Keyboard Warrior (Part 10)

This blog should get us through all the codes and then I can go into fallacies and things that I’ve picked up about online activism WHILE I’ve been doing this narrative.

So where were we? Oh Yes, Code Pearl from this blog.

One of the most common forms of shaming language is “You have a small penis” and all of its derivatives.  Yet, it is missing from the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics.  While it might technically be covered by other categories, it deserves its category because of how often it gets used.  (This is adapted from Eumanios’s blog post about this.) I have also generalized the category of shaming language to cover other attempts at shaming language via attacking a man’s penis.

Charge of Abnormal Genitalia (Code Pearl)

Discussion: While screaming, “You have a small penis!” is arguably covered by other categories of shaming language, it is used so much that it deserves its own category.  In addition, other aspects of the target’s genitalia may be attacked such as whether he is circumcised or not.  Examples:

You have a small penis.

Your penis is circumcised/not circumcised so there is no reason to listen to you since you obviously have issues from your circumcision/lack of circumcision.

Response: Whatever the issue being debated the state or size of the target’s genitalia is not relevant.  It does not affect the ideas being put forward.  The accuser has (most likely) never seen the target’s genitalia to be able to accurately comment on it.  More than anything else a code pearl shaming tactic exposes the accused of having no real argument.

I’ve had this one fired at me many times! Almost always used when the person has run out of all other forms of ammunition to fire at you. You’re guaranteed to run into Code Pearl at some point in time. You can take some solace in that if this code gets used there’s a 99.9% chance the argument is over. At that point, you need to decide whether you want to allow the person (Usually a woman) to save face or not. My personal approach is that if they’re ignorant enough to take a shot at something they haven’t seen and likely never will see, they don’t deserve to walk away. I also personally find it Misandric for a woman to even consider that I’m concerned about the size or shape of my penis. Especially with me currently being MGTOW No woman period is going to be seeing my penis unless she’s a doctor. 

Charge of Racism (Code Ebony)

Discussion: The target is accused of being a racist in some manner.  Examples:

You’re a racist.

You hate black people.

You’re insecure that minorities may have a large penis size than you.

You are using anti-feminism to promote white supremacism.

Response: Feminists do not care about non-white men.  “Women and minorities” is nothing but a trick to gain the support of non-white men to hide the fact that feminism hurts non-white men as much as white men.  Some of the biggest victims of feminism have been non-white men (mainly due to poverty).  The first false rape industry was the KKK that lynched black men on the word of a white woman who lied about being raped by a black man.  These facts make it clear than cries of “racism!” are often just a cover for misandry.

This particular code has been on the rise. As Feminists and Social Justice Warriors have started to run out of ammunition Code Ebony is one of the best codes in their arsenal. Not only because there are racists and Anti-Semites in the MRM (I have to call out at least 2-3 people a month on this fact) There have also been clear documented cases of MRA’s posting up racist comments. Amartya Talukdar also got caught posting up some Anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denying tweets on his feed (Although I couldn’t find them while I was writing this). Code Ebony does have some teeth, attempting to deny that it’s in the MRM is like also trying to deny that there’s a politically conservative or homophobic element to the MRM. It’s there acting like it doesn’t only gives your opponent an opening. Unlike Feminism, this group doesn’t drive the bus in any of the various factions of the Greater MRM. And that taking the actions of one person and projecting it on to everyone else is very dishonest. One last observation here Black or Non-White Feminists and SJW’s will play this card very quickly

Also, I have to point out that while I’m writing this I’ve had Code Ebony tossed at me twice on my Facebook, simply for asking or stating opinions over Syrian refugees coming to Canada where I live. There have also been articles that accuse anyone on social media even expressing concerns over these refugees coming here as racist.

For my part, I’m not opposed to helping out war victims. If I hear any of them start saying something sounds fundamentalist and dangerous, I want them GONE! No Xenophobia or racism is needed for that opinion. More like common sense, that and “my house my rules.”

But this isn’t about the recent events in Paris or the refugees coming here so let’s continue shall we. Code Ebony has a counter code known as Code Ivory.

There are also Racists in the community

The Manosphere, which I believe is primarily comprised of black and South Asian men, seeks the destruction of the family, and by proxy or deliberate motivation, traditional white society. What the Manosphere seeks as their utopic vision, a societal-level sausage fest, will accomplish nothing and furthermore directly contradicts the biological imperative of every single animal that has ever lived. By focusing on the gender war, their occasionally noble pursuit implicitly ignores the far more fundamental aspect of liberalism – hatred of Western civilization and whites. While not in a full-length post, I’ve argued before that a large portion of the Manosphere is primarily concerned with exonerating NAM men for their crimes and instead placing the blame at white feminists for society’s ills; with white women also being a group that has largely rejected them sexually. The fact that the Manosphere aggressively opposes racial discussion, both on their blogs’ front pages and within their comment sections, implies that such a characterization has merit.

charge of being anti-white (Code Ivory)

Discussion: The target is accused of declaring war on the white race or hating white people in some way.  Typically, this is used by white nationalists, but it also used sometimes by various reactionaries and conservatives who want to paint the target as a believer in multiculturalism.  Examples:

You hate the white race.

