Domestic Violence

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This will be the masterpost for all things domestic violence against men.

Be it statistics, articles, or videos you’ll find it here.
Articles, and Research

“Battered men research graphs” This puts into simple terms what the CDC found about domestic violence. More specifically, that of the relationships that were abusive half of it was reciprocal – that is, ‘mutual’, violence. both partners were abusive to each other. Of the nonreciprocal violence women committed 70% of the violence. This means that the total amount of abuse initiated by women is 60% – 25% reciprocal, 35% nonreciprocal.

Earl Silverman Commits Suicide After Having to Sell Men’s Abuse Shelter

“Men Are Overlooked Victims of Domestic Violence”

[Mirror] “Harvard Study Finds 70% of Abuse Committed By Women” NOTE: This is referring to nonreciprocal violence only, and not only asks men but also women about who committed the violence.

“What Happens When Abused Men Call…

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