International Mens Day (and my personal response to one article)

So after a while you would assume that feminists would learn that hit pieces based on the premise “Please don’t check my facts” don’t work. And that the moment you run said article it’s going to get taken apart. You would  assume that lesson would sink in right? This memo though continues to be ignored and well once again you have an article this time in Marie Claire that has so many holes in you could steer a supertanker through it.

Well, me being me I just had to post a rebuttal. I usually don’t do rebuttals this long but given Kaitlyn Menza and the editors poor attempt to twist and misrepresent Paul Elam’s words. I simply couldn’t allow this article to stand unchallenged.

Kaitlyn Menza

[Editor’s note: In his manifesto, Elliot Rodger wrote that he spent time on the since-terminated site, “a forum full of men who are starved of sex.” A similar forum exists on this subreddit, which also aims to discuss MRA issues.]

Do You want to know where else they discuss men’s issues? How about at anti-MRA sites on Reddit. Using YOUR logic, dear editor I can therefore also project that the members of this ARE ALSO MRA’s because they also talk about MRA’s…
Yes dear editor that’s YOUR logic being used but here LOOK it’s Elliot Rodgers Youtube page!
LOOK Kaitlyn and DEAR EDITOR not one single MRA site there. There is, however, The Young Turks

[Editor’s note: This statistic is often invoked in men’s rights communities but has been debunked by mainstream academia.] And yet we still continue this practice when we wouldn’t dream of doing so against women.

Notice here that you cherry picked the weakest part of his argument and then tried to project that to mean his whole statement was false. Well, consider yourself called on this now too.

I cannot help but notice that you also didn’t reply to Paul Elam’s article on bash a bitch once he provided the accompanying article to explain why it was posted up in the first place.

Last part I cannot help but notice here that you completely decided to ignore the total stats for all violent crime victims by gender and instead try to straw man Paul Elam into staying on the rape issue. But here’s the number of victims of all violent crime
First for Canada, as you can see men make up the majority…/who-is-most-likely-to…

You pulled out the RAINN study but conveniently ignored everything else. Very dishonest and did you honestly think that MRA’s weren’t going to come over here and start tearing apart this article? I mean after all MRA’s are so used to hit pieces written and chopped down by now that it was the height of arrogance to think that you wouldn’t be subjected to the same standard.

Oh and let’s not forget that there are currently more dog shelters in America than there are men’s shelters. Or did you just up and decide to have a little memory slip there?

You know what? Stick to selling cosmetics because clearly you have no idea how to do even a little bit of fact checking.

Kaitlyn Menza: While this isn’t the most stupid thing I’ve read all year or ever. That would only be because there are others out there that resorted to either outright lies. Very dumb on your part and if you and your editor seriously believed that you’ve dealt some blow to the MRM with this piece. All anyone has to do is come down and read the comments to see how that worked.

Oh yes, I’m going to assume that there will likely be a White Knight or Feminist that will attempt to chime in at some point. Curiously enough though even though this is a woman’s website no one has done so as of the time of this posting. It’ll be our and my pleasure to see this unfortunate person get owned when or if they show up.

Given the date of the article, I’m going to assume the intent was to deflate and/or minimize the effects of what is clearly a growing demographic. Marie Claire

There were a number of these done just before International Men’s Day here’s a few other examples.

This one by the Mary Sue tried to make International Men’s Day about women

The Guardian had two articles the one by White Knight Crusader Micheal Kimmel didn’t even hold up to 24 hours of comments before they closed it down

Guardian Michael Kimmel

What can I say ANYTHING written by Michael Kimmel should always be considered propaganda and treated as such. Frankly I’m amazed they even allowed comments on his piece at all.

Then we have this winner which (Wait for it) opens up with International Men’s Day and then turns it into something for women. “Sigh,” what can I say men just cannot have one day without women making it about them. Or in this case, a mangina (Richard Herring) making it about them.

Of course there was the usual bunch of idiots that came in and tried to say that ‘every day was men’s day’ but  I’ve yet to see anyone produce such a calendar, nor do I expect to see one anytime soon

Then we have Buzzfeed! Yeah well it’s Buzzfeed what can I say not much just stupid, clearly written by a woman and it doesn’t even do anything to blunt International Men’s Day, except of course shame men for being male. Then again what were you expecting from Buzzfeed?

Trust me you don’t even want to know what they posted up at it was so tasteless I’m not even going to link it to this blog

Naturally all the articles I could find completely ignored the British Labor MP Jess Phillips, who laughed publicly at the whole idea of men having a day of their own. She also laughed at the pain of men everywhere when she did this but well that’s what we’re here for right? For the disposal and utility of women

But here’s what we can draw from this! First and foremost there were as far as I could tell there were FAR MORE hit pieces written about this day than there was last year. There were some very interesting comments at this google hangout


Incidentally, while you’re here, please send this cause some love, support and maybe a little money to boot

for more information click HERE

Secondly this may be just me but I’ve been noticing a slow but steady increase in feminists coming on to MRA sites with the explicit intent of trolling. The very fact that they’re doing this means that there’s a growing level of panic and that they can’t and won’t win unless they step out of the Feminist/SJW echo chamber.  That echo chamber is shrinking rapidly at this time. They’re scared, really scared, and they should be I state at one point on this hangout that Feminists haven’t won a single fight this year.

So what’s it going to look like at this time next year? Well the US presidential elections will (Thankfully) be over, and if the whole gender issue hasn’t blown up by then, it will likely do so very soon after this. Expect even more hit pieces next year.

To all that read this somewhat poorly edited article, I say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MENS DAY!


4 thoughts on “International Mens Day (and my personal response to one article)

  1. Rick Martin

    Thank you for responding to these misandrist, hateful feminists. I’d like to see where all those people would be if men just walked completely. It wouldn’t take long for their entire existence to cease with no men there to keep the power running so they can post their hatred on the internet.


  2. I think ‘in response’ we men should boycott ALL traditional holidays. No need to be religious and/ or patriotic for these feminists and other selfish jerks anyway. Let’s see how they deal with that! lol It’s all so fake if you ask me. What’s the point anymore at all? None that I can see honestly.


  3. This quote comes from NOTA
    “By making a fuss over something as harmless as International Men’s Day, they have made it seem that they don’t actually care about gender equality. They have conformed to the anti-feminist stereotype of being ‘man haters’. This is not to imply that this is what they are, but it would be a reasonable conclusion to draw from the reaction over the last week.”

    Full article here


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