You are just angry that white women have rejected you.

You want to destroy Western civilization.

You are blaming white women for the crimes of non-white men.

You are failing in your duty to produce white children.

You are trying to destroy the white race via miscegenation.

Response: Feminists who use the tactic of “women and minorities” do not care about non-white men.  Non-white men are victims of feminism just like white men.  The damage feminism does affects poor men to a greater degree than other men, and poor men are made up of a higher percentage of non-white men.  The first victims of the false rape industry were black men who were lynched by the KKK because a white woman lied about being raped.  White nationalism is nothing but a goddess cult that worships white women so they are as feminists as self-described feminists.

I’ve already covered the Racism and Anti-Semite segments in the previous comments. I can and have had people in the MRM who turned out to be racists and start screaming at me because I didn’t agree with them. Being Native American will do that. Not only are men that are not Caucasian getting an even bigger shaft but they also have to endure these idiots. Make no mistake about it the racism issue is one of the things that could undo all the progress the greater men’s movement has done. We are I hope here for the rights and empowerment of men. Not to help promote the ideology of the KKK or Stormfront. It should be noted though that Feminists have also been accused of racism too.

Need I say more yet another growing mess that feminists haven’t even tried to clean up yet.

Charge of Preying On Weak/Damaged/Insecure Women (Code Magenta)

Discussion: Often the target is accused of being unable to get laid or get a girlfriend/wife (code tan & code purple).  However, these forms of shaming language fail when it turns out the target is able to get laid and/or get girlfriends/wives.  The women in the target’s life will be attacked as being weak, damaged, insecure, or otherwise dependent on the target.  The accusation is that the original shaming language of not being able to get a woman/get laid is correct except that the target can get (and only get) women who are weak, damaged, insecure, have low self-esteem, etc.  It’s a way of saying that a “real woman” would want nothing to do with the target.  Examples:

I feel sorry for your girlfriend/wife.

Your girlfriend/wife has low self-esteem/psychological problems.

The only reason you can get a woman is because the patriarchy produces anti-woman propaganda to make them desperate to have a man, any man, in their lives.

Response: The one pressing the charge is doing nothing digging a deeper hole for themselves.  The original shaming tactic failed.  Since the one pressing the charge is trying to claim, women are the arbiter of a man’s worth, the evidence of the target’s relationship with a woman directly proves the accuser wrong.  The accuser must claim that the target’s woman is not a “real woman” in some manner.  However, the accuser has already failed since the evidence is against the accuser.  It integrates the logical fallacy of “argumentum ad misericordiam” (viz., argumentation based on pity for women).

Other versions that occur for this will be your mother. Whom by extension means that you owe every woman everywhere a debt of gratitude. Your sister or some other female relation of yours. I’ve occasionally come back with a Code Maroon of my own. I’ve also reminded the person I’m dealing with that the issue isn’t the relative it’s you know that actual topic. This is a Red Herring and should be treated that way. Only once have I even bothered to let some other woman know that somebody I was dealing with had even commented about them. And even in that case (Because this particular woman is VERY prominent) I only asked her for her answer then went back and responded in my own time. Like the original poster said though they’re usually near the end of the road when this code gets used. 

Charge of Non-Specific “Shameful Behavior” (Code Beige)

Discussion: As shaming language tends to fail, the target will be accused of “shameful behavior”.  What this “shameful behavior” is will be poorly defined or not defined at all.  Typically this accusation will come after the accuser’s attempt(s) at shaming language has been exposed, but it could be used against the target at any time.  Examples:

Your behavior is shameful.

Response: The accuser is now incapable of producing specific examples of what the target’s shameful behavior is.  This means that the accuser is being emotional and has run out of arguments for their position.

A few years ago this one was used a lot more. Back then Feminists and their allies had the luxury of just posting an unsubstantiated accusation and having it stick because most people they were dealing with either didn’t know where to look for a counter or didn’t know enough about Feminist/SJW tactics to answer properly. The only people I catch using this code are either very young or inexperienced online. Thriving on vagueness is a hallmark of Feminism. I’ve lost count of how many times the opposition will simply say something and hope that it doesn’t get fact checked or called. Which is why it’s important that even the drive by poster gets called they may not respond but everyone else will read it. And with me at least it’s all about playing to the crowd. 

This concludes the Codes in Part 11 I’ll start getting into fallacies and how to use and counter them.

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