Keyboard Warrior (Part Six)

This is turning into a small booklet or pamphlet the way I’m going. This blog we’ll be discussing my all time ‘favorite’ opponent, The White Knight.

I will freely admit that I have an Antipathy towards this group. Being a Liberal myself seeing these idiots, especially the supposed, ‘logical and rational atheists’. Just completely throw facts and critical thinking out the window when it comes to Men’s Issues and even more so when it comes to Feminism and Social Justice Warriors just disgusts me. Not that I exactly like or approve of the projection that comes from of my newfound allies attempting to blame every single problem out there on people like me either.


I have a rule or two when it comes to White Knights and Feminazis. I never allow people like this to leave with their dignity intact or face saved. I realize that some people don’t share this opinion, and that’s alright. For me as much as humanly possible I make it as ugly and unpleasant for White Knights as I can. If they’re going to go in and defend some woman that in truth hates him just because he’s male, well then I make sure he pays the price for doing that. I want to put a White Knight in a no-win position, I admit I can and do as a regular practice make an attempt to go for the jugular when they make a mistake. And let me frank with you dear reader they make mistakes frequently and often, which is to be expected, given how they were too stupid to exercise an iota of thought before jumping in. I’ve already covered the motivation of the White Knight, and I sent them a message in a previous blog.

I do personally believe that the motivations for White Knights are a little more complicated than just wanting some woman to sleep with him. It is, however, a motivator for a lot o them as I’ve experienced both online and in person more than a few times.

17638_968593143185825_6679000952200514946_n (1)

I show White Knights no mercy, you may want to show them some, and that’s your call. I aim to put them in a catch 22 situation. They get their asses handed to them by me, AND I also make an effort to rub it in via reminding them why they’re doing it. I see no shame is disrespecting a guy that sells out his integrity and honor to defend a dumb fuck. After all she came out of the echo chamber and got her ass handed to her as well. I especially like letting know that they’re not getting laid, and they’re getting the shit kicked out of them for nothing. Again I always play to the crowd here as well. There are always other people reading the comments or thread and yes some of them will think twice about blindly rushing in if they see another White Knight getting blown out of the water.

But enough about my personal opinions lets discuss the subgroups of White Knights. There are two of them, and they occupy different sides of the intellectual spectrum. I call them The Bullies and The Intellectuals.

The Bullies – Another word that comes to mind with this group is the screamers. The way of operating is quite simple, they just scream, yell, insult, dox, threaten, intimidate. They engage in any activity that they think will scare you into either leaving or backing down. Of all the people you’ll have to face down this group is the most dangerous. It’s my opinion it’ll be a guy from this group that will likely trigger the stage four event or trigger event

When you’re dealing the feminist type of White Knight the bully is also the most likely kind of feminist male that you’ll encounter. Dealing with these idiots is very easy I usually just brush them off with accusations of ad hominem and then lay into them about stating facts.

I also have to point out that this is also the person that you’re most likely to have to block or report. There’ve been a handful of occasions where they’ve tried to take the fight away from the forum. I’ve also had one guy back in 2013 who decided that it would be a good idea to not only message me but to start following me onto other threads and groups to keep yelling at me. It’s people like this that are the reason you never post personal information about yourself on social media unless necessary.

Let’s be honest though 99% of these idiots are not very smart. Like I said before it’ll probably be one of these idiots that place the straw that breaks the camels back when it comes to 3rd wave feminism.

The “Intellectuals”- I put ditto marks around the word Intellectuals for a reason. What separates this group from the bullies isn’t as much as you might expect. That separation is this these guys in their heads believe that they’re smarter than you are. What they are is smarter than the bullies, and well we’ve already established that they’re not much smarter than a retard. Some but not all the people in this group either have or are in the process of getting some university degree. Occasionally you will even come across a university or college professor in this category.

