Seriously…Several people got upset over this!

I found this on my facebook feed this morning.

Scott Erickson’s web page!about2/cszf

As you can see, it’s an interesting take on Star Wars! It’s unique, different and a rare blend of two different cultural styles.

star-wars-indian-art-1 star-wars-indian-art-2 star-wars-indian-art-3 star-wars-indian-art-4 star-wars-indian-art-5 star-wars-indian-art-6 star-wars-indian-art-7 , star-wars-indian-art-8

Pretty neat stuff huh? There’s just one problem the person who came up with this art is white! So well heaven fucking forbid it’s cultural appropriation! The number of Social Justice Warriors that came on to this site and expressed their outrage at what are unique pieces of work was nauseating.

Native Capture 6 Native Capture 5 Native Capture 4 Native Capture 3 Native Capture 2 Native Capture 1 Native Capture 1 (2)

Yep, there are people out there and more than a few of them that seem to think that only Native Americans can do art in Native American style. This work isn’t the only kind of work done in this style. Other people do some good artwork in this style. Andy Everson was the guy that Scott Erickson is accused of copying.

hero_medium wisdom_medium

OK they’re done in the same style the difference being that Andy Everson is Native American and Scott Eriksson isn’t. Therefore, Scott appropriated his art from Andy even though anyone with half a brain can see they’re not alike at all! Scott Eriksson is also accused of stealing from Jeffrey Veregge as well

Dark-Father Hellboy Batman-print  Tron

As you can see his style is also different from Scott Eriksson except of course because he’s white and the other two I showed you above are Native American his work is poor quality and is clearly stolen. Nope apparently the idiots I mentioned above have never heard of artistic inspiration. In my experience, there isn’t a character out there yet that hasn’t at least in some way been inspired by a person or story I’ve heard of before. In fact when it comes to stories there are only seven different types of stories

And here’s the clincher there’s another page on this same website that Star Wars themed painted in the form of some already existing European art.

star-art-1 star-art-3 star-art-6 star-art-8

The number of comments (Except for mine) is ZERO! Unique and original and the amount of outcry is zero. We don’t see anybody screaming about Cultural Appropriation over this now do we?

I’m Native American myself I can appreciate all of the art above without getting my panties in a bunch because one of these artists just happened to be white. If you need yet another example of just how batshit crazy things have gotten you just got one. Seriously here do you also stop eating sushi because you’re not Japanese. Never make another commercial of Godzilla and I guess we better not be watching any movies about famous Native Americans now because the as far as I can tell there are not any Native American directors working in Hollywood at the moment at the top of the A-list.

Oh wait just in case some butthurt PC type comes along yes there are Native American directors in Hollywood just not at the top shelf level as far as I know. And NO it’s not because of a glass ceiling you whiny PC shit.

So let’s all just take this moment out to send a serious thank you to the folks who started Gamergate that decided that they’d had enough and put their foot down. I say do your art, your way and don’t let some PC Cultural Marxist tell you what you can and can’t do. This EVEN applies to the woman that used her period to paint Donald Trump.

Woman paints Donald Trump’s portrait using her period blood


Remember that this is also art too folks!


4 thoughts on “Seriously…Several people got upset over this!

  1. This was a reply from thrownaway MGTOW on Reddit

    So… let me get this right, according to the SJW viewpoint, any cultural invention or style is some sort of monopolized intellectual property of ONLY those people who are the modern descendents (at least to some degree*) of the “ethnic culture” that “originated” it.
    Hmmm… I guess that would mean SJW’s should not be allowed to write anything (or at least anything “artistic”) using the English language… unless they’re “English”; or now that I think about it, they shouldn’t be allowed to use the “Roman alphabet” unless they are Roman; oh but wait maybe they’d need to be Greek, since the Roman alphabet was just a variation/adaptation of the Greek alphabet… or maybe not even then, since the Greeks actually copied/appropriated an invention of the Phoenicians.
    And why stop there? Why limit it to “artistic” creations? Whole new vistas of restrictions based on one’s ethnic heritage could be created.
    Why… since Native Americans seem to have never invented the concept of a “wheel” — at least in terms of transportation devices — that would mean anyone descended from them would be forbidden from using anything that has wheels, or gears.
    And since electrical power (at least alternating current) was essentially the creation of the Serbian born Nikola Tesla…. only Serbians should be able to use anything powered by AC electricity — but than again, he was really only able to develop those ideas into reality here in the US, so I guess only “US-Americans” should be allowed to use AC power.
    I mean we could go on and on with this… just think of the possibilities in regards to the monopolies on things like FOOD; only descendants of the Inca would be allowed to grow or cook potato based foods… and oh the joys of trying to figure out who “owns” the rights to wheat, or grapes, or rice, etc. etc.
    * I’m a little fuzzy here on exactly what will constitute a “sufficient” degree of ancestry — I mean if only ONE of your biological parents had an (ostensibly**) “pure” MesoAmerican bloodline and the other were say, oh I dunno, “Irish” would that 1/2 or 50% be sufficient? Is that person then allowed to “intermix” the MesoAmerican heritage with say Gaelic things? How about if the MesoAmerican heritage was just 1/4 or 25%, i.e. just one grandparent? What about 1/8? 1/16? 1/32? 1/64? I mean exactly how much is sufficient? What degree of descent is required?
    ** And then I’m also a bit puzzled here about the actual “ownership” of the specific “style” in question in the example artwork. Is it “Aztec”? But they were as much of an “invader/conqueror” as the Spanish, so wouldn’t they then need to defer back to (or at least owe royalties to) the “more pure” descendants of the Toltec? Olmec? Mayan? Etc. And then what about Zapotec or the Trique? Mixtec? And then would it reserved to descendants of the higher-status/artisan-elite-class Mixteco Alto that largely did the artwork, or can descendants of the lower-status/farmer-servant-class Mixteco Bajo claim some ownership as well?


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