Justin Trudeau what it might mean, for the mens movement and gamergate

Just in case you haven’t heard yet Justin Trudeau is now the Prime Minister of Canda!

Naturally, of course, this immediately prompted the usual dogmatic conservative writers to declare that Canada was going to fall into the ocean. As it changed its national anthem to the Internationale, force everyone to convert to Islam and immediately declare all men as pedophile misogynists and have them register as sex offenders while Justin simultaneously morphed into Joseph Stalin!

Make no mistake about it, though, Justin Trudeau has gone on the record in regards to Gamergate, as this article shows.


Now, we can look at what he said there two ways. It was either the usual election style grandstanding, or it was what he honestly feels. Before you jump in and say it was clearly the latter, keep in mind that all of the political candidates decided against having a debate on gender issues earlier in the election campaign.


Of course, they made all the usual noise about ‘wanting’ to do it, but it didn’t happen. If any of these party leaders had pushed for it, the debate would’ve gone forward. I suspect though that a couple of them knew that opening this can of worms would’ve left all of the dangling and not just Stephen Harper either. Feminists have got more than a few skeletons in their closet that would’ve been embarrassing to any party that came out too strongly in their favor, and all four leaders are likely aware of this to one degree or another. We do need to keep this in mind as I speculate further about this.

But what does it all mean? What does having Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada do for or against the greater men’s movement and Gamergate? Keep in mind that what a politician says and what they do are often two very different things. Let’s first have a look where the Liberals are on the political compass


The Liberals, in general, are a center/right group. I’m going to assume that Justin’s personal political affiliation also lies somewhere in this area probably slightly to the right. So much for changing the Canadian national anthem to the Internationale, and renaming the country the National Soviet States of Canada.

Now that we’ve likely established his political leanings we also now need to look at the circumstances of his election. This election was more a rebuke of Stephen Harper than an actual endorsement of Justin Trudeau. Yes, he got a majority and a solid one at that too it could’ve been a whole lot worse though and the NDP could’ve got in. If you think the Liberals are solidly in the Feminist camp, the NDP is definitely in that camp, they’re also pro-union too which puts me in a very conflicted position when I had to vote this time around.


In fact, if you look at voting history Canada has five parties, but only two of them have held power.


OK so for all intents and purposes the Canadian equivalent of the US Democrats or British Labour party are now officially in power. While the politics in Canada (and in Europe) slide more to the left of what you’ll see in the United States, we can make a couple of basic assumptions

  1. You can and will see a pandering to feminists and social justice warriors in Canada. 

If you recall when Barrack Obama mentioned the now thoroughly debunked pay gap in one of his speeches

Most of that are reading this know that anyone with access to a computer and 5 minutes of fact checking can debunk this. And that this can be debunked using actual stats provided by their bureaucracy. This DIDN’T stop Barrack Obama from saying it. I saw this as straight up political pandering; there was a purely symbolic bill passed that had no teeth to it because there’s already something called the paycheck fairness act that already covers this issue.


A similar act also exists in Canada called the Employment Standards Act. This won’t stop Justin and Liberals (With support from both the NDP, Green and BQ) from using this as a way to grandstand. We can also possibly see a new Canadian version of VAWA at some point as well. Policies within the department of justice are likely not going to be changing to account for domestic and physical violence committed by women anytime over the next few months. Nor will there be any movement to reform child support, custody in any real meaningful way. This area falls under provincial jurisdiction so you might see some movement from some of the provinces. But this isn’t the biggest concern men will have. It’s the second issue that concerns me more

2. Feminists and Social Justice Warriors will see this as an endorsement of what they’re doing

This won’t kick in right away for one there are a couple of events coming up that are going to dictate the way that this goes. Depending on which way they go this crowd will either become more brazen or more desperate. They already see Justin Trudeau as ‘their guy’ depending on how strongly he comes out in his speeches on this will dictate how events will play out in Canada. Everyone will be taking a wait and see approach on this so things might be pretty quiet in Canada for the next couple of months. There is, however, one event we can use to measure how things may play out. That event is of the trial of Gregory Alan Elliot.


This decision isn’t only going to be felt just in Canada but the United States as well. I’m not going to get into what will happen in the US, though, at least not right now. Something very similar to what will happen in Canada though. What we need to be paying attention for here are red flags if these red flags start appearing I would suggest VERY STRONGLY that men in Canada at the very least get ready for a fight.

