats? OH YEAH, better get your game face on because this is the year it gets ugly. If the trigger event doesn’t happen, I’ll be relieved, but it’s 50/50 at the moment. Expect to get threats on an increasing basis. There’s likely also an MRA out there that may not live to see 2017!

9. Convention in London this June MUST happen!  

I was dead wrong about Houston in 2015. But given the situation with A Voice for Men losing support and no clear alternative arising at the moment. At this time, A Voice for Men is getting less support than We Hunted The Mammoth

THIS simply put, is a situation that simply cannot continue. Paul Elam and company over that site are going to have to do some changes SOON. Or someone can and will step into the vacuum and with all due respect, Roosh V isn’t that guy.

Hence, this convention must happen. Even if it’s just 100 or 200 people the very fact it got held will be a win this year. Especially in the face of ramped up rhetoric. I think it will happen, and it’ll happen in the face of some very tough opposition.

10. Another Men’s Rights Group Emerges.

Will happen either slowly or quickly depending on whether or not AVfM makes the necessary quickly or decides not to do them. What are those changes? Well, I’m not in that crowd so I can’t say for sure. Support is clearly declining, and it will get filled with someone else if they don’t get their act together.

11. Other media sites start becoming sympathetic to men’s issues.

Currently, the people in media that I can count on to be fair are Milos Yannapoulos, Lauren Southern, and David Pakman. As we get closer to election day, you’ll start seeing other people take a closer look. Expect to see more and better support as 2016 progresses. Although I hesitate to say it Cassie Jayes Documentary “The Red Pill” may turn out to be a siren call.


12. Dissention inside feminism.

The rate of outright lies, threats, dishonesty, blaming and other factors especially after the convention in London or during the election will likely see Feminists start to turn on each other. Less support means a smaller pie to go around. You’re also going to possibly see some feminists out and out jump ship. We may even be lucky enough to see one try and pretend that s/he was a supporter of men all along.

13. Casualties inside the GMM

Be it sheer fatigue, circumstance or outright threat and intimidation. You will see a few people drop out this year. I do want to be wrong on this one; life does have a habit of happening, though. Gains will outstrip the losses though

14. Divorce, Child Custody, and Alimony issue grind slowly back in men’s favor

The wheels of justice move real slow but they do turn and they’ll turn ever so slowly towards the men as the issues facing men become more prominent

So how will 2016 end? That will all depend on what happens in two critical places. What happens with Gregory Alan Elliot and what happens in the presidential race this year. The most likely outcome will mean that Men’s Rights is probably going to get kicked down the road to 2017. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be a nasty year. And let me make very clear here 2016 is going to be nasty. We have an opponent that losing and getting very desperate. That desperation had already emerged this year before I even had to chance to finish this blog. On the good side, Men and their issues will be much further ahead than they are now. The regressive left that includes Feminists, SJW’s and Black Lives Matter amoung others will be looking at fewer resources to fight a larger, more numerous and stronger opponents. They will still be larger and more numerous than we are although their legitimacy will take a serious pounding that they won’t recover from.

On the bad side, the fight is going to get much uglier, there will be casualties as some men will start to feel the fatigue of an extended culture war. Others might have to drop out because of circumstances, but there will be losses. But as many hits as we took? The regressive left will be serious trouble especially if the Republicans win the White House. Not that the Republicans are much better than the Democrats. A Republican will give the left something else to focus on besides us.

So the words for 2016 are “Game the Fuck on baby!”


15 thoughts on “My Guesses for 2016

  1. john smith

    1. Disagree. Gender will not be politicalized other than the “War on Women” typical narrative. Men’s issues will not be addressed by anyone.

    2. Agree. There will be open calls for arrest of male anti-feminists.

    3. Disagree. Eliot will be found guilty of something. You are making the mistake of believing courts are there to enforce law. They are there to enforce politics.

    4. Agree. Attacks on the GMM will increase in frequency and viciousness.

    5. Agree. Feminists always lose logical debates. But them being even more stupid will not help men. Crying, not logic, stirs white knights to action.

    6. Agree. “The Beast that is MGTOW” (what a great phrase) will continue to grow geometrically and may go exponential. MGTOW is the silent killer (another great phrase) and is the only strategy that has any hope of success.

    7. Agree and disagree. Women will start taking the Red Pill only in response to MGTOW. They don’t give a shit about men – never have, never will. They will use this as a strategy to get us back to the plantation. That’s all.

    8. Agree. Roosh will see the inside of a jail cell in 2016.

    9. Agree. The London meet-up will occur but it will be attacked with a thousand times more bile than Detroit. The men who attend it may as well be walking across the bridge in Selma, Alabama. Some will be arrested.

    10. Agree. Other men’s rights groups will emerge to get on the band wagon. They will be as ineffective as all the MRA groups before them. MGTOW is the only strategy with a hope.

    11. Agree. Other sites will become sympathetic to jump on the band wagon.

    12. Disagree. Dissension will occur inside the femherd but feminists are monolithic and determined. Nothing will ever stop their mouths or unity.

