The little things that make the difference

Yes, it’s been almost a month since I posted up

I was on vacation; my computer just up and quits on me. I’m also getting ready to return to work, and I also have a film shoot to plan to boot in the middle of the busiest time of year where I live.

So I’ve been very busy, sorry about this if you’ve missed me. I do have part 7 of Keyboard Warrior on my laptop at the moment, and I will finish it soon.

But it’s not as though there wasn’t anything going on this August first there was a bomb threat sent to Gamergate event in Miami

Then of course there was the almost state-sanctioned harassment of Roosh by the Canadian government during his run in Montreal and Toronto

Roosh won these fights, and I will get back to commenting on them.

But first though I would like to apologize for my extended absence. The trip and family stuff weren’t all that enlightening except for one thing. As I’ve immersed myself more into the MRM, and I’ve started to talk about men’s issues with my step-dad I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting an increased amount of respect from him. I was never really very close to my step-dad until he had his heart attack about a decade ago. His son, my step-brother, has been dealing with a nasty divorce where there are kids involved. I’ve spoken to my step brother about a half dozen times in my life, but I’ve let my step-dad know that if my step brother ever needs some support. It’s entirely up to him though whether he chooses to follow up on it.

So do tell what finally got me off my ass? It wasn’t the events with Roosh; I watched that all go down with interest, and I also did a little bit of engaging online over it. Not the bomb threat in Miami, that event as disturbing as it was isn’t exactly a new thing anymore. What did was me getting a hot dog.

This wasn’t a magical, mystical hot dog that expanded my conscience or caused my mind to start thinking more as I was enjoying its yummy goodness. What did it was when I got up to leave I turned to walk out to the street when I saw a woman that tried to set me up with a false stalking allegation a few months earlier!  She didn’t see me, and I was able to back away, go down and alley and avoid what would’ve likely been a pointless melodramatic scene on her part. If you been following my blog, then you know that I’ve blogged about her fear being her problem. So I was feeling more than a little conflicted about having to go down an alley to avoid the antics of some self-absorbed, narcissistic idiot. After all, I’ve been in spots like that before and have dealt with them just fine. What made the difference was that this time she was with a couple of guys, again nothing I haven’t had to deal with before. You know what else I’ve had to deal with before? Two guys just up and attacking me!  I’ve also had to try to take down and restrain someone that had me by 5 inches and about 60 pounds too. If that’s doesn’t mean much I should tell you that I’m 6’2″ and well over 200 pounds myself. So yes I could’ve dealt with it but why be stupidly brave, and even more to the point why give this narcissist any validation at all. As I was processing the conflicting emotions within I decided the best way to deal with it was here, now! There’s brave, and then there’s stupidly brave. But I prefer this quote to describe the previous situation.


Ironically enough as I’m finishing this section to the blog I got another reminder of how important it is that I keep doing this when I ran into a woman that had accused me harassing (by implication) another employee on a film set that I worked on eight years ago. Which just served to remind me again of how important this is to me.

And now on to recent events

As most of us know there’s this guy named Roosh out there. Personally I don’t like the guy for several reasons. Not liking the guy though doesn’t mean that I won’t read his writings or not listen to what he has to say. I have one of his articles from Return of Kings is one that I’ve referred to in my blogs a couple of times now.

Well, Roosh is doing a ‘world tour’ he had stops in Montreal and Toronto. Montreal was a battle. There was no other way to describe it. From where I’m sitting I’d call it state-sanctioned harassment. But here are the links if you’d like to read it in his words.

Personally I suspect that Jessica was more than a little frustrated about having wasted an entire evening trying to stop Roosh FAILING not only to find the location or stop the event. The glass of alcohol was just an attempt to save face.

And then of course there’s also moves by CBC and Petition that was signed by 40,000 plus people attempting to silence Roosh.

And the false accusation of a rape threat by Aurelie Nix

And last but not least the state-sanctioned harassment of Roosh by the CBC

The thing I found most disturbing though; was the lynch mob that went around Montreal looking for Roosh and the event. This mob felt justified in doing this too after all CBC had pretty much given them the green light to do exactly that. Suppose for just a second that even one of those guys had decided to carry a weapon with him. This isn’t nearly as far-fetched as you might think lynch mobs have done some pretty horrid things in the past.

f74d654fe864e38db64882aafb6982f1 lynch-mob-jakarta

Had this one person in a self-righteous act found and decided to use this weapon on Roosh we may have been looking at Roosh of all people as a potential martyr. Never mind that the people in Montreal will never call themselves a lynch mob. The fact that they had the de-facto consent of the government to do this is the truly disturbing part

In the end though Roosh was able to hold his event and get out of Montreal with not much more than a glass of alcohol thrown in his face. The fact that there were only about 35 people there isn’t the point, he still held the event. Plus not to mention that just like Expogate earlier this year there are now a bunch of potential court cases, civil and criminal that can be filed by Roosh against a few people. And unlike Alison Tieman, Roosh doesn’t suffer from social anxiety issues.

So Feminists in Montreal wasted massive amounts of time, energy and money to stop an event that got held anyway. No other way to describe this except as a defeat for them, and a huge one at that!

Toronto, on the other hand, was different. There was a march organized with the usual attempt at victim playing by the feminists. You know the score by now claims of harassment and threat without a shred of proof

But that’s not to say that they didn’t have their moments. This person was filming the event when got mobbed! Check out what Shauna Hunts says at 2:39 ONE IN TWO women will get raped

So Shauna Hunt? do you have any facts to back up that 50% assertion?

Attempts were made to find where Roosh was holding the event but unlike Montreal the people in Toronto decided to keep it low key. The location where Roosh was holding his event wasn’t given away this time and except for a small amount of vandalism there really wasn’t much damage done at all.

Roosh while I don’t especially like you, congratulations on your victory in both cities the opposition managed to make themselves look like incompetent idiots.

The other event that had happened in this period was the bomb threat sent to the gamergate panel in Miami.


Yeah, you’re not misreading that yet ANOTHER bomb threat sent by either Feminists, White Knights or Social Justice Warriors. This is the fourth time in the last 14 months that this has happened in case you think I’m talking out of my ass here are links to the other three events.

This one, by the way, comes with a letter from Doubletree confirming that they did indeed receive these threats

Then of course there was the bomb threats sent to Protein World and GG in DC earlier this year.

While correlation does not imply causation there is no getting around the fact that the rate of these threats has been accelerating. This doesn’t mean that there will be more of these threats as time goes by. For all we know there may never be another bomb threat sent by this crowd ever again. That said though the actions taken this last few weeks do show a trend towards more draconian and desperate measures against the men’s right movement and gamergate (Two different things I need to stress). This desperation is being brought on because the opposition has been slowly losing ground all year. Heck, it took almost a week of constant pounding on Facebook before Project Harpoon was finally taken down.


This takedown by the way marks only the second victory of any kind that Feminists have had in the last couple of years, that didn’t have the backing of the state.

What do both of these events show? Well in my opinion this clearly shows how desperate they’re getting. I’ve blogged about this before and will likely do so again. Simply standing back and making up lies and hoping that they stick simply isn’t working anymore. So now they’re resorting to threats and intimidation which also won’t work. The next step up from this will be the actual application of force on us. When this will happen will be anyone’s guess. It is coming though and sooner rather than later if things keep trending the way they’re going right now.

Hell even Hitler is pissed about Roosh right now!


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