New Strategy? or Just Coincidence

I’ll admit Gamergate isn’t my main focus. Once upon a time I did play games a lot back in the days of the internet cafe I practically lived in them. I’m old enough to remember when the original Warcraft got demonstrated at what was the precursor to the now very famous (and also now infamous) Calgary Expo. I was excited and looked forward to playing it. There were also a few things I remember about those bygone conventions. There was cosplay, but it usually wasn’t more than a few people, and it wasn’t anywhere as huge as it was now. There were not a lot of women at these events. This wasn’t because women were being excluded, it was because back then women didn’t come these events because the guys there and the events going on there were not high status, or moneymaking.

This gets to my current bug up my ass. The Anti Gamergate side has been very quiet this year. As well they should be, after all their hero Anita Sarkeesian got her ass owned the first time she dared step out into the public. I wrote up a blog about that as a matter of fact

Ever since then things just went downhill for them. Brianna Wu went and imploded twice once at a convention and then at some random guy on a plane. This killed whatever legitimacy that she had, not to say she had all that much in the first place. The AGG then slowly but surely started to self-destruct. Culminating in Expogate and the GG in DC meetup that got interrupted by no less than a bomb threat. Yeah, they went pretty quiet after that? Not to mention that pretty much all the video game journalist sites capitulated and changed their standards.

The thing is though what I’ve learned from engaging in more than my fair share of online fights in the past few months is this. Unlike in a real fight where you can tell when a person has been knocked out by the fact they’re lying on the ground. Online in many cases the idiot will simply keep on babbling even after they’ve clearly lost. Showing them that they’ve lost will simply make them mad and they’ll just keep talking more. In fact in my Keyboard Warrior series I do mention a couple of times that it’s in your best interest in some cases to just walk away.

That’s what’s some amusing about this most recent run. Once again a curiously timed and ‘coincidental’ releasing of these stories and they all said the same thing.

Never mind the fact that it was almost promptly shot down and, for the most part, has vanished less than a week after it started. It was still quite amusing that someone this punch drunk could attempt to project something this poorly thought out as these links will clearly show

That wasn’t all that was attempted by the AGG side. There was also a couple of interesting articles that get me back to the original point I was trying to make about women, status and their active participation in gaming now

Both of these articles are I believe aimed mostly at women. Given the preponderance of the usual group of White Knights posting up in the comments. Including yours truly on one where even though I stumbled a couple of times on facts I was STILL able to get on top of this one guy. Although that engagement may still be going on depending on my mood.

What both of these articles are saying is pretty much the same thing

“You know you can just ignore these guys criticisms, they’re all low status, dumb males.”

The thing you have to remember is that with a few exceptions women want higher status men. A man that is perceived to be lower status talking to her is in fact in some cases stalking or harassing her. Such a male even daring to speak to her, much less call her out on her bullshit is clearly harassing her and has to be blocked or at best ignored. Creating justification for doing this is as I’ve learned from personal experience something that women excel at. If you’ve had a falling out with a woman, the amount of mental and emotional gymnastics they’ll sometimes pull to justify some actions is mind blowing. And they will do this even in cases where their actions are immoral or hurtful and smile while they’re doing. Remember Billy Joel’s song “She’s always a woman to me?” The lyrics are truer than you might expect.

Status, is what these last articles are trying to tell women, is the reason you need to be ignoring these filthy, ignorant gamergate people. Yes, you can just dismiss what they’re saying because they’re not your equals.

I get called on this all the time as a matter of fact. Radfems and feminazis will almost always take a shot at my status real or perceived at some point and then attempt to leave with some face intact. Of course, I never allow them to do that when I can. But it always gets attempted at one time or another during an engagement with one of them. Just letting you know that you can and better expect this.

There’s just one flaw with this narrative, and it’s a huge one. If all of us icky low status, dumb as bricks, ignorant gamers are doing this. Then why are they even involved in the industry in the first place? It’s not like there were women trying to kick down the doors to get into gaming back in 1990’s and  2000’s. In fact, it wasn’t until the early/mid-2000’s when movies based off comic books started getting cranked out by the Hollywood studio system that gaming and geekdom started becoming trendy. I can attest from direct personal experience that women like these below almost never showed their faces at comic or gaming conventions before that unless they were paid.

17a26f44998f0d455c56f52e2e9bb85c Sexy-Girl-Cosplay-Costume-Ideas6 Sexy-Girl-Cosplay-Costume-Ideas9 Sexy-Girl-Cosplay-Costume-Ideas13 Wolverine

In fact, you never saw people like Lianna K or Jessica Nigri appear before then. And why was that you ask. Because we were geeks there was no money or status to be gained from showing up at cons so they didn’t. And I’m feeling very safe in saying that the moment Hollywood stops making movies based of Comic Books, most of them will evaporate like Arizona Frost.

Which makes these articles all the more hypocritical, after all if we’re supposedly low status then these women wouldn’t even be showing up in the first place!

There’re rafts of literature and information most of it PUA material, that talk about how important it is to at the very least portray higher status even of you don’t have it. Now do you think that every person that teaches PUA techniques is just saying this because it’s they like talking out of their ass?

So now Gamergaters, you are most definitely not lower status otherwise they wouldn’t be showing up to get the other thing that females seem to crave, a lot of attention! They would be looking somewhere else, which makes the points of these articles look even more ridiculous.

Now, this looks like a new narrative it’s coming entirely too late from a group that’s beaten. But well I guess we can all have a laugh at this. Just remember though they’re not done, you’re dealing with fanatics here and as long as big sister is being fed, this won’t stop happening. Which justifies Gamergates continued existence, and the status that comes with it, I say enjoy it but well I’m also MGTOW so frankly.

I don’t give a fuck what these women think of me, that doesn’t mean others don’t.


4 thoughts on “New Strategy? or Just Coincidence

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    1. That particular article didn’t have any a lot of the others do. Thanks for the feedback and sorry it so long to get back to you. For some odd reason you came up in the spam folder


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