This Week In Social Justice 20/12/15

Hey if you’ve seen ‘This week in Stupid’ by Sargon of Akkad this is a blog version of it by I, Hypocrite. Hopefully this turns into a regular run


Oberlin College goes Full Mcintosh


The students of Oberlin must have been jealous of all the attention Yale and Missouri College got last month, and decided to stage their own protests that would garner international media attentionmockery and even have some questioning the legitimacy of the demands being circulated. Featured above is some of the demands, but not all that were included in the 14 page document, (I’m aware the linked document is 9 pages, I’m sure you can find the rest if you feel like there’s something in there that has been omitted that will justify the rest of it) which includes other demands such as “black only safe spaces“. Which struck me as interesting because a timely video also landed on my facebook feed from notorious SJW Kat Blaque asking the deeply philosophical and in no way inherently racist question, can black people be…

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