This Week In Social Justice 10/01/16



New Year’s in Cologne

New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany saw an incident of mass sexual assault that seems unprecedented in the modern history of western European nations. As information emerges on this every day, it is becoming more and more evident that these were  coordinated and planned attacks, giving rise to public protests.

So what do these attacks mean when viewed through the lens of the regressive left? Well, for those paying attention it seems to be that the fear of appearing racist trumps the outrage of shining a light on what an actual rape culture looks like. Surely feminists primary concern would be preventing public policy that might be shown to directly lead to the increased assault and rape of women, right? Right?

racist-outrageOh Clem, you’re incorrigible.

This attitude of treating minorities as a protected class where criticism is not permissible due to the taboo…

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