The Christmas War! How MGTOW saved the holidays

This is a story about a couple of slimy people (One a feminist and another a mangina). These two people decided likely in collusion that Christmas would be a very good time to take a run at the MRM and the Men’s Movement in general. I say likely in collusion because the two places that published these articles VICE and GQ have both in the past published blatant hit pieces on the MRM, MGTOW and Red Pillers before. All you have to do is look at what both of them wrote about ICMI in Detroit in 2014

What happened here is pretty well known so I’ll sum it up. Jeff Sharlet was at ICMI in Detroit in 2014. Did a bunch of interviews had some woman with him whose name I can’t remember but she was into dog sledding. During the weekend, he took a bunch of photos interviewed some people and left. A few months later he published his story where it turns out the girl was there to possibly get one of the men into a compromising situation, and he also had a guy named Albert Calabrese there and featured his photo near the top of the article insinuating that MRA’s were pedophiles.

The second was almost as blatant.The original title of the video on Youtube was Meet the Women inside Men’s Rights about a week later they changed the title and hoped nobody would notice. They did VICE has also run stories on MGTOW, and the ‘wonderful’ piece that they did on a men’s rights group in Australia managed to derail any gains that Emma Watson managed to gain by her UN Speech.

Again the date of Emma Watsons speech

Five Worst Emma Watson

Not to mention the hit piece they also did about MGTOW

So yes I do believe that I’ve established that both of these publications couldn’t be trusted. And the actions of that happened on December 21, 2015, shouldn’t be surprising at all. What I didn’t think was going to happen was this.

On December 21, 2015, both of these articles came out. This was also likely coordinated although I will never prove it. GQ Britain and VICE magazine came out with what could only be called Misandric hit pieces.

Both articles are blatantly misandric in fact Chelsea Summers writer of the VICE article wrote this in her story

On the whole, however, 2014’s misandry was flavored with wry bemusement and detached irony. We women joked around a lot about liking men like we liked our coffee—ground up and in the freezer—but we didn’t seem serious. We splashed around in kiddie pools filled with male tears, and we wore our “misandry” nameplate necklaces; we held hands and chanted “ban all men” at our coven meetings; later, we recited theMisandrist’s Prayer while looking at pictures of cats.

But in 2015, misandry changed and chic got real. Misandry isn’t as simple as hating men. Just as misogyny is less a dislike of women and more a network of practice built on the oppression of women, misandry is a seething rage against patriarchal power, not just a dislike of men. And maybe it was born in irony, but it has hardened with.

Needless to say,  the comments section destroyed the article. The VICE piece that was likely a little too blatant the furor died down in a couple of days. On GQ however, the fighting in the comments section lasted past Christmas. In fact, as I’m writing this there are still three or four diehard Misandrists on there still typing away for all it’s worth. There was and still is a blatant attempt to pin it all on Paul Elam including accusations that he tried to make the article about him even though he only commented once or twice in total.

Another thing that came up was the number of women commenting about male tears. Of course, what they forgot was that between the time that Feminists first came up with that word and now. The men’s movement has taken over the definition and if you google the term “Definition for Male Tears” then click on the first link you get you get this

Slang for semen. Sometimes sold as merchandise (mugs, t-shirts, etc) and purchased by women to low key indicate they perform oral sex.
Nick: What did you get Jennifer for her birthday?
Joe: I bought her a male tears mug. She earned it after the blowjob she gave me last week.Jack: I’m going to ask Jill if she’ll be in our bukkake.
Kurt: Jill is into that sort of thing?
Jack: Yeah, haven’t you seen her “I bathe in male tears” shirt?Jonas: Swallow or spit?
Christine: Male tears are delicious!
Jonas: Sweet!

So yeah it’s been far from a quiet Christmas for MRA’s at the very least. But that all changed on December 26th.

Just like a boxing day sale special. Wikipedia of all places came to the rescue of the Men’s Movement.And by default undid all the damage and hate and bad emotions that the slimy assholes Rupert Myers and Chelsea Summers had been attempting to do before the holidays, MGTOW got recognized by Wikipedia!

But that’s not all not only did that happen by Brianna Wu and Zoey Quinn went and also handed us Christmas bonuses as well.