These red flags have happened before they have this odd habit of going up in the weeks before and after the actual event itself that being the Gregory Alan Elliot. If you start seeing a real major uptake on coverage and/or articles from leftward leaning news sources IN FAVOUR of the prosecution, or articles that speak about online harassment ramp up. That can be interpreted as a sign that someone inside the state apparatus possibly even the prime minister himself has decided to take an active interest in the case. Another red flag is the actual government itself via Justin Trudeau or one of the ministers suddenly talking about the issue of online in the week or two before the verdict. Not specifically about the case itself but using this case as a way to ramp up support for some new restrictive legislation. If you see this, then you had better not hope the verdict gets delayed, or rendered in some way that supports this legislation. That will be a clear signal about which direction the Trudeau Liberals intend to move.

Then there’s the actual verdict itself like I just said a verdict in favor of the crown is bad, a verdict that’s also half way will also be bad. Another delay in the verdict depending on how it happens is really bad. The reason for this is likely because someone wants to use the time to come up with a verdict that supports their agenda. Any guilty verdict at all will be a troubling signal indeed.

Then there’s the after, assuming that Gregory Alan Elliot is found not guilty, you will, of course, see the usual suspects come out with pieces attempting to minimize what happened. They’ll put on a brave face but at that point yet another nail (and a large public one too) has just been slammed into their coffin. This move will also end their attempts to put the brakes on the slamming they’ve been online. There may be another attempt to do something like this again but with a precedent now in place, their odds aren’t good. On the bright side for them the US elections will overshadow events taking place overall in North America. What we’ll start seeing from this point out are increasingly desperate moves.

Now though is the verdict is in any way supportive of the prosecution? Feminists and Social Justice Warriors are going to see this as a green light to ramp up the attack. You’ll see an almost immediate spike in prosecutions and charges being filed against MRA’s, MGTOW, PUA, Gamergate, Anti-Feminists and so on. 99% of which will be bogus. It will though achieve at least for a few months a chilling effect online. Legislation might even get passed by the Liberals supporting this. There’s just one problem with this though what this does is that it moves the stage 4 trigger event forward and makes a very real possibility in 2016.



So what has in effect happened is that Canada and not someplace in the United States could be the place where the stage 4 event takes place. I say this because I personally also think that the Republicans will probably (but not definitely) win in 2016. Canada will be a place far more supportive of aggressive misandry, not the United States.

The other thing may ALSO come up in Canada next year is the potential lawsuit around Expo gate! I don’t know if the lawsuit is coming or not, or what the status of it is. This particular court case could also have some repercussions reaching far beyond the actual case itself as well.

Justin Trudeau is going to be around for a VERY LONG TIME. He is not going away, so the dogmatic conservatives that are reading this? I suggest you get used to that fact right now.

Keep in mind though that this turn of events might actually be the very thing that drives these issue to the next step in this social movement!


4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau what it might mean, for the mens movement and gamergate

  1. Thanks for this, Sam. I guess I’d better admit that I’m conservative-leaning right off the bat, but that’s not my point here. The Liberal Party has people in it who range from centre-right to centre-left. Some of them are good people, reasonable, pragmatic, intelligent. The problem with Justin Trudeau is not only that he is left-leaning and PC (as I see it: re. his statements about China having the ideal form of government because it can get things done; his knee-jerk sympathy for the Boston bombers; his objection to the word “barbaric” in the Canadian citizenship pamphlet to describe honour-killing; and so on). The problem with Justin is that he wants to be Barack Obama and that he is not even as smart as Barack Obama. He has already made clear that he is a feminist. Under Stephen Harper, not much happened that explicitly helped men, but at least the more strident feminist advocacy groups were de-funded. Under Justin Trudeau, such groups will almost certainly regain their funding. This means that an already feminist-heavy media environment will become even more saturated with radical feminist ideas and attacks. So unfortunately I think things in Canada are going to get a lot worse before they get … even worse.


    1. Yeah, I think you’re quite right on that account. I come from a Labor Union background myself. While I will usually (But not always) vote NDP this last election was very difficult for me. The thing I’m waiting on is that verdict in January. I think that’ll determine the tone for how the situation will go up here for the next couple of years.


  2. As feminists and SJW will use this election to continue to push their pro-female/anti-male agenda. Yes, there will be more fights and the divide between feminists and men grows ever wider. Watch for more men going their own way.


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