    13. Agree. Our enemies will use the same tactic a dozen police officers use to control hundreds or thousands of demonstrators. They will single out a target from the group to be made an example of. The group will flee in panic. Roosh will be the example and some others will cower because of it.

    14. Disagree totally. Tyrants never back off. They will double down. What many men keep forgetting is that this whole gender war (for the past 20 years) is not about gender. It is about transferring wealth from beta males to the male financial elites using women as the conduit and useful idiots that they are. Follow the money.

    The fight is going to get a lot uglier. MGTOW will be the catalyst. When the femherd starts running out of voluntary victims, they will turn to the government to supply them with involuntary victims, otherwise know as slaves. Taxation will be the weapon.

    Great article. The storm is coming. Prepare yourself.


    1. Absolutely they’re going to go after someone to throw them in jail. Even if it’s just for a day. Roosh V is the most likely choice. I’m not a pessimistic about the MRM as you are though.

      I definitely like the Selma example for London. There’s a lot riding on what happens with that verdict this friday.

      Also agreed about women. Their reasons for taking the red pill are going to be different from mens

      These are all speculative guesses and I was wrong on about 1/3 of them and sort of right, sort of wrong on another 1/3 so we’ll see


  2. Mustafaaaa

    Hm, what is all the fuss about 2016? I’ve seen it a couple of times, people insinuating that 2016 will be a “turning point” or a “special year” of sorts. I don’t think men’s issues/MGTOW and their fellowship/enemies are that static of a phenomenon, there won’t be fixed points in time where there will be significant changes regarding the increase/withdrawal of overall support or opposition.
    What truly makes or breaks gynocentrism are advances in technology, such as VR, the artificial womb etc. As TFMonkey pointed out, feminism gained considerable momentum once the consequences of unleashed female sexuality were removed due to the pill (and previously already through antibiotics).


    1. 2016 is an election year and sometimes events happen in a way that they all just confluence at one point and place in time.

      This is what’s happening here. Gregory Alan Elliot for instance that trial and all the melodrama involved with it should’ve ended a couple of years ago. The people that railroaded him though kept trying to milk it and they also kicked the can down the road last September to the point where the judge will be making a formal ruling this Friday.

      AVFM cancelled their convention for Houston. Thier popularity has been in free fall since August and they’re now in a spot where they MUST get a win (Even a small convention in London in June would suffice) or risk becoming irrelevant.

      Feminists and SJW’s also took a severe hammering in 2015 on every front. You didn’t see any feminist swagger out of 2015 declaring it was a great year for feminism. They started going into serious meltdown after a massive effort in Montreal to stop Roosh V failed miserably. That same week Jessica Valenti also got exposed as a complete idiot and there were also a couple of other events. So they’ve been in an ever increasing decline and they know it. Although they’ll never admit it. So they’re desperate to get something, anything to turn it around.

      So yes, 2016 is going to be pivotal events have lined up to make it so. I don’t see an absolute backbreaker happening in 2016,what I do see though is a loading and cocking of pistols taking place.


  3. KHOT

    I do think that 2016 will be the year of massive attempts on censoring MGTOW on sites like Facebook, or Twitter with both companies actively joining the feminist rescue army. Either now, or in 2017 it can actually happen.


      1. john smith

        I just saw something on the news about the former CEO of Mozilla starting a new browser company called “Brave”. I am not a techie, but perhaps those of our brotherhood who are can investigate and advise our community. Just a thought.


  4. Women are trying to get in MGTOW pages. They are being blocked almost unanimously. I predict they may complain this is discrimination based on gender. I guess what then? Get all of us MGTOWs on an email list to each other instead or communicate via snail mail? Ideas about how to handle this possibility? Almost unanimously we demand our own space and feel we have the right to that. Will other closed pages then be forced ‘open’ as a result? Interesting that MRA’s, MGTOW’s, etc can be considered a ‘threat’ but a page like “Soldiers Deserve To Die…” is given immunity? And I’m supposed to take these clowns seriously? lol The lunatics really ARE running the asylum! lol


    1. Unless these social media websites have an actual court order then we have every right to have a space to ourselves.

      Seriously I’m expecting that there will be some pretty nasty hit pieces about MGTOW in the next few months. We can just laugh away at this. Hell we can even admit them on some occasions it won’t mean shit because most MGTOW are beyond being shamed and are sure as hell not seeking female approval


      1. john smith

        Neroke – AVFM is showing its true colors as just another female pandering tradcon site while continuing its war on MGTOW. I was recently banned from AVFM for questioning the motive of a female professor guest video. In my post I stated I was a “confirmed MGTOW”. The Disqus moderator for AVFM who banned me is, surprise, a female. Why in the world would Elam put a female in such a powerful position of a supposed men’s rights organization? There is no good reason to have a female in that position. Elam is a charlatan in this for the money and his ego. What else is new?


      2. You’re not the first one that’s mentioned something like this. I personally don’t post this blog up at AVfM myself. They haven’t done anything to me in particular though

        I get the pandering part, they’ve been doing that a little too much lately.


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