Circumcision (Updated 14/11/15)

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Circumcision is purported to have numerous medical benefits, however the research does not support this claim. Circumcision does not greatly reduce the chance of penile cancer, STIs, STDs, or HIV. Circumcision also reduces healthy genital tissue against the will of the child – a human rights violation.

Many are told that circumcision is not painful, or that babies do not cry during the procedure. If they didn’t cry, it’s because they went into shock. After screaming in pain, choking, and hyperventilating, they were in so much pain that they did the only thing they could: they went into shock. Shock is the brain’s last resort when under extreme amounts of pain and distress. Not only that but the pain of circumcision causes lasting trauma that changes how a child behaves later in life – permanently altering the brain.
Circumcision is not just “a little snip”, it is extraordinarily painful…

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