So we got the last shots in and can now go into the new year on not just a high but a wave of victory. Had Wikipedia waited even one week to post up the MGTOW link it likely wouldn’t have taken as much edge off the articles by GQ and VICE that it did. It isn’t a coincidence that the haters started falling like flies

What happened to me was this. I was angry about these articles, very angry. That anger was there because it appeared and likely is that these articles were coordinated and sent out with the intention of getting a parting shot in at the men’s movement at a time when most people were headed away for the holidays and either wouldn’t or couldn’t respond because of circumstances, namely it being Christmas.

This is the functional equivalent of a boxer delivering two low blows to their opponent after the bell to signal the end of the round had rung. The articles were written with the full intention of being hateful and with full intention that they would upset people and make some people angry. And that some people wouldn’t be able to respond or rebut because of circumstances. Not that we should be all that surprised earlier this year another group of feminists likely manufactured a Facebook site and tried to pass it off as a men’s rights site (*1 See footnote)

So MGTOW came along (via Wikipedia) to hand these two idiots their ass and manage to secure the last win of the year. Then Brianna Wu and Zoey Quinn went and put the icing on the victory cake for the Greater Men’s movement. So MGTOW’s if you read this go and take a victory lap. (Just one mind you)



Now there are some things that need to be considered about this whole event for next time. And make no mistake about this there will be a next time!

For starters, the opposition has decided that there will no longer be any breaks in the fight. Anyone that’s willing to try something like this at the time they did isn’t above trying to spring a surprise on the Greater Men’s Movement. They’ve now established a new low bar for themselves. The next thing to consider here is that Feminists and SJW’s have started to figure out that they’re not going to win by staying in the echo chamber. They figured this out sooner than I expected, but I was going to say that there was going to be an upswing in the number of attacks the Men’s Movement was going to see as 2016 progressed in a future blog post.

The fighting is going to get nastier and more vitriolic as 2016 goes on as well. You also are going to see more blatant lies in the media so you better get used to getting pissed about media reports because they’re going to be more frequent and less truthful. You had better also get used to longer and nastier comment section fights I started seeing an upswing in this in October and it’s got to the point now that almost every piece now has two or three feminists or SJW’s that will hang around to get pasted in the comments. I’ve also noticed an upswing in jumpers, these are people that will just randomly jump into an engagement and start attacking you. In fact, at the GQ article, this happened to me twice today. You’ll also be seeing more crap like this video

Don’t despair people! What you’re seeing here is exactly what I talking about earlier. A tired, lazy out of shape boxer has done everything to try to take down the smaller but more skilled and determined opponent and NOTHING has worked. Therefore, our opponent has to resort to low blows, cheap shots, and lies to keep up the narrative. There will be more vitriol and misandry being dished out. There will be more feminists and white knights coming on to men’s sites. They will not be any smarter, or better debaters. but if you’re on your toes you can now commence with the online slaughter of your opponents in 2016 on a large scale. And unlike before where you had to go to echo chamber sites to fight them they’ll be coming after you. And since we all know that Feminists really don’t give a flying fuck about their white knight supporters except for how disposable they are. They will quite happily send or call on them and send them to be cut to ribbons at the gates of logic.

Just remember what you’re seeing here isn’t a stronger opponent that’s circling for the kill. You’re seeing desperation as Feminists and SJW’s double down again and again with ever reducing returns. The very definition of insanity.

So here’s to MGTOW, Brianna Wu and Zoey Quinn for handing us the last wins of the year.

*1 It’s been brought to my attention that there’s no absolute, conclusive evidence that the Facebook Group No Hymen no Diamond was a feminist shell game. There were irregularities that strongly suggested it. But there’s no rock solid smoking gun to say that this is what happened for 100% certainty






















5 thoughts on “The Christmas War! How MGTOW saved the holidays

      1. Follow the link in the user-name, Neroke, and you’ll see why “Eye Organics Relief Cream” came in as spam. That kind of bland, blind praise is the MO of a Russian spambot that we had some trouble with last year on GYOW….


  1. Paul

    That woman who says:
    “Women’s voices have more authority than men’s voices.
    For me its incredibly important to get female allies.”

    Are you for real? do you really think this is a good video.

    And what is you’re obsession with semen about? If you were that much of a lad surely you could make some jokes about vagina.


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