Even a confirmed bachelor still needs to take precautions

Taking the Red Pill for a man is a very personal experience. I discussed that process in another blog I did this spring


In it I go through the process of separation and loss that we as men all have to go through to move on to the next phase in their/my life. Some men never get through this process; others can get through it rather quickly. Neither you or I can make someone go through this faster or slower unless they’re willing to do it themselves. For me, there was an intense period of anger followed up by a period when the women in my family got sent away and were kept away until I decided that they could come back in. There is still one woman in my family that still hasn’t been given the green light to come back in.

The terms for them were quite simple I do what I need to do to make my life work, I accept the financial ups and downs that come with being the career artist. And I decide how much or how little time and energy I set aside for you.

There’s just one issue though as a male Heterosexual, Bisexual or Homosexual you’re still male and, as a result, you still have a male drive to have sex. Any philosophy that doesn’t take this factor into account won’t last long.

There’s not a whole lot literature about this issue out there, and most males have shown any interest in dealing with this energy in any way, OTHER than to go out and get laid. I admit that I haven’t looked into it much myself especially after I went full MGTOW. But one of the best books I’ve ever read about using sex energy in a positive way came from a book written by Napolean Hill published in 1937 called “Think and Go Rich.”


Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 11 is what I’m referring to here. In that chapter, Napoleon Hill clearly demonstrates about how powerful a driver our sex natures are. What he also points out is that as powerful as it is we as conscious, aware human beings can choose to channel that energy in more creative ways than to simply get sex. Getting to this point requires a conscious effort on the part of the man. Simply relying on autopilot is a bad idea, especially in the current cultural environment where marrying because you love the person can and has led many a man in a situation that in hindsight they wish they hadn’t done.


Going on autopilot is fine if you come from a background where things were reasonably sane. The thing is though that even if you did come from an environment like that, we live in a society that clearly isn’t very sane at the moment. For me, there isn’t much I can do about anyone or anything going on around me. I can do something about me. My thoughts, actions and choices and being aware of the issues and factors going on around you is key. You cannot just run on auto pilot, all you need to do is look at how the media shapes your choices.

In short as a male I feel that it’s essential that I embrace my sexuality! This doesn’t mean that I have to go and get fucked every night, it sure as hell doesn’t mean that I go and turn into a dancing peacock either. What it means for me is that I embrace what I am and then I can use that sex energy and direct this energy in ways that have nothing to do with sex. This energy is very creative and inspirational and when I’m in a MGTOW state that energy can express itself in ways that are creative, not destructive.

So as a MGTOW and to a lesser degree as either a Red Pill or MRA you have an opportunity master this sex nature and make it bend to your wishes. Once you’ve mastered this sex energy, you’re free in the way that the Blue Pill Alpha cannot ever touch unless he stumbles into it by accident. But here’s the curious thing about mastering you sex nature.

I noticed that once that sex nature is mastered and directed I became much more attractive to the women around me. Even men that were better looking and had much more status on display. I mean as this kind of guy I’ve been able to attract models, actresses celebrities people who in the past almost never gave me a second glance before. This is even happening on the day to day street level, in fact, I was sitting in a coffee shop tonight journalling away and some woman just up and started talking to me. And here’s the clincher she REMAINED interested even after I told her I was an atheist, and she was a church going Christian! Yeah, I cannot make stuff like that up. Here’s a narrative from John the Other about this thing happening to him. (Go to 55:46 of this video)

So what I decided to do on my way home (Phone # in hand I might add) was to consider this and try to come to terms with this in a way I can understand. Not going to get into the why’s and how’s of how it is I’m suddenly more attractive to women now than I was three years ago. The difference between me now and me three years ago is that I understand a couple of things now.

1. No matter how hot she is, ultimately I’m the prize to be not her

2. I decide for myself, how I spend my money and time not her.

But then again do I want to go back to the plantation? No, absolutely not, that being said though circumstances could very well put me back there. Especially since I have no intention of going out to the boonies and becoming a hermit. So there’s always that possibility that it could happen. Thus managing and directing my sex nature is important to me. It’s also necessary that I have terms and conditions as a single person and as a person that may have to go back at some point. Simply staying mad (And I’ve moved way beyond just being angry) isn’t going to give me the solution.

Thus, unless you’re planning on being the hermit and have no intention of mastering or channeling your sex energy, this could happen to you. Knowing the lay of the land via what the divorce, paternity, co-habitation and possibly even child custody laws is a  good idea. Also terms around any living arrangement with any woman you might get involved with.

Luckily there’s a book out there that covers this in point by point form this is it


And this is the Amazon link to order it


This book has got all sorts of useful advice and methods you can and probably should employ to keep yourself safe legally, especially in a cultural environment like this one. It’s one thing to become MGTOW, another to go through the grieving process and then (For me) get mastery over my sex nature. It’s then quite another to develop a set of rules, and terms that I follow that keep the very dangerous waters of gender relationships navigable and safe. Should I choose to go there and most of the time lately I don’t it’s as easy as not calling them.

But wait you’ve got no intention of getting married or moving in with anyone why should you even bother with this shit? That’s an easy one for me to answer. Whether it’s the answer you need is something only you can decide for yourself. But this is the very first blog I ever wrote here.

(And I apologize in advance for the poor grammar I was new at this…K?)


This is what I say near the end of the blog.

As for something just happening? Well that can and does happen that doesn’t excuse you completely throwing away all logic and not taking precautions anyway.

So would you go back to the plantation? In my case probably not! I can only say that for myself today, though. Things can and do happen I follow those guidelines about women that are in the fellowship. Despite having those rules though there have been THREE separate times in the past decade that I’ve found myself on dangerous ground.

So yes, unless you plan on living under a rock you will need to have some terms around women that will involve a little more than “Woman fuck off” if you intend to do more than just exist. And for me just plain existing is boring, you want to do that then fine. But it’s not for me, so knowing and having rules of engagement are an absolute must.


6 thoughts on “Even a confirmed bachelor still needs to take precautions

  1. Women’s behavior, like that of men, is a consequence of evolution: That which benefits genetic propagation in pre-historical times.
    The woman has a subconscious desire to secure attention from a man who will provide for her and protect her… the MGTOW just has to resist his innate urge to pamper her and pander to her.

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    1. daddybones45

      Indeed so. Too few people realise that the colossal changes in our societies post-Industrial Revolution has not changed the DNA in our bodies and we’re still the same animals we were 50,000 years ago. Balls to the EvoPsych believers. They’ll do anything to excuse their ignorance.

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