The method of operation is usually to insult your intellect. They do this usually done by speaking to you in a condescending manner and/or regurgitating debunked facts. If you’ve been smart enough to keep your facts and resources close at hand can usually be debunked in a post or two. What does also happen with this particular White Knight is that they will occasionally just keep talking. Unlike a regular street fight where the person that has lost this type of person will sometimes not know they’ve lost, or worse will simply keep talking in the hope that the crowd won’t notice. And yes unlike almost everyone else you’ll go up against this type of person is occasionally aware that he’s playing to an audience. You may have to remind them that they’ve lost, and even then they’ll deny it and showing them evidence to the contrary will only make them yell. There’s also a tendency for this person to try to get the last word again let them know that getting the last word doesn’t mean they win by default.

As with the other type of White Knight leave them no room to save face if you can.

There’s no way I can cover every possible type of strategy and personality of White Knights though. Bullies are much more likely to resort to ad hominem and “Intellectuals” are more likely to be condescending, but I’ve encountered White Knights of all stripes. That’s part of the reason there’s going to be more parts discussing tactics both for and against in other parts. I do stand by what I said though about how dangerous some of these people can be. Unlike a brute or thug who will simply take what they want and then leave. The White Knight is motivated by a desire or belief that they’re doing right. And well to quote Goddard’s Law here

The Nazis in Germany and many others throughout history also believed that they were doing good as well.


Believe it or not we’re not done yet! There are others that you can and will have to contend with in your fight and some case these others can be as infuriating, myopic and ignorant as some of the people you’re fighting against.

In my case, this ‘other’ group has usually come from people that have a view of the world that doesn’t agree with mine be it Social, Political or Religious. I make no bones about the fact that I’m left of center politically and socially (With a rather strong libertarian bend though).  I also entered the Greater Men’s Movement via having to fight the fanatical rantings of the Atheism+ crowd. So as odd as it may sound I already had experience dealing with fanatics online albeit from the right. Which I will point out are with only a couple of small exceptions the same tactics used by the leftward leaning fanatics.

I avoid getting into protracted debates with people on the Men’s Movement side that have dogmatic conservative or fundamentalist tendencies. That isn’t to say I won’t engage with them, I see that as being counterproductive and I do try and recommend that everyone else try to take these disagreements offline and to private messages. I call this The code of the road and I covered the details in a previous blog entry but I’ll explain it here again. When you’re in a fight online (Which I view from a combat footing) You need to rely on the people beside you. Quite frankly unless that person has done something that’s completely against my personal principles I will take a stand beside them. Once the fight is over and we’re back at ‘camp’ so to speak if I think it’s important enough to bring up again I will. But as best as I can I never air this out publicly, trust me I’ve had to go to task with a couple of racists or people that can’t see past religious, social or political dogma and look at the bigger picture. There have also been a few that have tried to do the same with me. Not advisable to be doing that with someone who’s writing a how-to manual on keyboard activism.

Internet Troll

Another group you’ll come across are just plain trolls. They come on boards and enter opinions and take shots at people just because they can. Encountering someone like this the first time can be very jarring, just keep in mind that from what I’ve been able to judge, these people are here just to get you angry and/or hurt your feelings. I’ll admit the first troll really got to me, luckily it was way back in 2008 and not connected to anything I’m doing now. There is no need to feed them or wallow in their pool.

Last group and this has so far only come up a couple of times and that’s friends, family, and associates. So far no family has said anything to me given how their actions are a huge part of why I am this way, they may not be saying anything either. Not unless they want to hear the ugly truth about their own actions anyway.

Friends are another situation I’ve lost friends over my social stand on Men’s Issues. I will likely lose a few more, I do try to avoid getting personal and 95% of the time I avoid getting insulting with them. That doesn’t mean I’m going to back away and neither should you! You ESPECIALLY never back away from this if it’s some woman you want to get into bed. You fought hard to get away from selling out don’t start taking blue pills over a woman.

Associates are a little more tricky. In some cases employment, money streams or work contacts may be at stake. As best as possible don’t let associates (Especially co-workers) know unless you’re sure of them. They will usually find out sooner or later anyway and if you have a good working relationship with them they’ll judge you by that before they object to your social activism. As with everything though there will be exceptions.


2 thoughts on “Keyboard Warrior (Part Six)

  1. “They do this usually done by speaking to you in a condescending manner and/or regurgitating debunked facts.”

    “What is asserted without evidence can be dissmissed without evidence.” ~ Christopher Hitchens


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