Keyboard Warrior (Part Four)

OK, so far we’ve covered your mentality, your terrain, and your motivation. I’ve had some legitimate feedback that I’m viewing this as a war and that my mentality isn’t what some of you are wanted. To this, I have a couple of points that you need to keep in mind.

The people we’re up against have no qualms about blockading, protesting, disrupting events that MRA and PUA groups do. They would also do this to MGTOW if they held public gatherings as well. In the last year, there have been three bomb threats to ICMI in Detroit last year, The recent GG in DC meeting and the one sent to protein world over their ad. This was their add if you’re interested I am because DAMN was this woman hot


There was also death threats sent to ICMI last year and well let’s not forget the all too recent Expogate event that happened back in April. And another event in Calgary at speakers corner in Calgary where feminists would’ve and tried to set up a Sterling speaker from speaking his mind about men having their space. It got seriously ugly until I noticed the moderator being a little less than impartial

Eliah Bailey

Yes, she posted this up on a thread where I had was recently blocked and what did the speaker say well have a listen.

So in case it hasn’t sunk in by the stuff I’ve presented here’s a page or two for you look at. Let me clear here we’re not dealing with a civil discussion or debate. The people we’re going up against are hateful, misandric, fanatics.

Clear enough now? Cannot be reasoned with, cannot be negotiated with, cannot be appeased. I’ve concluded that the best way to win is to let the people in the middle know. The opposition doesn’t want them to know, a solid percentage of them know what they’re doing is morally, ethically and sometimes just plain illegal. There isn’t a low that’s low enough for them to stoop to. I’m even going to go on record that sometime in the next few months there will either be an MRA, MGTOW or Gamergater that will get seriously hurt or even killed over this.

But enough of this you need to know your opponent as well as yourself. But maybe you should hear from one of the greatest warriors of all time.


Nuff said?

So your opponent will use many and varied tactics but they fall into a few broad groups that break into subgroups. They are Feminists, Crusaders, Manginas, White Knights and Others each of them has varied strengths and weaknesses. If there’s one overall arcing consistency, I’ve seen though it’s been dishonesty and a consistent habit of hoping you and the people reading the post don’t fact check.

Let’s start with the first group the Feminists.

I broadly base them in 3 sub-groups. Liberal Feminists, Radical Feminists, and Feminazis. I’ve read other versions but for the sake of keyboard activism these are the three you’ll come across.

Liberal Feminists– This group is very deceptive and in the long term the men’s movement will have to take this branch head on. They’re the ones that are behind congresswoman’s Clarke’s Internet harassment law, the ones that backed VAWA and were behind the push to make campuses less democratic and legal when it came to false harassment. The women in this group do sincerely believe in equality and doing what they can to make it a reality. They are not usually misandric, but they are in this group as quiet orbiters. As a person though they will usually be pretty civil when you run into them, they will ALWAYS deny hating men and with some of them this will be true. They are far more likely to try to ‘reason’ with you or attempt to shame you for calling out a more vocal feminist. They rarely if ever engage but when they do they’re far more likely to use facts and sources than any other group on here. You need to have your ducks in a row when you deal someone like this. You will have to know the issues and facts with this group, and you will have to use your sources and references with them. A person like this though rarely ever angrily engages.

Your best tactic for this person? Stay civil make your point and then put it on them that they’re doing nothing about the Radical Feminists and Feminazis. You need to keep pressing this point with them as much as possible, Let them know that their ‘sisters’ routinely paint all men with the same brush and give them examples. My stance with the ‘nice’ feminists is that they’re still wearing the same uniform and waving the same flag as their sisters. It should be noted to that, unlike Radical Feminists and Feminazis they’re usually not interested in imposing their values on everyone.

These next two subgroups should almost never be allowed to post up without some kind of challenge

Radical Feminists– This is the vocal arm of the Feminist movement. They are usually but not always misandric it’s likely better to assume that at the very best they harbor misandric tendencies. Of all the groups, you’ll engage with online this group is by far the most dangerous and unpredictable. The tactics used by this bunch is almost as varied as the people on earth. They are not above lying, doxxing, calling in white knights, etc.

Tactics on this group will have to be covered later in general though, your aim is always to play to the crowd when engaging a radical feminist. This group is the reason you don’t have anything personal like family, relationships, phone numbers, employers, etc. on social media sites. Oddly though they rarely if ever actually ask for facts from you, this is usually because they’re too damn lazy to fact-check themselves. They have this habit of regurgitating facts that can usually be shot down with a minimum of effort on your part, especially if you’re prepared.

You also need to keep in mind with this group that there’s no way you can be completely unassailable they can and will find a way to take a shot even if it’s just ad-hominem. Most of the stuff I’m going to bring up either as tactics or as personal stories come from this group. Some of these engagements will last for days too.

Believe it or not, they can on occasion be reasoned with. In fact, some of them are simply very angry women with daddy or relationship issues. No matter how reasonable they appear though you should never let them off the hook. I had one case where I thought I had a reasonable discussion going. I even said goodbye only to come back a few hours later to a let’s hate on this guy circle jerk.

Feminazis–  Otherwise known as Tumblr Feminists this group is just plain sick! They hate men some of them are also deluded to the point where they say they don’t hate men and then go off on a hate filled diatribe the moment they think you’re not looking. These are the ones that started shirtgate, that use every article that is critical of men in relationships to slam men publicly. They will in some cases keep yelling, screaming and hurling insults at you just because they can.

You’re stuck in a Catch-22 with this though. You cannot and shouldn’t ever let anything hateful they say go uncontested. This will piss them off, but well they posted up the hateful, misandric bile what the fuck were they expecting? In fact, I recommend that you say that to them too, not that you’ll ever get an apology the aim with these women though is simple. Bring as much attention to them as possible, while some of them are truly thicker than bricks, there are also a growing number of women in this group that are aware that inside the feminist community their views are just plain wrong or slowly going out of fashion. Bringing women like this into the light is one of the worst things you can do to them. Not only does it usually shut them up but if it’s embarrassing enough it’ll also shut up any other opponent on a thread too. Unlike the radical feminist though where I’ve been willing to let them walk away and save face. No Feminazi is EVER allowed to leave and save face with me. Even if they block me, I go to my backup account and make damn sure they don’t get to get leave with any dignity intact.

Nailing one of these women to the wall is a must, with everyone else it’ll send a message that if you post up hateful, misandric bullshit you’re gonna go down hard! Yeah occasionally you’ll get someone else asking for mercy for them. No mercy is shown by me, I don’t give any to them and I’m not so stupid as to think I’ll get any from them. You’re deluded if you think they’ll take that slant with you.

There is one thing though that I like about Feminazis, at least with them you know where you stand that’s honesty that Radical Feminazis and Liberal Feminists won’t give you. Clarity like this is actually a relief sometimes.


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