#GamerGate: Deviant Art Rant About Feminism

#GamerGate Portal

Just a copy and paste of my Deviant Art rant:

The question I want answered is when did feminism become about equality? I’m sorry, but historically it’s only focus was women’s rights being equal to men’s rights (ie. it focused on the perception that women were less than men and needed more rights). The problem with perception is that it is entirely subjective as history has shown us. Women wanted the right to vote, but history showed that women in rich families did in fact vote. Women wanted equal pay, and got it in the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which makes it illegal to pay women less based on gender. The pay gap is thrown around so much that it is comical to see how many ignore that there are studies that have been done that show the pay gap is a feminist manufactured myth. Same with the 1…

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